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  1. WTB Power Play.. offering my dignity etc. for a working PP

  2. Props to the caniacs still in their seats at the end of that game

  3. We have Pitt fans who wear Steelers jerseys to canes games that do not involve pittsburg... at all.
  4. I was just chilling in the airport parking lot, as usual, the other night, and all of the canes drove by me at once!
  5. I think Joni wants the cup as badly as any player on the team... It's important to remember that the man has ice in his veins. If he's playing well and dominating it appears he is cool and in complete control of the situation. If he screws up, the exact same facial expression makes him look like he doesn't care. Ever seen Joni pushing and shoving in the crease? The opponent always has a look of anger or frustration on his face, and Joni is as calm as ever... I agree, he has made his fair share of mistakes... but that man's natural composure makes him the kind of person you want to have on the ice during the playoffs.
  6. Oh yeah, I completely understand if traffic or work gets into the way and people arrive late to the arena. It drives me crazy though when people come in late to the 2nd, 3rd, and yes... sadly, even the overtime period.
  7. With you, I agree. It's also frustrating when people come back to the game 7 or 8 minutes into the period. I don't think I saw a single person come in that late who was wearing a Canes jersey in the last game, but there were plenty with suites and designer purses (thus my earlier stereotyping). It's annoying that these people didn't show up until the playoffs. I just don't see why you would miss 1/3 of a period of hockey that you paid for... to go buy a 10 dollar beer. If the beer is more important than the hockey game, stay home .
  8. I've got a few words for you... -- Read the initial post and notice that the complaining began before the puck was dropped. -- The poster is a STH and this is the first time they've had to deal with the complaint (also the 1st home playoff game). -- It seems the poster did not recognize the person complaining, and given that the poster is a STH, this suggests the "whiner" was not an STH. -- In addition to reading the posts that come before yours, I recommend trying to stand for once. The ensuing fallout will, no doubt, ensure that Brind'amour is no longer the only Rod in the arena, and hopefully it will prevent your digestive system from backing up into your throat and relieving itself in the form of an accusatory, self-righteous, not to mention downright jerky forum post. [Edit] P.S. You sound like an owl ---- Who?
  9. Now that the Canes have won a cup and are back in the playoffs, there are going to be "new" fans that come to the arena. They most likely haven't attended a regular season game, but that won't keep them from yelling at anyone else for doing what's completely acceptable. Don't let them get in the way of your fun. If they get to whinny, turn around and teach them a few words that their wannabe blue-blooded, cheap seat superiority complex having, fat, lazy *edit* had forgotten in their world of Paul Harvey, Wayne Brady, and quiet hockey games (provided there are no kids around). You know the words I mean I sat in the lower bowl for Game 3, and when the few people around me with designer purses and/or (lol) nice suites began to whine or give me a mean look, I let them have it. I kept trying to cheer at a pitch that was just a few cents flatter than the pitch of the guy next to me. When done correctly, it gives your combined cheers that annoying oscillation in volume (beat frequency), that allows you to really drive those fair-weather fans crazy. An Understanding of Physics: The Anti-Fairweather Fan
  10. Wow, thats bull... My friends and I decided to go and greet the Canes and had to fly down to RDU to make it on time. When we got there we saw the cops blocking the entrance and the line of canes fans there. We got to sit and chill, watching the players leave, and then to drive by the crowd and get cheered for wearing our canes jerseys.
  11. I figured it was because the team with home ice won all three series.
  12. Ignoring the streak before the last 5, the Devil's last 5 games were against: Lightning, Sabres, Leafs, Senators, Canes Given that only one of these teams made the playoffs, I believe it's safe to say that the Devils are a higher quality team than their average opponent in the last 5... but hey, I like numbers so let's screw around with them anyway. Assuming that the Devils were perfectly matched with each opponent (50-50 chance, win-lose), the probability of them winning at least 4 of their 5 final games stands at just beneath 20%. Hardly out of this world, especially when you consider the quality of their schedule. But hey, let's dig deeper... Devils Last 5 Games: GF: 14 GA: 14 One of their victories was won in a shootout. (no good in POs, but Devils might have pulled out win in OT so no use speculating) Another came on the wings of two odd bounces. (perfectly good in the playoffs, but I just like bringing it up) The one loss was at the hands of the leafs... I'm not saying the Devils haven't pulled out of the slump, and I'm perfectly aware that a win is a win and GF and GA can be totally worthless unless we're referring to just one game. However, I feel that the conditions of the wins and their statistics cast a fair amount doubt on the "late season run" as evidence that the Devils have pulled out of their nosedive (that's for the playoffs to decide). Personally, I think this series is going to rock... (no pun intended)
  13. I realized that I haven't said anything constructive in some time, and it's always easier to critique than to create. So here goes nothing: I think this series is going to be awesome. When the (knowledgeable) fans from each team are confident in their team's ability to pull out a win, it generally means we are in for a treat. I would rather have the Devils than any of the other draws we could possibly get; however, not for the same reasons that others seem to have wanted them. Here's My 2e2 hundredths of a cent. (Everyone else was making up their own way of saying 2 cents) : 1)Both of these teams' current systems will work well in the playoffs. 2)Not only do each of these teams possess several dynamic star players, but they also add a depth at the foward position that will allow goals to be scored, irregardless of which lines are currently on the ice. 3)Given MartyB's half-god herritage (child of Zeus and a brick wall), Ward's excellent play of late, and both teams' scoring prowess, I suspect there will be no shortage of highlight reel saves. 4)Nether the Devils, nor the Canes have a history of cheapshots, so whoever pulls out the W can advance without losing too many players (*Knocking on Wood*). 5)The Jersey fanbase is as knowledgeable as any, yet they do not have the annoying aura of self-entitlement that often emanates from the fans of other more traditional market teams. (C'mon... the Rangers were the laughingstock of the original six, but some of their fans will still try to act like they invented hockey). 6)No Crosby/Ovechkin Rule (see Jordan Rule)
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