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  1. USSR was a multi country team against Canada. Canada won. Not sure why you’re so triggered about that.
  2. Each of the meaningful hockey country’s can now ice a squad of Olympic caliber players that can play, compete and now win against Canada. Canada’s forte is depth, having the capacity to put a second and third team in the same Olympics as a legit contender. No other country can do that imo. Canada is slowly being caught up to with 46% of the NHL Canadian born but aren’t likely to be surpassed by any one country for a while to come.
  3. That wasn’t Russia. That was a combined USSR team. Valerie was nowhere to be found late in the series. Paul Henderson scores the winning goal in each of the last 3 games. Valerie? MIA. Don’t forget who won the series. Great skater and skilled player but at 5’8 he would’ve been killed with NHL style hockey. Bobby Clark played was on that Canada team and he would have had a field day physically with Val. Also Canada was no myth. Look at number of nhlers and where they were from.
  4. I’ll be in Kosice, Slovakia to watch Canada/ Denmark and the biggie Canada/US next week. Hope both squads grab a few Canes.
  5. This is in no way, shape or form an under talented team. Like any team they need to add a piece here and there but under talented? Nope.
  6. Great puck drop Surfzone. 1. Williams needs to play like the leader and Captain he is and not take dumb retaliation penalties. 2. Please sir, can we have a PP? 3. Please sir, can we have a PK? 4. So who gets the nod to be standing in the blue paint?
  7. Williams has been a great leader all season but it’s weird to see him responding like a rookie and taking dumb egregious penalties. Boston has gotten to him. Win or lose next game he needs to respond and play like a captain.
  8. PP is 2/35 and officially a joke and PK can’t kill. We got by without special teams early but it looks like both have caught up to us. Need them plus solid 5v5 to win. Fans deserve a home win.
  9. Rookie performance from Williams; zero discipline.
  10. If Roddy leaves him in he has to start Mac next game. Roddys mid-coached this.
  11. Gotta admit Marchand schooled Williams about discipline. Perennial Team Canada selection. His teammates would love him.
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