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  1. Beyond the above dialogue here’s a good 2 min read regarding the current CBA. Nothing at all, understandably, covered this sports disaster and there are many devils in the details. Didn’t see it in the article but about contracts ending or UFAs or RFAs playing after July 1? Who would risk it? There zero provisions for any of this stuff not to mention a 10 week quarantine for the two who make the finals; life inside the Covid bubble that wouldn’t be impervious for any of the 24. If it comes together I’ll be watching for sure but this newly created re-start mess in the making just doesn’t look to have legs. https://nypost.com/2020/05/30/nhls-attempt-to-change-popular-rule-may-spark-restart-tension/amp/
  2. Too complicated and yet still does not cover all possible contingencies. The enormity of the logistics of pulling this off with 24 teams over a 2+ month period with zero Covid cases is fragile at best not to mention they mangle the start of the 20/21 season in doing so. Too many what if’s. What happens if one team has 1 or 2 players test positive? That team forfeits and goes home and the other team they were playing moves on to the next round assuming no-one contracted it? Would they simply give the Cup to the team in the finals if the other team had players test positive during the final and had to forfeit? The real winners in this experiment will be the 7 teams that get to stay safe at home but become recipients of the revenue sharing.
  3. Here's what they're doing in Germany for the football matches. Sidelines are empty but the end zones of the stadium including the first sections on either side that are officially sideline seats are filled with 12,000 cardboard cutouts of fans and celebs at each end. This one German player for FC Bayern Munchin had a penalty kick and scored and they panned to his cutout in the 'crowd.' He had a smug look picture for the cutout. They are also piping in a low to medium volume of crowd noise and crank it when a goal is scored. Sounds corny but it works and it turned an empty stadium of lemons into a stadium of lemon aid of 'crowds cheering.' The league should have fun with this and put in cardboard cutouts of celebs etc along with the hockey fan cutouts. At the very least they better be piping in noise otherwise the mikes will be picking up a lot of interesting chirping...
  4. Follow the money. These are dollar decisions, not competition decisions.
  5. I won’t add to the discourse by admitting I’m a Libertarian living off welfare in government housing and my vote is for sale to the highest bidder.
  6. If he did I’d imagine they’ll all be Ov fans.
  7. Winning the Cup, is winning the Cup. No-one can take it away from whoever it will be. And those rings will be just as big and shiny when they hold it up as any another ring. If this actually happens, we'll see who has the best coaching staffs and which players ate to many bon bons. Best goalie is still Carey Price. Whoever the hottest keeper turns out to be will win the Cup. That script doesn't change.
  8. Boomers, Safe Spacers and Mortgage with 3 kids crowd.
  9. You know what they call a doctor who graduates last in his class? Doctor. It wouldn't be too difficult to find 600 of them.
  10. Gary is spraying into the wind imo if he believes any type of Covid Season is doable. On the one hand it would be (for hockey fans) a much needed pause from the '25/7' coverage of this pandemic. On the other hand and apologies on repetitiveness, but the logistics of pulling this off are totally laughable. Sanitize 4 stadiums then bubble wrap them? Everyone in the bubble gets tested how often vs. the negative image the NHL will garner by having a 1,000 or so tests every week for all those invited to live in the bubble vs. Joe Public who cant even get one? Will it be a see you later proposition to the families of players and entourage for 2-3 months? NHLPA will allow players to be put at risk? And what if even one player or entourage member shows positive during this abridged season? Bettman needs to put the bottle of JD down. Be a leader in a time of crisis. Call it. Hell, its questionable at this very moment if next season even begins on time. Right now the focus should be on having a successful draft and tackling the myriad of issues with trades that took place and all the clauses involved and all the other minutia that needs resolution. Last, how many players even want to continue? Id like to see that pole. Players are safer at home. They know it and so do the Suits. Gary is fanning on the shot here.
  11. I guess this story belongs in this subset forum. Google this guy. What an a$$hat 😂
  12. J Willys probably at home resting a beer on his new gut In front of his 85” LG wearing a Dago T with a spilled pack of Bon Bons on the sofa enjoying his new life.
  13. When Silverman cancels the remaining NBA season, Bettman will follow suit within 48 hours.
  14. It’s a joke the Suits even talk about resuming the season. They keep floating scenarios that do not take the biggest factor into account, logistics. The players and entire support staffs, coaches etc need to quarantine for 2-3 months with no family? Right. Equipment, meals, lodging all in the NHL bubble? They’re dreaming. Inside this bubble if even one player or support staff tests positive then what? Players are not in top shape. Haven’t skated in quite a while. The mental edge gets dull. Players get hurt. Bettman needs to step up and make the call. It’s like they’re waiting for good news while Covid continues to infect and death rates continue to increase. End the season as incomplete. No champion. Get on with working out a contingency for next season.
  15. Not really. Wolves play in Rockford 90 miles from Chicago. Rockford is more burned out than vibrant. Given their sched they probably don’t get into the city unless coach gives them a 72.
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