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  1. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    This was a big win for Cam on a personal level. Was happier to see him face 50 shots than 20-25 for his confidence. He let in one 'softie' on 50 shots? So what. He was deep in the crease and moving to protect his post for the shot when a lucky pass made it out to the slot and he couldn't get to the top of the crease. He got no help as the EDM player had the slot to himself. Only one game so small sample size but...just might portend solid one/two goaltending this year and also serves notice to Darling (as it should) that he will be pushed which in turn ups his game. Slavin was was the 1st AND 2nd star and Ward the 3rd imo. Slavin owned the best hockey player in the world last night. Anyone (including me) beating up on Staal for stone hands this morning? Nope. Beauty pass to Lindholm who took the monkey off his back with his goal, and Staal's soft hands on his shorty was a wow goal. Need to see Rask step up, I didn't notice him much. On to Calgary v Taco...
  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Derek Ryan pulls his weight and def does not have stone hands, has netted one while Skins has potted 2 playing with him.
  3. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    If you don't get Cam into a game either in Edmonton or Calgary its not good for his psyche or ability to come off the bench and play strong when Darling will have the occasional brutal game which will happen or he needs a break after XX games in a row. The bad mouthing Cam gets now is a bit over the top. Yes, he's no longer starter material but not a capable backup? Not buying it. He needs to get about 25 starts this season and the longer BP waits (albeit only 3 games in) the more damage he does in the long term picture of having a confident/capable back up. Edmonton is 1-3 with a -6 goals differential. IMO you need to have points in 65% of your road games to be a competitive playoff bound team; this early season EDM game becomes a must win game. If you can't beat a team like this with a -6 goals differential after 4 games, no matter who skates for them, who you going to beat on the road? Of the TT, Lindy, Rask, Staal, McGinn, Kruger, Nordstrom group, we need to see some goals. While they may contribute in 'other ways' they also need to contribute on the score sheet. Without them producing on a fairly regular basis we will be looking at a lot of low scoring games. Jooris and Kuokk's get a pass in this dep't while they adapt.
  4. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Questions about players like TT, Lindy scoring goals is legit. 6 games between them and zippo. Aho will be just fine. Watching him skate and make plays he looks like our most talented forward even though Skins has got a couple. Players like TT and Lindy need to score before the Canes get back home. BP needs to get Cam into a game ASAP.
  5. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    It’s definately a roll waiting for someone to step into. This team needs that style of player badly.
  6. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Agree they should give Necas a shot. As far as crashing the net, crowding the keeper and making a living in the dirty areas like the two toughest, Thomas Holmstrom and Dino Cicerreli did, Brock McGinn needs to step up and into that roll because I think he’s tough enough to handle the cheap shots and nasty bruises he will pick up doing it along with the 15 goals he could get. I don’t think he shows enough of really anything to stick on this team if he doesn’t carve out that roll and owns it.
  7. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Lindholm just may become an enigma this season; solid skater, solid playmaker but he may simply not be a finisher at the NHL level. 3 games in and he has had his chances but no goals. If he hasn’t bagged at least one before the Canes get back home he’ll be back to gripping the stick again which will be of no help to himself or the Canes. 3 games and we’re a minus 1 goal differential. It’s only 3 games but time to crowd the crease, crash the net and manufacture some grinder type goals.
  8. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Nothings ever a gimme but I would think Jets and Stars have to be the ‘easiest’ of the 4 Canes play on this trip.
  9. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    NHL Power rankings have the Canes at 16th which given their small sample size is a good omen. Would help to win 3 of 4 on the road as none of the 4 teams are 'all that' propositions. Come back home with a 4-1-1 record would be big.
  10. Attendance discussion

    I have been either a 26 game or 14 game plan member beginning the Cup season and in that period have probably attended on average about 30 games a year in the lower bowl watching some good hockey but also alot of poor hockey. When I have been either a 12 or 14 game holder (depending on the year of the plan offer) I made up the additional 12-15 games buying off secondary market. It became annoying to discover people sitting beside me were paying 30-40% less buying off the secondary market. Who's laughing last here? The season ticket holder ostensibly supporting the team by paying more than the guy looking to get maximum bang for the buck buying from the secondary market? Supporting the team to miss the playoffs the last 8 years. Nice reward for loyalty. Paying more than one has to for the very same product makes no sense. Waddell talks trash about making tickets a full face value proposition. It simply isn't the case. So in the meantime STH get rogered like I did for 13 years. Over that time I have spent many thousands more than than the casual walk up fan with his discounted ticket. Enough. And I definitely agree with Caniac 1-1. Buying online from the Canes gets you re-routed to Ticketmaster to pay their add on fees on top of the full face value of the ticket? Thats just dumb when you can go to the other various resellers and buy the same ticket 30% discounted plus fees and come out ahead $ wise. Canes marketing/online ticket sales invites that behavior. Whatever. Just win. Canes look to be on the right path...
  11. Attendance discussion

    There are discounted tickets easily found. On Vivid Seats can get Sect 123 Row V for $49 plus fees for St Louis game on a Friday so about $65 a seat. Funny how Waddell said the team made $2m but said zip about revenue sharing where Carolina has been a taker for years. Not a chance our gate covers player and staff payroll.
  12. Attendance discussion

    If you can't even sell 8,000 seats to the second game of the season it doesn't matter what night the game is on thats just not a good sign especially after an exciting home win 3 days before. If there were true blue hockey fans in the Triangle you would have had 14k+ plus attending last night. Last nights crowd was probably a majority of STHM which points out how few there are. Wonder how many were watching the game on the tube? A few thousand? The Canes got to draw exactly zero energy from the crowd last night and thats got to hurt. I pasted the available seats for the Friday Oct 27 game against the Blues and it isn't a pretty picture. Blue dots buy from Canes, Red dots from TM. Lots of people moving into Wake but it isn't translating to ticket sales. I said earlier they should have thrown the doors open for the 2 pre season games, get some interest going. Dropped my STM seats this season after 10 years of lower bowl. Cheaper to buy them on a secondary site and as long as you don't plan to eat at the rink its just cheaper and it looks like the trend will continue for the foreseeable future.Canes need to win bad for a number of reasons.
  13. New Captain Poll

    I like a little meanness, a little emotion to up the compete level, a get even attitude. That's what makes a team tough to play against. That's also why Sacha was run out of town, he had none of that. Our boy Victor might be a better hockey player if he leaned that way, he certainly has the tools but is lacking in emotion.
  14. New Captain Poll

    Not replying to anyone specifically here just a general comment - this is the big leagues where there are many games within the game. Calling out Staal for what he did? So what. These are big boys playing for big bucks. This is how the game is played whether anyone approves or not. Now Kruger can't wait to play MN again. Thats as it should be.
  15. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Anytime a team is playing against the other teams backup I think you need to win 7 of every 10 games to be a serious contender. Canes will still likely see their share of backups this season.