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  1. The Bill Peters Watch

    Canes have one buyout left? Mongo or Rask? Probably Mongo as his position is far more important. Rem makes a good point on Wards numbers actually being better than that of the god awful team in front of him. Focus on finding a starting keeper and keep Cam as backup. He played excellent hockey in that roll in Oct and Nov before becoming de facto starter again.
  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I get to watch the 4-5 minute video highlights, and postgame interviews. Last nights post game NEVER sounded so bleak listening to JWilly then Peters. My takeaway with Peters is he is no way no how in any agreement with the former GM and none of the 3 current Asst GMs he mentioned. Just not on the same page. Hard to see how he sticks around. New GM will want his own guy just like RF did. I know BPs made questionable moves with his lineup but there is a much bigger issue: he was given no goaltending by RF. Most important position in the game. Getting a 1C means nothing without a proven starting keeper. Can’t believe how many holes need filling in this lineup. Wow. Remember how Cujo was brought in a year or two ago to help with goaltending then quietly just disappeared? There’s an organizational goaltending story to be told there.
  3. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    So after 4 years of rebuild this is the result. Question: since there are probably 6-7 players of non or marginal NHL ability does a ‘mini’ 2 year rebuild now happen pushing this mess out to 6 years? Will a big name UFA want to come here after texting JWilly to get an opinion? With as many players that need replacing as well as suits in several capacities this team will not be a contender next season either; too many gaps for TD to fill with quality in one off season. Skinner will play out his final year and do what E Staals doing.

    Just saw the news. No position in pro sports is meant to be forever. Both Francis AND Brind’Amour are decent men but their past glory is...past. Would be best IMO that this summer they both move on - the Canes are no longer THAT franchise. Question for the die hard cast here...are the Canes taping sticks or polishing their clubs on April 8?
  5. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Hope everyone is well...First time back to view comments from my favorite cast of characters. I was thinking that maybe it was me dragging down the team year after year as the bad luck guy. Thought by jumping off the ship holding tight to a canon ball would help the team find wind in their sails. Not so, apparently. From a distance, Malta, are the boys as bad and uninterested as what I just read in the previous couple pages? With Cam back to starting, Darling is officially a bust? Luke went full hatchet job and I'm not seeing much push back here. True then? Wow. BP and RF look like they're no longer on the same page. True? False? Are playoffs a realistic conversation or another fading dream? If you need some Zen to make it to seasons end, come join me on my balcony for a Cisk, the beer of Malta. Hang in there o' faithful one's...
  6. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Merry C, Happy H, Happy K. Your choice. Wishing for a better world and more Canes wins in 2018. This is it for me. Will check in once in a while. Saw my last Canes game against Buf topping out at about 250 games +/- since living in Raleigh. Moving to Europe to travel for a year and will re-up if Mrs RC and me are enjoying it. Will go to Copenhagen in May for the Worlds and will be anticipating a lot of Canes playing for their countries. Go Canes.
  7. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Those 8 goals that Darling whiffed on are killing his stats especially save percentage. Besides his number 1 job of making saves he’s going to have work hard to regain his teams confidence which I think at the moment is pointed toward Cam.
  8. That was fun Ms. Frisch. Was weird seeing the young woman version instead of the little girl. She still wore her cowboy boots. A very subtle thing to bring her back and probably unrecognized except by old time Cane fans.
  9. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Clearly he wasn’t ready for prime time even though he has a couple of rings and had big crowd noise playing on Madison St.
  10. I was about 8 rows off the ice and will confirm Eichal is a frustrated kid playing on that team and even though Kane leads the team in goals he looked bored with his team. We should make a run at Kane a legit scoring forward and as tough as you can get in this league.
  11. The thrill of a lifetime
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Was At the game tonight and although it’s just my impression I think Wards presence settles the team down where Darling doesn’t. Peters said Ward will start against Habs. Based on winning that one Darling will have earn back starter status v being annointed it.
  13. Back to back solid wins. Buf is a pretty pathetic team but it’s good to see our effort was no less than Preds game because we were playing a weakling. Peters just said Ward starts next game.
  14. At the game pretty good sized crowd lot of slugs too. Nice goal.
  15. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Consistently last in the Metro but hey who looks at the standings when your wearing rose colored glasses.