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  1. THANK YOU...I hope the STH sitting behind me, who are hockey "experts", read this and can keep their mouth shut about Tanabe for one game. It is especially difficult when you have a child who goes to the games and can't understand why "fans" spend the whole game criticizing one of her favorite players. Gets very old game after game.
  2. Maybe you should suggest to the moderator that a separate forum can be set up where you can talk only with yourself so as not to be insulted by those who have conflicting opinions. I hate to see your "expertise" wasted amongst the common folks.
  3. Well, maybe that is the problem. Maybe you don't have to involve yourself in every little discussion. And beleive it or not, you might not have all the answers, so don't assume if it doesn't sound right to you, that automatically makes it wrong.
  4. You know what else would help, Hoyle. Decide which side you fall on in a discussion.. First you chastise a Sabres fan for talking about the Canes fan base Then you chastise a Canes fan for talking about the Sabres fan base Heck, I get confused just trying to remember which side you are on, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you.
  5. What is it with you, Hoyle? Why do you have to stick you nose into this? From best I can read, Stormrider and Melissa were talking about this, not sure exactly why you feel the need to jump in. You run around complaining about people arguing with you, then every chance you get you stick your nose into something that doesn't even involve you. Why is that? Attention, maybe??
  6. He is very demonstrative with his calls, which makes his bads ones look even worse.
  7. One in the same....called Wallin for covering the puck in the crease.
  8. Just him making the Cup Finals last year was amazing to me. However, if I recall, they ran alternating officials for each game and McGeough was up for Game 7, but he didn't call it. I thought that was a message to him, but maybe not.
  9. I know....didn't use the sarcasm emoticom..sorry!
  10. Good to hear he was ticked off about the officiating last nite as well. :wink:
  11. Trust me, i know. It is very tough. And for those of us who went through the meltdown after our last Finals run, I think we have a little fear of deja vu. I think the make-up of this team is much better, but games like the last two do stir those memories. I had forgotten about that in the euphoria of the playoff run.
  12. 18.9k for opening nite vs the slugs, 14.9k for a Monday night against the slugs. Still wish we could draw consistently in the 15k-16k range for the midweek games, but it is not there yet. Can't speak to that, didn't bring my scale.
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