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  1. We don’t suck at all. We’re firmly in the mix. Are we still a few players short of a SC Final? For sure, but we are competitive.
  2. Time to move Nino. He and TVR would make a possible package for mgmt to dangle for something more than either of them contribute.
  3. Nothing juicy about it. Simple question. Wouldn’t want to see coastal get all triggered like before and go Medical Examiner on me. Official Attendance stats don’t equate to actual bodies in the seats 12 years as a season ticket holder showed me that firsthand.
  4. From TV it looks like Canes success last season and to this point has not translated into PNC being more than about 70% full, sometimes maybe 60%? If the lower bowl is hurting then the bleeds must be close to empty. What say the guys who are making the games?
  5. How quick many jump on Skinner. He carried this team on his back his first 4-5 years winning the Calder while being the only face of the Canes. He likely called bs on mgmt for not adding any talent and god forbid as a pro athlete slave to ownership you be critical of a garbage can roster.
  6. So by that explanation Anyone would be right to extrapolate that McDavids 116 points last season and +3 rating makes him lazy on D even though he played top line with Leon Draisaitl. Okay. You’re too bias on putting weight on a players value to a team via plus/minus.
  7. Except He played on absolute crap Canes teams for many years. Hanging that stat on his play alone is meaningless. Canes management should have been fined for incompetence for letting him go without lifting a finger.
  8. Sabres played a strong game in losing but thought I caught Skins giving Brindy a smile as in 'how do you like me now?' Love him or hate him he's a sniper.
  9. Ridiculous that the Norris is more about who the Dman is that puts up the most points. The best defenseman award should go the player who is just that, and who can also contribute to some extent offensively. By that criteria Slavin would be a top 3 candidate; guy rarely, rarely, rarely gets beat and and also has goals and assists. I like Dougie but he goes out of his way to avoid contact in the corners or end boards when coming back for the puck and often cedes it to the forward breathing down his neck. Ovi exposed him in the playoffs last season and I watch that now with regularity. Nothing physical about his game at all and he's 6'6". Again, glad we have him for the points and PP but Norris? Don't think so.
  10. Aho is over rated. Can’t believe some were calling for this guy with his exceedingly poor English to be Captain. 4th line completely embarrassed the Aho line last night.
  11. For any Mrazek fans I was coming back to Praha from Budapest on Czech Airlines with my wife, opened the in-flight mag and saw this spread on Petr. They love his six over here. If Top sees this your only allowed to read the Czech columns. On a side saw the Canes/Jackets in Dresden in a sports bar. Made the Pilsner taste better. The boys are everywhere.
  12. Heard from a friend of an acquaintance with questionable ties to Calgary that with 7 goals and 2 assists this season Lindholm has bought a box of white strips. We’ll see come Wednesday when someone knocks him in the yap for his cheap a$$ skol clap last season.
  13. Anyone doubt Williams won’t be back? The suits clearly believe he can add something on a shortened basis as does Willy. Then he calls it a career. I just don’t see pay being an issue. He’s not coming back for the dough. When he walks into the dressing room he becomes de facto Captain. That will give Staal more time to practice looking at the camera longer than 1.5 seconds and give an insightful response a la Williams and Ronnie Hainesy.
  14. On a different note it’s great to see fans sticking up for a former NHLer a bit down on his luck. Reports of former NHL star working at Tim Hortons leads to job-shaming accusations https://www.today.com/food/reports-former-nhl-star-working-tim-hortons-leads-job-shaming-t164757
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