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  1. raleighcaniac

    In-season trades and player moves

    Let’s ask Scott what he thinks.
  2. raleighcaniac

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Along with a privately financed 800 million renovation of the rink they’ll be playing out if they are also breaking ground on a new 75 million 3 sheet practice facility. You guys are closer to the teams pulse. Why hasn’t TD moved on something like that? Too cheap? RecZone last time I saw it couple years back wasn’t fit for PeeWee hockey.
  3. Jeff is happy having the Hurricane anchor removed. Canes were a too small a market/budget team for his pure goal scoring skills. He’s got another 4.5 months to get 10 goals and hit 30 and likely will push north of 35. Buffalo will bend over backwards to keep him driving the price up. Jeff’s probably looking at 6.5 + per season on a 6-7 year deal. 26 years old. I wonder what the underground player chatter is about coming/playing for Carolina as a free agent? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
  4. raleighcaniac

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Brind’Amour’s doing a decent job like Peters did before him with what he’s got to work with. But Canes personnel mis-management is glaring on yet another goal starved team and (for once) a season still in the balance. They literally gave Skinner away because he couldn’t score consistently with a revolving door of second rate centers and wingers he was told to play with. That and he was considered lazy defensively and had attitude. Buffalo puts him with a number 1 center and presto his game is all star caliber both ways and his attitude is up because he’s been put in a situation where he can succeed. It’s Canes management that continues to fail this team.
  5. raleighcaniac

    Off-Season 2018

    Sold my 26 year old company with a 2 year Consult back contract last Fall. I live in Europe now. Seeing the Canes from afar has zero emotional quality than did living 20 minutes from the rink in Raleigh. Definitely not miserable with the new lifestyle, my friend. Bless your heart for inquiring however.
  6. raleighcaniac

    Goal Song

    Agree with Hags that this team needs to adopt some abrasiveness and if even a meaningless goal scoring song pushes the team in that direction, good. Be honest and you’ll agree the Canes strike zero physical fear into any team they have played since Scottie Walker retired.
  7. raleighcaniac

    Goal Song

    If the song that everyone will come to appreciate is being played 5-6 times a game and the Canes are only a 500 team it will mean our Goaltending situation is grim beyond belief. FYI each team has their own goal scoring routine and won’t change. Visit a few rinks and you’ll agree.
  8. raleighcaniac

    Goal Song

    Everyone will be thrilled if it’s played 5-6 times each game.
  9. raleighcaniac

    Goal Song

    Dundon will make you so tired of winning you’ll be begging ‘Tom, please stop. We’re exhausted from winning and singing/dancing Raise Up 5 times each game. We can’t handle all the winning.’
  10. raleighcaniac

    Off-Season 2018

    Actually I just don’t subscribe to irrational exuberance. Everyone here has seen this off season performance before; new coach(es), new system, new faces, pre-season hype, this is the year etc etc all leading to a dull thud. I expect this years edition to be better but there remain holes in this lineup that the team is counting on untested NHLers to fill or in the case of the keepers a total 180. Is this edition capable of leapfrogging a bunch of teams to make the playoffs? I think they will still need more help than what they’ve got presently.
  11. raleighcaniac

    Off-Season 2018

    If, if and if. On any 23 man roster in the NHL there will always be a player or two who disappointment through the course of a season on each team. Who will it be on the Canes? Hopefully not the goalies but if they struggle early what then?
  12. raleighcaniac

    Off-Season 2018

    Lack of goaltending and strength down the middle don’t bode well plus a new coaching staff yet to prove itself. Will the Canes be better? Probably. The question is how much.
  13. raleighcaniac

    Off-Season 2018

    But it will be easy to make excuses if the boys have a shaky 10 game start; takes time to gel etc etc.
  14. raleighcaniac


    Candy Canes could use a Kadri. Our top 6 isn’t special enough to ignore a pickup like him if available.
  15. raleighcaniac

    Trade- Jeff Skinner to Buffalo

    Judging by what they got Canes didn’t seem too interested in That part of the equation which is odd. Getting unproven prospects for a proven top 6 winger who will be good for 35/35 goals doesn’t make Canes mgmt look to swift. Meantime win or lose Jeff skates in front of a sellout crowd every home game.