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  1. Feel good stuff, nothing more. Players need to play to their ability and not get hurt. It is on the other hand nice to know others think the boys are legit this season. Maybe Rod will get the Kinetico job.
  2. Prescribed medical marijuana should be made available to the NHL players throughout the season for pain management. Popping big pharma percocets or oxycontin pain pain killers leading to addiction is not the answer. As for blow: Nyet.
  3. He was leading all D men in the league in goals and points prior to getting injured last season. He can only help us. Agree with top that maybe it’s time to pull the trigger on Faulk. We get a good forward or high pick in return which adds to the value of the overall Gardiner deal. Dundon’s happy because he’ll sell more $200 sweaters.
  4. Give the C to Slavin. As far as Williams goes just bring him back for any game 7s.
  5. Question...I read one liners here/there that if Willy packs it in then Aho would be the likely Captain. I think there are better candidates and more important let Aho focus and continue to build on his game and not the other stuff. At most maybe an A? And as a segue I think players should pick their leader not the coach. No?
  6. New sweaters again huh? Dundon would have them play in all pink if he could sell 50,000 of them. You hurt your own identity with the constant changing. Take a note from the original 6 on mucking (I have a better word to use) with ‘new looks.’
  7. I find push back refreshing because it hardly ever happens. Management controls players by the short and curly's these days and the result is players have become their willing submissive B****es. Makes for a vanilla environment.
  8. May not seeing it but nothing on the Calder Cup Champion Charlotte Checkers? What a colossal win for our guys. I’m hard pressed to think we don’t see 3 of the lads skating with the big team next season. Congrats Checkers. Great reg season at 51-17-7 and rolled their playoff opponents.
  9. Would trade TVR before any of the above 3 D. No offensive upside whatsoever with him and just a good not great D man. On the other hand you got to give to get and that’s not TVR. Happy for Skinner making $9m a year and close to home. He was badly mis-managed in Raleigh with multiple coaches and being asked to do different things against his strengths. He’s obviously chosen the money route over the Cup route. His choice. When this contract expires he’ll have made over $112m in the NHL. Not too shabby.
  10. I wish Connor McDavid had refused to play in Edmonton. Absolute wasteland for talented players and a wasteland for marketing the best NHL player. The NHL would have figured a way to stick handle through that scenario if he had balked - and he should have. My impression of his dead face look when they picked him said it all. Although twice it has not turned out well for the Canes with Johnson and Fox I blame management and not the player. They obviously didn't know them like they thought they did. The collective bargaining agreement allows for this and a player takes advantage of it, its his right. Hope the kid has a decent career. Same as when a player signs an obscene contract he cannot live up to who blames the player? Get as much as you can get (Darling) because it may be your only chance. That too is on management and not the player.
  11. About 10-15 games ago John was talking about eating something and Tripp responded “I cant eat that I’m halfway through a cleanse” John just groaned. Tripp does good play breakdowns. Be happy we have them both. If anyone has NHL network and surfs around some of the duo’s are just dead meat propped up.
  12. I’m out of the loop. How much did Dundon lose on his football faux-pas? Any chance he spends a measly 15-20m or so and starts building a respectable practice facility?
  13. Nice job Canes. Finally extended hockey in April. And the fact is upsets are what the playoff picture is always about so let’s do it. Also a good thing we’re confined to the boards here and not actually making decisions. When Canes we’re going 3-8-1 in Dec and 10 points back of last playoff spot us pro’s we’re talking about the need for a new coach, just blow the team up, and jettison Mrazek. Good thing no one in mgmt took our knowledgeable advice.
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