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  1. Anyone know if J Will lives off of the Tobacco Trail? I swear I just ran past him this morning on the trail there. Had a hat on and his face down so as to avoid eye contact IMO. Same look I saw on Aaron Ward and Jussi Jokinen when I ran into them out and about.
  2. Per Friedman we are in on Laine. Offer is Necas and a Dman. Jets are lukewarm on idea bc they want more. If this is true it makes no sense to me. We traded Skinner for nothing because he wouldnt play a team game and now we are trading for another Skinner type....
  3. What options do I have to watch the games?
  4. So... I figure they could postpone season maybe 1-2 months and still have playoffs. If this thing is still a concern at that point the season would be cancelled completely I bet. If it is a one month delay however - I would like to see our defense. Hamilton could come back, both goalies, Vatanen.... Pesce wouldnt make it back but we have a lot of options. Slavin Hamilton Skjei Ed? Vatanen TVR Fleury Gardiner???
  5. So I'm highly confident we will get refunds/ticket exchange option. I looked at what The Sharks posted for fans since they already cancelled games at their arena, as well as what happened in NHL during lockout, plus what StubHub posted.... all point to refund, exchange, and or earning interest on your tickets while theyre held. I saw no instance or indication that a refund would not be an option.
  6. I hear you. I heard him on a podcast talk about negotiations last year. He was very professional about it but it was obvious he was angered by the whole process. Hes a pro tho, I dont think hes gonna air that grievance on TV.
  7. Yea. Would think they wouldnt do that until at least they play Forsberg once and see how he does. My GUESS is that if anything we trade for someone to support Mrazek since my reading of the tea leaves is that he will be out 7-10 days. And thats if our AHL guys just flat out suck. Who is in the AHL that we would want? I realize teams could send a goalie down from the NHL that we may want to try and skirt around the rules but would they have to pass waivers?
  8. If we make the playoffs and Hamilton/Vatanen are healthy how sweet is that lineup? I would expect our production to be sky high. Hamilton-Slavin Skjei-Vatanen? Gardiner-Ed/TVR/Fleury? Not sure Pesce will make it back this year. But if he does, wow! Will be hard to keep the puck out of our own net without him.
  9. Yea.... its getting way too complicated. Im not sure TD cares bc he prefers butts in seats to at home.
  10. I thought he was absolutely FLYING out there. I watched some high lights of the guy and most of his goals came down low - rebounds, dirty goals. I think he could serve us well.
  11. I just to clarify - with HULU you will pay $60 a month to watch these games. That is the price for NO ads. You will be FORCED to watch the ads though. You CANNOT fast forward ads for Canes games.... If I didnt just renew my DISH contract to get a lower price Id drop them and switch to DirectTV.
  12. Per Lebrun: Unless there’s a trade, which is not out of the question, plan is for Carolina to call up both their AHL goalies after 5 pm today, Anton Forsberg and Alex Nedeljkovic. Meanwhile, NHL teams in their generous spirit are already reaching out to the ‘Canes offering up goalie help
  13. I dont know they guy really but in the article he was referred to as an "old time" Dman. Physical, stay at home guy. Thats one thing I think we need. Additionally he gives us even more depth, which is good come playoffs. Three it gives us more competition. Rod's whole thing was about earning a spot. Saw it last year. I dont feel it as much this year. Another capable guy on D helps create that IMO. JW creates competition among forwards, Dillon among D, and we already have a competition in goal. I realize we have had an extra dman until now but the only guy competing really was Fleury and unfortunately I just dont know if he will ever make it for whatever reason.
  14. Brock and Dillon https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bk9Rndo3tjQ
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