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  1. haha so true. Ya I like this version of OMB better too, although, it being summer & the camp busy season, I rarely have time to go on here, lol, or OAH for that matter too. Hopefully once August comes around, with fewer camps running, I'll get on here & OAH more. Hope your summer is going well.

  2. Hey! Im so happy with the new boards! the other one was very annoying to use! And of course having the "old" names again works better! I have been following Roli quite a bit! Its so awesome to see how good he still is! Im happy for him, with his biggest threat now gone to the Rangers! Ive followed Jussi too btw he really is sensational in the Swiss league! and im happy to have Jim VdM on the team!

  3. is glad to be known as hockeyfanvan25 again! :D

  4. is glad to be known as hockeyfanvan25 again! :D

  5. is glad to be known as hockeyfanvan25 again! :D

  6. is glad to be known as hockeyfanvan25 again! :D

  7. Hey, glad to see many people have their old usernames back so it's easier to find people again! :) How have you been? Have you still been following Roli this past year? I definitely have, and have been so happy for him. Hope he's making the Oil (and fans!) miss him! :P

  8. Lol, I just discovered that I'm hockeyfanvan25 again! :P *happy dance* Definitely like this username better than my last one (VanSensFan1), and this version of the OMB better than the last one!

  9. Lol, I just discovered I have my "old" username back now! Glad to be me again, and to see all our friends (w/their familiar names) on here too!

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