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  1. well being in Vancouver i didnt know about the fan support at the end of last season or about the fans who traveled to Finland that however that is awesome to find out well i dont know whats going on with the username thing cuz when i moved to the Hurricanes boards i renamed myself showstoppa i just forgot my password and when i plugged in my info this account came up instead The reason I havent responded thus far is reading all your responses made me realize that this thread is absolutely pointless... exactly lets move on
  2. Hey how is it going out there? Anyway straight to the point.. I am a Carolina Hurricane fan since 2003 when Eric Staal was drafted.. I recall watching the draft and saying to myself this kid is going to be big news.. 7 years later I am still a fan despite growing up in Vancouver and being a Canucks fan prior to discovering the skills of Eric Staal.. Now a couple days ago a friend of mine over facebook asked me why I was a Carolina fan so I told him my Eric Staal story.. he was all fine with it but then he accused Carolina of having no die hard fans.. and last night after the game he posted a video on my facebook of the game highlights and told me to discuss it with the Carolina "die hard" fans.. Now its really bugging me cuz i know that there have to be some die hard fans other than me.. So am I right? Die hard fans post here! I hope to forward a link to this page to my friend to show him some real fans! Thanks!!
  3. Listening to game 7 over the internet radio in Austrailia with my Hurricanes jersey on
  4. i am wit u on that one exactly.. shhhhhhhhhhhh!
  5. at least we will know where we stand by the end of the month... FLA and the Canes will have played the same number of games by the first of April here is hoping for some FLA losses
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