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  1. Likelihood this injury brings about a trade? I expect one at this point. Also Lebrun is saying if Lehner makes it to free agency we make a push. Id like to get him sooner. Our goalies are average, yes. But theyve been costing us games lately.
  2. I cant find the source saying anything about us being interested but heres a writeup on Brodin https://zonecoverage.com/2019/wild/2019-minnesota-wild-year-end-player-review-jonas-brodin/
  3. My guess is we still werent sure he could sustain the save pct he had in NY. I remember a lot of talk about that around the NHL in general. Thus why I think he only got a 1 year in Chicago. My recollection of what went down (Im taking some liberties here): We wanted to sign Petr before free agency. He wanted to test market. Free agency happens. Petr is talking to other teams. We dont want to risk not having a goalie. We talked to Lehner (this was reported). Im guessing he wanted term and that made us uneasy bc still some thought his performance in NY was a fluke. Petr didnt find what he wanted and came back to us. We signed Petr. (Im guessing) Lehner didnt find the term he wanted so he signed a one year with Chicago. Things can always change but I think hes proved hes the real deal at this point. Look how Samsonov played in front of WSH last night. We had several chances. He played out of his mind and kept us from getting anything.
  4. Yea Ive seen reports theyll move him if he doesnt sign and they may not want to pay him.
  5. Havent EXACTLY seen this reported but hear me out... What if the Canes could trade Reimer for Lehner? We currently have three goalies with NHL contracts for next year. That has to be addressed at some point. By trading Reimer for Lehner 1. we get an improved goalie for a run 2. If he signs with us next year then great. If not we solved the goalie logjam coming next season (Mrazek and Ned). 3. Chicago gets a goalie for next year under contract plus whatever else is involved in the trade. I know theres lots of things that could be at play but it was widely reported in the off season we talked to Lehner and Mrazek during free agency. Thoughts?
  6. Spector's rumors quote a couple of stories that say we should go after Lundqvist or Price. It also says they probably wouldnt accept a trade.... So that sounds like a mute point. Also says Vegas should consider trading a forward for Gardiner.
  7. Ok... so we have depth at forward, depth at defense, and I would even say depth in goal. I know TD said this week we wont be "making a splash" at the deadline but what does everyone think we WILL do and what SHOULD we do? I think if everyone gets going we will be very dangerous come playoff time. Foegs and Wallmark have taken off despite a slow start. If Nino, Gardiner, and Dzingel take off then watch out! I still think this team could use more grit/physicality. Theyve got guys who can play with an edge they just havent really done so to this point (Staal, Nino, Svech, Dzingel, Mcginn, Martinook, Edmundson and even Fleury). Maybe they turn it on for the playoffs? Barring any injuries I think if we do anything its a straight up hockey move (like perhaps moving TVR or Fleury for ex). No rentals. We moved DeHaan after signing him to an extended contract. Perhaps we trade Gardiner if he doesnt improve? Its been nice seeing the Canes in all these rumors since TD took over. But now that Williams has signed theres nothing!
  8. Bought group tickets but some of my buddies backed out. Have 2 paper tickets we don't need. $26 each is what I paid and thats what you can have em for.
  9. I saw PSV going away. Also saw HULU increasing prices. Aside from the fact that I hate using HULU, can anyone tell me more about YTTV? Can I record the games? FF? Thanks
  10. Does YTTV or PSV allow you to fast forward commercials during the game? Thanks
  11. Anyone else having trouble getting (stupid) HULU to bring up the game tonight? I got a "we're having trouble finding that" message.
  12. Guys. Please help. HULU Live sucks. I cannot fast forward commercials. I had to get it bc Dish quit carrying the games (when I recorded w them I could fast forward commercials). Other than being ANNOYING watching the broadcast with commercials is a major inconvenience. Ex. I just got off work at 11. Kids get up at 6 for school. If I could fast forward Id be done in about 75 minutes. Without? Well, the game lasts much longer. I paid for the "commercial free" HULU but yea, still lots of ads.
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