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  1. na it was like a punk song they showed the highlights of the playoffs before game 4 and the chorus has whoa oh whoa ive been debating whether its forever the sickest kid or not lol
  2. any one know that song they played before game 4 to show the highlights of the playoffs that was like whoa oh whoa
  3. Their is no team above Jr Hurricanes AAA, theirs a team below it that plays AA. I played against their AA team 6 times this year and hate their organization.
  4. I have to admit I had a feeling Id never felt before during the cup run. Carolina overcame so many situations that could have knocked them out of the playoffs. Mtl winning the first 2 games, Eric Staal scoring with 3 seconds left after NJ goes up with 21 seconds left, with lastly coming back from 3-0, with Roddy scoring in the last minute of the game to finalize the win. What a season, I must say.
  5. You guys are ridiculous, I didnt know the Capitals had already won against Florida . I bet Washington thought the same thing about last night as we do about tonight. Face it any team can upset a team on any given night. And believe me it would take a gutsy team to blow a game, especially with all the critisism theyd get for it. Because believe me, its not easy to blow a game without it being noticable.
  6. Eaves needs to play with Cole and maybe Cullen? That would be a good line.
  7. Yea I saw that, I thought it was a good call. I dont like their players. During warmups a friend and I were sitting in the front row for warmups and he asked for a puck to gill. Gill sat it with the logo facing us and kept it on the boards where we could see it. Then when hes stretching he jumps up and rattles the boards right into us.
  8. I think the highlight of the night was Laroses move in the 2nd period.
  9. of course Sami, theirs just something about fast speedy skaters that get me.
  10. Even though we all here are diehard canes fans, you have to take off the canes goggles sometimes. Yeah the Canes have improved, and they have a good shot to win the cup, but to say we have the best chance to win the Stanley Cup is being biased. We have just as much possibility to win the cup as anybody, but you never know. Noone actually knows how good the Canes will be until the season starts. Last year i had high hopes for them, I had never seen them better in my 10 years of following this team, only to be decimated by injurys and the pressure of being Stanley Cup champs. The fact that we did not improve our defense scares me a little. Our power play was bad last year because we did not have anybody to quarterback the powerplay. The closest players I can think to do this is Matt Cullen, Brindamour, or Cole. Notice they are all fowards, we need a D who is fast and can use his speed to our advantage. Hedican is our fastest player, but does not have what it takes to skate it up. We also should feed off of all of these predictions by showing them our potential, but to say ESPN doesnt know anything just because we disagree is stupid.
  11. NHL.com's headline is wrong Canes, Hawks swap, had me confused.
  12. I was thinking of how we did in the offseason and put the canes at number 5.
  13. Probably because the teams were uneven
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