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  1. Ditching Bobby Orr Sports Group means nothing to that Group. Hannifin will find another agent and get the same results. He needs to realize its his play thats the issue. He also needs to look in the mirror and decide if this is the year he plays like a big leaguer entitled to big league money. Maybe Alan Eagleson can represent him from the grave (for those of you who know what he did). In the meantime Hannifin needs to buckle down, keep his mouth shut and play like his pals Brett and Jacob did last season. Do that and you're back in the drivers seat. Don't do that and become trade bait.
  2. Yep, Jagr is too slow he could never keep up, too old, would never fit it. Except...look at his stats the last two years compared to underachiever Lindholm. In each of the last two years Old man Jagrs played more games, scored more goals, more assists and contributed more points than Lindolm and thats just what he contributes on the ice. I wonder if he just might have greater locker room presence than Lindholm? I wonder.
  3. Well I just lost respect for Hockey News if that was their synopsis on the Canes Captaincy. Victor Rask as a possibility? Yeah right. As for Staal too much baggage still from E and in any event your Captain is also the public face of the team which doesn't work since Staal has trouble looking at the camera. Same with Skinner for that matter - leave him with an A it helps keep his tantrums under control. Williams would be my consensus pick; 3 rings, locker room respect, camera ready and knows how to actually speak, shows humor and knows what to say and when. Let guys like Slavin just keep working on their game for now. They still have learning in front of them so don't saddle them with a C at this point in their careers. Are there exceptions? For sure. McJesus in Edm is one who was NHL ready to be Captain in his last year of OHL. Matthews in YYZ looks to be another cut from that cloth (still can't believe the kid is from Phoenix, Whaa?).
  4. Without getting into Roddy's past contributions which at a minimum were hugely significant I never liked the idea that he be such a fixture post player as to outlive every head coach since he began coaching. I am a personal believer in when you hire a head coach he has full autonomy to fill out his bench staff. I know it goes deeper ie video coach etc but won't get in the weeds. I like Roddy's in-game comments because he's honest and clearly he has done alot of good but, (and as someone once said anytime you have 'but' in a sentence everything written before it is meaningless) but, Roddy has not gotten the job done on PP a huge component as TS states. Just my opinion but this year our PP needs to be top 12 if we are to be successful and compliment our 5v5 and PK stats. I doubt Roddy gets fired versus being 'moved' somewhere else in the org.
  5. I can't disagree with BD's statement except to say 10 games is the end of October, 15 games by mid Nov which would be where RF either fishes or cuts bait. They will have played 7 pre-season games but I don't count that as much of marker as its more about sorting out lines and auditioning maybe 3-4 players tops; just a different thrust in pre-season (although wins are still important and will help the teams mojo). I am a BP supporter but at the end of the day if the Canes are a 400 Club (or worse) meaning they have won just 7 games by mid November then something will need to change and you can't fire the team. Injuries? Deal with them. State Fair? So what. The pressure is squarely on Bill to win early and at a minimum be a 600 team IMO. I believe we all agree after 8 years of futility there are zero excuses to be had this season.
  6. Celebrate goals by putting video on the jumbotron of the boxing chick who holds the cardboard sign walking around the ring and photoshop out 'Round' for 'Goal'.
  7. As is common in business when a company sells is that the owner may stick around in an advisory roll on a one year contract. Make PK feel valued make him a Sr. Consultant for $X who will essentially do nothing/never be called upon, then do not renew his contract after the first year. PK gets his wish to be on the fringe for a year.
  8. When he played Rosie pulled his weight.
  9. PK says 11 or 12 groups have expressed interest. Qualify 'interest' PK. I guess if we all got together and pooled our season tickets money we could be another group expressing interest. He also says price could go up to $600m? He's on too many meds to be lucid.
  10. Nylander for Faulk? Hell yes. Lets not forget we are deep in D even with Faulks goal scoring, being a RHD but average D play. Lindholm/Forsberg? Whoever began that comparison didn't do Lindholm any favors planting it on him. Forsberg was chippy, in your face and a force from the get go and played with injury (although the last one isn't about Lindy-just how tough Forsberg was). Lindy still trying to crack the 20 goal mark going into his 5th season. If not this season, when? He seems to have the talent but he needs to get his game together this season and produce immediately otherwise he will be gripping the stick a wee bit after 10 games. Lord knows he's given a lot of minutes between regular shift and PP.
  11. Scored on his first NHL shot and last NHL shot. He looked good in a Canes uniform but he should do the one day contract thing and retire a Black Hawk where he won 3 Cups. Good guy.
  12. Meant to mention someone else's comment about the siren bringing the boys out of the dressing room. Its obviously a heavy handle to spin based on the sound 75% of the time sounding like an animal groaning/moaning in heat or pain. The best I ever heard was Johnny F who went nuts on it, sounded like full on Stuka dive bomber. Would make more sense to simply have someone push a button and a consistent timed loud pre-recorded wail goes off.
  13. Agree with all of the above. Man, watching that video got me amped. No question, spend some $$ on top notch production videos get the fans going and watch that juice rub off on the players. Remember when we played the Sabres and they would 'ask' Jim Kelly who the best team is and he would say "Thats easy, the Canes" and everyone would roar.
  14. Nope. Its July, so just theoretical. The larger point is that by having been burned in the past on whopper deals that were foolish giveaways by JR shouldn't stop RF from pulling the trigger on a whopper of a deal if the right stud players presents. JR was giving superstar money away to non-superstar players and thats on him and shouldn't reflect on moves the Canes could make in the future. As for the here and now the Canes shouldn't be done looking to add to the grocery cart for a fall roster player if the right one can be found at the right price. The more intense the training camp competition the better the rolled out product; its pro sports, produce or we will find someone who can... BTW, saw on Stub Hub Sect 123 home opener tickets fully loaded at about $75.00 ea. Next game v Columbus drop to about $55 fully loaded. People be-atch about Canes costs but the Canes are a price nirvana for true hockey aficionado's.
  15. And to clear up any confusion Stormy isn't a pig, technically he is an ice-hog, a big difference.