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  1. From the Miami Herald... Florida Panthers Krys Barch Ejected for Racial Slur on Canadiens P.K. Subban Florida Panthers enforcer Krys Barch – brought to Florida in a trade with Dallas last month – was ejected after linesman Darren Gibbs overheard him use a racial slur during a scrum near the Florida net at the end of the first period of Florida's game against Montreal. Barch's slur was aimed toward Montreal's P.K. Subban, who is black. “No comment,'' general manager Dale Tallon said as he was heading downstairs during the second intermission. “I don't know what happened yet.'' Said team general partner Cliff Viner: “This is not what the character of this organization is about. Period. I'm devastated by that kind of behavior. That is not what we're about as an organization, a team, coaching staff, hockey operations. "Dale, I'm sure, will be very critical of this. I hope they talk to the team and let them know this is unacceptable. You play hard, you fight hard. But that's not part of any competition.'' Wow. I can't believe he'd do that. That's awful. I bet he gets Shanabanned.
  2. We don't have anyone who seems to deserve to be a captain, so there shouldn't be one. Simply hand out three As a night and rotate them through the lineup once every two weeks until someone shows that they deserve to get to hold onto it.
  3. It comes down to this: Eric Staal simply cannot play hockey without a power forward like Erik Cole on his wing. I'd be interested to see Staal's stats in games with Cole vs. Staal's stats in games without Cole. For me, at this point the blame lies on the GM. He is the one who would not spend the million extra to keep Erik Cole, but instead spent $4.5 million on a defenseman that lasted three months before being traded. We could have kept Cole and Corvo for what we spent on Kaberle and been a far better team than we are now.
  4. Chuck Kaiton is a proponent of going to home whites. He says that it's better because rather than 41 games of the red team playing the white team, you get to see all the different sweaters of the NHL teams. Especially with the league going to having one home game with every team next year, it'd be a lot more unique to have the road team wear their colors. I believe that the remedy is to simply wear both. Do 20 in red, 11 in black, and 10 in white. That gives a nice mix of all different looks--teams will wear white when we wear red, they will wear their colors when we wear white, and they can choose whichever when we wear black. That will give a lot of different looks.
  5. Crosby has pulled a Lemieux in his return. 3 P in the first 23 minutes.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we won't EVER get the kind of gutless performances we've gotten this year if the bodies behind the bench are Ron Francis, Rod Brind'Amour, and Glen Wesley. Who on that team would DARE not give 100% every shift for those guys?
  7. Shanahan made the right call here. The hit wasn't nearly worthy of a suspension. I'd like to see the Sabres try to run Tim Thomas, though...unlike Miller, Thomas would likely get up and be the first one with his gloves off, and I doubt anyone on the Sabres' roster can handle an angry Tim Thomas...never mind Lucic and Chara and Marchand.
  8. Miller went to play that puck and threw his shoulder up, almost as if he wanted to initiate contact himself, and then took a two-handed slash at Lucic that missed. My take is that the only player who should be suspended is Miller, and that the "charging" call on Lucic was wrong.
  9. I think it's stupid that they do the anthem at all. This isn't Team USA. Get rid of it.
  10. Remember my adjusted +/- stat? Here's where the Hurricanes rank in that as a team... Player Adj. +/- Tim Gleason +8.8 Jussi Jokinen +6.5 Bryan Allen +4.6 A. Ponikarovsky +3.9 Jay Harrison +3.4 Brandon Sutter +3.3 Patrick Dwyer +3.1 Tim Brent +2.7 Zach Boychuk +1.7 Zac Dalpe +0.5 Drayson Bowman +0.2 Brett Sutter -0.7 Anthony Stewart -0.7 Tuomo Ruutu -1.2 Jiri Tlusty -1.5 Tomas Kaberle -1.6 Derek Joslin -1.8 Chad LaRose -1.9 Jamie McBain -2.3 Jeff Skinner -3.7 Justin Faulk -5.3 Joni Pitkanen -5.7 Eric Staal -12.4 If that doesn't demonstrate the problem as clear as day, I don't know what does. Staal is so bad that his number is actually an outlier! Given his time on ice, he's -12.4 more than he should be on this team. That's...wow. The mean, of course, is 0, with a standard deviation of 4.4, so anyone between +4.4 and -4.4 is probably doing what they should be, anyone above +4.4 is doing great, and anyone below -4.4 sucks. That means...well, that means Pitkanen sucks and Staal sucks even more.
  11. Our problem is that we have four good head coaches in our organization...and none of them are the head coach. Any one of Dave Lewis, Ron Francis, Tom Rowe, or Jeff Daniels would be far better than Paul Maurice. Three of the four have head coaching experience at either the AHL or NHL level and Francis is simply one of the best hockey minds ever.
  12. JLP, Wegmans is GLORIOUS! I always go to them when I'm in the WNY area to broadcast hockey.
  13. Cole scored the winner in a 2-1 victory over Boston. That alone will get Habs fans off his back for at least a few weeks.
  14. Chuck Kaiton is always available and never blacked out.
  15. Here's a thought: what if we take our best offensive centerman and use him as such? Why can't Jeff Skinner center the top line? In fact...looking at our depth chart...cripes, Staal is our fourth best center in terms of pure overall talent. Drop him to second line wing. Tlusty-Skinner-Ruutu Staal-Jokinen-LaRose Poni-Sutter-Dwyer Stewart-Brent-Boychuk
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