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  1. Amazing how one player can change the moxy of a team. Although Mathews was a little slow to start in the playoffs he came on huge not to mention his 40 goal rookie season that gave life to a Leaf program; although his supporting cast is also big time legit. He handles the fishbowl pressure in Toronto incredibly well. Connor McAllthat has given the Oilers the mojo to compete where no other first rounders could and wins the Art Ross in his second season (and only his first full season). He carries himself like he's been in the pro's for 5+ years. In any of these past two years/drafts people would be talking about Jack Eichal but he just isn't in the same conversation as these other two and yet he's the real deal too. I think its within bounds to think about Aho as being at the Eichal level but he just came into the league in a more quiet way like Sareela might do. I guess it won't mean much if we don't secure a Keeper however.
  2. As far as top 9 go don't discount out of one or more Checkers. Good write up on Aleksi Saarela in last Saturdays N&O. This guy was an Aho and P. Laine teammate for Finland in last years World Cup and had himself a bunch of goals/assists in first 10 games or so with Checkers before being hurt. Francis speaks highly of him and whats to say he cannot come in next season and grab 15 goals and assists?
  3. (sp): sarcasm Just saying...
  4. If Ronnie is the genius many are thinking he is he will need to be prepared to sign a top 4 UFA forward at north of 6m a year with a NTC and probably at a minimum a 5 year deal. The big guns aren't going to be interested in anything less especially knowing that Staal is making 6 per year and still has many years left on the contract and is nowhere near the talent level of a top UFA.
  5. How can I be a subjective contrarian if you give me a glimmer of hope with an objective commentary?
  6. No need to. I bought stock at the end of 2011,12, 13, 14, 15, 16 seasons.
  7. Ultimately it was too bad McDavid didn't go to Buffalo having played his hockey just down the road for the Erie Otters. Would have been a mega big hit in Buffalo not to mention the Leafs/Mathews - Sabres/McDavid matchup with these two teams no more than 100 miles apart. An NHL marketing bonanza that will never be...Eichal is clearly a good player but not in the same class as McDavid / Mathews.
  8. PK should copy/paste/save the Sabres firing announcement. Will come in handy with a few name swaps if Canes underachieve and miss the playoffs next season.
  9. Canada/USA Coaches: See you in Germany and France! Jon Cooper and Jeff Blashill shake hands after an NHL game. They will coach Canada and the United States respectively at the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Canada Roster so far: In goal, Eric Comrie (Edmonton/Winnipeg, NHL) and Calvin Pickard (Winnipeg/Colorado, NHL); Defencemen Tyson Barrie (Colorado, NHL), Calvin de Haan (New York Islanders, NHL), Jason Demers (Florida, NHL), Michael Matheson (Florida, NHL), and Josh Morrissey (Calgary/Winnipeg, NHL); Forwards Sean Couturier (Philadelphia, NHL), Matt Duchene (Colorado, NHL), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia, NHL), Alex Killorn (Tampa Bay, NHL), Travis Konecny (Philadelphia, NHL), Ryan O’Reilly (Buffalo, NHL), Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado, NHL), Brayden Point (Tampa Bay, NHL), Mark Scheifele (Winnipeg, NHL), Wayne Simmonds (Philadelphia, NHL), and Jeff Skinner (Carolina, NHL). USA Roster so far: Position No. Name G 37 Connor Hellebuyck G 35 Jimmy Howard G 40 Cal Petersen D 6 Daniel Brickley D 65 Danny DeKeyser D 55 Noah Hanifin D 5 Connor Murphy D 8 Jacob Trouba F 10 Anders Bjork F 14 Nick Bjugstad F 7 JT Compher F 9 Andrew Copp F 18 Christian Dvorak F 15 Jack Eichel F 12 Jordan Greenway F 21 Dylan Larkin F 19 Clayton Keller F 27 Anders Lee F 29 Brock Nelson
  10. I read on a thread somewhere that Jack Eichal said if Bylsma stayed he would not sign his RFA contract. He denied saying that but based on this news he probably did. Interesting to fire coach/gm at same time. Must have been some real hate and discontent within the organization toward these two (like it will be if RF/BP don't get our team into playoffs next season).
  11. Good review Ironman. So roughly 10m to spend. Kind of ironic that being a budget team by choice the past few years the suits are being literally forced to spend at least 10 million to be league minimum compliant. I sure hope the goal is not just to make the league payroll minimum but to go beyond it if the talent presents itself via trade or UFA. Think what $15m could bring into town.
  12. met·a·phor ˈmedəˌfôr,ˈmedəˌfər/ noun noun: metaphor; plural noun: metaphors a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. Ovi 2017 playoffs: 4 games 3 goals....No-one on the Canes is close...wait one, aren't they already on the golf course?
  13. I coached Bantam AA in Chicago for a few years and probably coached about 25 games or so at Johnnys Ice House the Hawks practice facility. A state of the art facility that Hawks are moving away from into yet a newer facility started last year. The one their leaving is only 7 years old. A big league facility for a big league team. If Darling sees that *edit* hole of a facility the Canes practice at with garbage ice, 15 foot ceilings, and leaning glass and boards he'll be on the first flight out of town. These guys live at the rink. Why go to work at a 3rd world rink when you don't have to unless the Canes pay you major $$$$ that no-one else will? This is what the Hawks are leaving: Johnny’s IceHouse West On February 1st 2010 Johnny's IceHouse West opened its doors at 2550 W. Madison St. The garage, lobby, locker rooms, benches, and bar are all bigger at the West location. It's also the official practice facility of the Chicago Blackhawks. The West rink features: A state-of-the-art water purification system - Allowing for faster & smoother ice! NHL size sheet of ice; 200' x 85' The Stanley Club Bar & Grill overlooking the ice. Indoor heated parking 4 locker rooms Large locker rooms with individual stalls
  14. Some good reading here - literally over a hundred variables/possibilities of what to do with the upcoming draft/our current picks/UFA etc etc. The real answer to all this stuff will be next April: Did we or did we not make the 2018 playoffs? Management has run out of reasons or excuses (take your pick) with the first 3 years come and gone in a 5 year rebuild (although RF has never once used that term). There can simply be no excuses or reasons (take your pick) next April. I hope like hell they get in. Watching the playoffs on the tube right now leaves me jealous as hell. Watching Skins and the boys take batting practice with the Bulls is comical (although for a good cause). No way Ronnie and/or Billy (take your pick) should be around for year 5 if they end up missing the playoffs. 95 points was the East cutoff this season. Canes will need at least 97 points which means they will need about 44 wins plus the usual loss/OT loss points. That will be a tall order for a team that finished with 87 points and 36 wins. Its not like the rest of the East won't be getting better as well.
  15. Agree with Legend the playoff format has sucked for the last few years. You usually get two legit Cup contenders playing each other in the semi's instead of the final. Go back to the old days 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6 etc. Then upsets are really upsets. Don't follow the West a whole lot but Preds have the Hawks by the short and curly's. 2 goals in 3 games for the Hawks? Wow. Go Lavvy go. Leafs are the most dangerous team at the moment, beating the Caps without any contribution by Mathews. If he picks up where he left off Leafs could go deep. Disagree with all the Ovi naysayers. Who wouldn't want him? Plays as tough a he-man game as any NHL forward and can score alot of goals. Not one forward on the Canes roster is qualified to hold his jock strap.