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  1. Why not just get a one team subscription to nhl.tv? $110 or a $1.22/game over 82 games.
  2. Triple negative. Stand by for a maybe.
  3. So the Habs sweater helps to identify what Retro Reverse means but some of the other original 6 not so much.
  4. Interesting that the Calgary Flames Reverse Retro jersey (can someone explain that term) only goes as far back to when the Flames arrived in Calgary in 1980. Ironic that Calgary even kept the Atlanta Flames name yet ignore the full Retro aspect part of this latest money grab. Juxtapose that against the Canes getting bought and moved out of Hartford, fully changing the uniform and name yet continuing to slobber all over themselves to embrace and identify with the Whalers.
  5. It’s called a s**t tsunami.
  6. And meanwhile the forgotten man Doc Ryan continues to be a Flames solid bottom 6, team man contributor. Good on him.
  7. The US is preparing for the darkest 4 months yet for Covid, beginning now in this CNBC article. They talk about 2,000 a day dying, and hospitals are already maxed out with the worst yet to come. The failed US response is epic at this point. Can the NHL south of the 49th even start up? Would the NHL north of the 49th do a small league season? The level of stickhandling that will be required to even minimally salvage the upcoming season will need to be all pro. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/11/us-prepares-for-worst-four-months-of-the-pandemic-as-it-stares-down-the-darkest-days-yet.html
  8. Two thoughts...I think of the intensity of the original 6 where every game had carry over hate and and discontent. Those rivalry’s were blood-in-the-eye intense. I think it would be far more exciting watching real deep rooted rivalries than the ‘filler’ games that are played now by playing teams that aren’t in the same Conference and a few thousand miles away. My other thought is Canada hasn’t lifted the Cup since ‘93. I think Cdns would hugely embrace an all Canada league where rivalry’s would become intense and meaningful over night. That would be fun to watch. More fun than watching Canes v Yotes or Leafs v Preds type of matchups.
  9. Is Bettman still calling for an 82 game sched beginning Jan 1? If so he isn’t lucid. That will in turn push back the 21/22 season. Where does this end so seasons going forward get back to the more agreeable Oct-June timeline?
  10. I’ll check And see if Gofund Me will allow this , to proceed .
  11. Looks like Johnny will be putting the house up for sale after all. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/legendary-nhl-announcer-mike-doc-emrick-retires-from-broadcasting/amp/
  12. Adele would make a good GM; Rumor has it.
  13. Comparing Necas and , Fluery to Skinner at that specific point in their (there , they’re ) respective careers is uninformed . Neither Necas , or Fleury was Anywhere near Skins , a 31 goal scoring Calder winning 18 yr. old.
  14. Calling Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly, Dr. Moe.
  15. Agree not many scrappers who can also play the game we’re/are available so mgmt should go trade shopping for one. To say it’s the leagues job to manage cheap shots that at most are two minute roughing penalties? Not even close. That’s a teams job to have the back of all their team mates. Mess with our top players and we will mess with yours is how it works but the Canes lack sandpaper players to do it; too many nice guys and no edgy players. Roddie pleading to the league to step in is a non starter. Meanwhile the teams young stars take subtle and not so subtle beatings.
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