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  1. It’s a joke when players, coaches or fans refer to a certain team as being fast. No such thing as a slow team in the NHL. They’re all fast in this era. The smart teams find tough, intimidating and fast players. We need to steal that recipe. It works.
  2. By the time E Staal left the Canes he had made $72 big ones. His brother, assuming he’s here till the end of his contract will have made $60 big ones. A $132 million. Those two must sit in bf Thunder Bay Ontario in the summer (where the only thing to come out of there is hookers or hockey players) laughing their a$$’$ off clinking their Molson’s with a “Here’$ to Raleigh”
  3. I don’t see the heavy teams showing much respect to this Canes edition next season because there is no-one to step up in a meaningful way when they work over an Aho or the other kids. We have too many ‘nice guys.’ We need more temperamental types. Marty will step in now and again but that’s about it and although he’ll do it it’s not his game. All the great ones are able to play their A game because they know liberties won’t be taken with them on account of who’s on their team. Just my opinion but when I see a nasty after whistle scrum developing ie. Svech takes a cheap shot I shake my head at the players reluctance/fear to jump in and take the guy to the woodshed for hacking at a superstar. Would never happen in Boston or St. Louis or Tampa or Dallas etc. Never.
  4. Canes are back sliding into Candy Cane territory again. Having a physical element to the teams playing style will ensure they don’t get b***h slapped in the playoffs like Boston has done to them the last two years. It’s no surprise to see heavier playing teams go deeper into the playoffs. Who’s going to stop the other team from working over our first line? Canes need to add a few more willing types if they expect to be playoff contenders.
  5. A heads up to anyone interested. Just finished watching a great Netflix documentary called ‘Ice Guardians.’ Covers multiple aspects of the Enforcer position. All based on quality interviews, on ice clips, teammates and so on. (Our own) Kevin Westgarth plays a large role in the discussion; Princeton grad, now works for NHL.
  6. Canes mgmt won’t be changing up the Keepers. They jointly played solid hockey prior to the shutdown and then played solid in this post season. D lapses by defensemen and forwards is what hurt us and not subpar or soft goaltending. Not to mention you won’t win many when you’re only scoring one or two goals a game. For all the talk about having a top defense in the league there are still moves to be made there as well as moving a few underperforming forwards and signing some legit toughness to give the kids on the team more playing confidence; presently no-one has their backs other than maybe Joel. We need to play a heavier game. Last, IMO the days of having an undisputed #1 goalie carry 70% of the load is becoming history. I think this off season will see a focus on skaters and not Pete or Jim.
  7. Would like to see TVR, Nino and Dzingel moves out this off season. They were MIA. Team is still lacking in toughness in a big way. Joel can’t be that guy all the time. Spread ‘that’ workload so each line will always have someone willing. It’s laughable watching our timid forwards or defensemen skate in and grab hold of someone’s sweater praying the guy doesn’t smack them for acting tough. Rod says he doesn’t like fighting in the game yet he always had a teammate willing to step in with the dukes when he was being assaulted. It’s part of the game. Less than in years past but still part of the game. Without drop the gloves toughness that other teams will come to respect, Canes will continue to spin their wheels. JW did it against NY. Where was the rest of the gang against the Bs?
  8. Canes showed that they’re still About 3 players away from beating the NHLs elite. That epic game 3 collapse poked a few holes in the Canes belief in themselves that they can compete with anyone. They can’t. JWs packing it in or so he says and he seemed to be the glue. IMO move Nino, Dzingel and TVR. Bring in more toughness. Don’t mess with goaltending. We’re fine there.
  9. I would rather have John but can live with Mike. He did a real good job under a lot pressure calling the Canes Rangers game. And he’ll improve. Let him get a full season under his belt and he’ll be just fine. An aside challenge is for him and Tripp to mesh. I thinks that’s been awkward to this point. Listening to Johnny call the Bruins Philly game was silky smooth though ...
  10. I’ve been real disappointed in the complete lack of coverage of the NHLs return to play. Looking at my various news feeds over the last 4 weeks, or directly to sports offerings like NBC Sports or BR everything is about 98% MLB, NBA and NFL. NHL is being treated like the left handed, red headed stepchild of pro team sport. For as much as I thought they'd never pull it off it looks like the NHL has created what will be a great TV presentation package and a solid safe approach for the players... unlike MLB who look like they’ve s**t the bed.
  11. Watching games On NHL.com there is truly a lot of propped up dead meat calling the games around the league; dead man announcing. Personally I think Doc has a squeaky voice lacking in good inflection for what’s happening on the ice. NFL national game announcers are far smoother with better voice inflection. Yes I’m biased but John is head and shoulders above Doc calling the game with fingertip relevant knowledge and quality moderated excitement in his voice.
  12. So let’s throw some darts. What do you think Johnny and Tripp are making per year on their current contracts? I think Johnny is around $350k/yr plus per diem and an expense allowance and Tripp is around $170k/yr plus per diem and expense allowance.
  13. Fair enough however I remain firmly not in Don’s corner. Bottom echelon of GMs imo.
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