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  1. McDavid for Lack?
  2. If TVR stays he will need to eat a whole bunch of hushpuppies to put weight on his 188 pound 6'2" body. At 6'2" he would be a harder D man to play against if he weighed about 210.
  3. Somebody needs to tell the Canes Marketing Dep't to quit flogging Eric Staal as a reason to come to the Canes opener. Who cares? They could have put Slavin or Pesce or another up and coming name/face in the ad.
  4. Dirty Dozen, Donald Sutherland inspecting troops as General Pinkley: Pinkley: Very pretty, Colonel, Very pretty, But, can they fight?
  5. McPhee is sitting in a puddle of happy goo. Its all him while the other 30 teams have to wait on what he chooses to do. Knights will put up a good roster with what is available and I would bet they are a 500 team. Look at ESPN's projection: Forwards James Neal - Marcus Kruger - Reilly Smith Mikkel Boedker - Ryan Strome - Michael Grabner Lee Stempniak - Trevor Lewis - Matt Calvert Brendan Leipsic - Jay Beagle - Dmitrij Jaskin Marko Dano - Hunter Shinkaruk - J.T. Brown Teemu Pulkkinen - Tomas Nosek - Daniel Carr Defensemen Marc Methot - Matt Dumba Luca Sbisa - Zach Bogosian Jon Merrill - Josh Manson Jamie Oleksiak - Colin Miller Griffin Reinhart Goalies Marc-Andre Fleury Michal Neuvirth Calvin Pickard
  6. They should have added black pants. My fashion design skills say the fade to black sweater should be a natural carry over to wearing black pants but of course Canes are determined to be like Detroit.
  7. The whole thing is about marketing and generating additional income; the suits in NY switch every few years from Nike to Reebok to Adidas, teams make a couple of small uniform changes and presto everyone's out buying their new $200 sweater with a name on the back. This current edition will probably be good for a few years and then back to Nike as it will be their turn.
  8. Their numbers from this past season don't paint a terribly great picture (Iginla 14 goals 13 helpers / Doan 6 goals 21 helpers). Their 2015-16 numbers would put them in as a top 4 scorer on our team. Just something about them being on our ice wearing red and mentoring our very young team; an intangible for 1.5m or less. Both of them still have fire in the belly and would want to end their careers on a high so would work hard as they have their entire careers. Either one would still be capable putting in 15+ goals and as many assists. What could be finer than seeing someone giving Aho or Lindholm or some of the others a rough time and having Iginla or Doan skate in wearing the C to have their back and brawl the clown who roughed up one of our kids. Everyone would play two inches taller 15 pounds heavier with their presence. Doubtful RF pulls the trigger however. Iginla: (had 22 goals and 25 assists in 82 games in 2015-16) 2016-17 Colorado Avalanche NHL 61 8 10 18 54 -21 -- -- -- -- -- 2016-17 Los Angeles Kings NHL 19 6 3 9 16 -9 Doan: (had 28 goals and 19 assists in 72 games in 2015-16) 2016-17 Arizona Coyotes NHL 74 6 21 27 48 -3
  9. Would take Iginla in a second. At 1.5 a season that is chump change. He could teach a lot of players on our team what it means to play with an edge every game. He is one of those freaks of nature like Mark Rechi while he was still playing or Matt Cullen who defy age and just keep bringing it. Agree that while he isn't going to be THE guy he would still contribute with goals/assists while adding a dressing room and bench presence the Canes have lacked for years. Would he come here? Don't know. I do know our teams needs a known face to create a Canes identity that as of now is non-existent. Iginla would fit that roll nicely. Articulate and a winner.
  10. Still shaking my head over the Syd haters...He captains the most powerful hockey program on the planet in Canada, has more hardware than any hockey player in the last 5 years and seemingly never takes a game off. He is a winner. Does he have a few silly moments here and there? Yep, but so what, he's human. He is exactly what the Canes need to move away from the vanilla image they bring each season. Our team lacks identity in the worst way. We have no natural team rivalries, or individual player rivalries ie. Ovi v Syd. We're just another team to play against and thats it. Our home games would be far better if we played with an edge, led by a leader like Jerome Iginla used to be; scored regularly, fought/stuck up for teammates regularly and was an icon face of the Flames in Calgary. The Canes need that kind of leadership in the worse way. That's not going to come from the likes of a Staal, Skinner, Slavin etc. As for Hainsey I agree he's a not a fast Dman but he is reliable and could hold down a 5 or 6 D position. Whether or not rules allow him to return I'll leave that up to the deep dive pundits on this forum.
  11. Real happy for Hainsey. Got to be so much more satisfying to win the Cup toward the end of your career than at the beginning (Ward). Even better was Hainsey playing not only major minutes but important minutes. After his playoff effort he should come back to the Canes since he definitely still has gas in the tank and could provide a lot of wisdom to a young defensive core. Also, no surprise Syd Crosby the best hockey player in the world won his second consecutive Conn Smythe award. Perennial Team Canada player and Captain. Interesting to read who Pits D was compared to. This from NBC Sports: So congratulations to Brian Dumoulin, Ron Hainsey, Olli Maatta, Justin Schultz, Trevor Daley, and Ian Cole. Those six — a.k.a. the “simple bunch,” per Mike Sullivan — just became the most unheralded group of defensemen to win the Cup since Bret Hedican, Aaron Ward, Mike Commodore, Frantisek Kaberle, Niclas Wallin, and Glen Wesley did it for Carolina in 2006.
  12. Going back to last year Pit has now played over 200 hockey games in the last 20 months. 200. I don't like JR and bashed him when he left but there is no denying he has done a great job as GM. Pittsburgh knows how to win - its expected. That needs to be the Canes mindset. As many people that like to bash on Crosby calling him Cindy etc, its indisputable he's the best hockey player in the world. His play in the finals has been dominating and complete. He takes a pounding/cheap shots from so many teams through the course of a season so when he dishes it back its no surprise. He def should have picked up 2 minutes for the water bottle throw but didn't. Oh well, wouldn't have changed anything. Hard to believe we have a couple of posters who wouldn't want him playing for the Canes.
  13. Based on Carolina's dismal attendance they should make the last home exhibition game a complete no-cost game (parking and tickets) and open the doors to try and intro and re-introduce the team to the Triangle population. Exhibition season is never worth what they charge for a seat anyway, get about 4-5k fans in Raleigh. Open the doors to everyone for this one game and sell the game with some between whistle give-aways and between periods live entertainment instead of assuming its an already sold product in this area, which it isn't. Management needs to understand they have to spend money to make money if you want attendance in a weak market. And of course one would hope in the 7th game of the Exhibition season the Canes would play a solid game and win using most if not all of their starting lineup. Nashville has done an awesome job over the years but of course it helps that their rink is downtown and not out in the weeds.
  14. Thoughts? I'm enjoying watching an excellent final series between two excellent teams who have both filled in the holes of prominent injuries to their respective lineups. Happy for Ronnie Hansey playing major minutes and pulling his weight while experiencing what its like to play on a team that knows how to compete and win when it counts. Enjoyed Charles Barkley's intermission comments in Nashville about what a great crowd/series it is versus a boring NBA Final. Oh, the draft? Just read the 'Exclusive: Canes Draft Strategy.' Just a lot of blah blah blah wank talk.
  15. More publicity for him to be in Chicago than here but on the other hand Chicago has nowhere to go but down in the next few years whereas Carolina might actually go up; key word 'might.'