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  1. I see a number 1/2 center as a huge piece that could help. Brock Nelson (although he annoyed us in round 2) would be perfect. Big body that scores and plays a two way game. This would help even out our lines. Making some assumptions here but: TT - Aho - Svech Foegele - Nelson - Nino Marty - Staal - Williams Mcginn - Walmark - Saku This of course assumes Williams resigns. Im pretty happy with these lines. As long as Foegs and Nino dont let up off last season Id be very happy with these lines. If Necas wants to make the team it would be as a call up or hed have to earn it like Foegs did last year. And honestly I think that is how RB wants to coach the team anyway. You better work your !&$! off if you want it. Realistically tho I think we will be forced to trade for some higher end talent. I just hope they really go aggressive this off season. 2006 and 2009 we have a bright future then nothing happens. Cant go through that again. What do we do at goal? I think thats the big question. I say we see what Petr wants and if its reasonable, do it. If not look elsewhere. He played great for a long period and I love his emotion but if we have Ned as his backup (which I think we have to or we lose him) Im going to have a little less confidence in our goal than this year. They were a tandem not a real 1-2. If we are going to have a rookie backup I want a stud starter. We havent had a good backup like Curtis in 13 years and it sure was nice. I dont want to regress! Cant wait for DW to start making those phone calls and The Canes showing up in rumors again now that the season is over!
  2. wooooow. that call on hamilton that let the bruins go up 3-2 was total bs. they hit svech who is nowhere near the puck and we shove a guy and get a penalty? come on. the earlier penalty we got where mcginn checked a dude in the head cancelled that out i guess but the hamilton penalty was bull poo.
  3. Also its nice that since we are in the conference final we are FINALLY getting lots of press time, interviews, and stories. I dont have to dig for Canes content!
  4. If Im reading this right MoneyPuck.com has Canes as favorites for the cup? https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/sharks/nhl-odds-sharks-given-worst-chance-among-playoff-teams-win-stanley-cup
  5. Right. Like I said I wont purchase any before the schedule is announced because I work nights half the time. I found a friend with some tickets though. I wanted to purchase them before the price goes sky high/when they announce the schedule. My buddy got tickets for this round at the same price as last round because we bought them early. I just cant commit to a game until I know the schedule, but want someone who already has tickets to let me buy theirs before the price goes crazy
  6. The educated guess CanesCountry is proposing as the schedule favors the Bruins IMO. They get a lot of rest (2 days before series starts, 2 days off between game 1 and 2). Personally I want to jump right into it tomorrow like we had to do between rounds 1 and 2.
  7. I have an odd work schedule so I have not yet purchased tickets to ECF. But when schedule is posted I need a ticket or two. Anyone got extras?
  8. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/calgary-flames-michael-ferland-played-through-a-torn-oblique We all knew Ferland was tough. Looks like he played through injury in playoffs a few years ago. Must be pretty bad this time, whatever it is.
  9. Part of me hopes CBJ lose just so all the prospects/picks they gave up at the deadline end up being for nothing.
  10. I agree - no matter who advances it should be a battle. I watched the entire game last night and all I can hope for is it goes to game 7. They are beating the h3ll out of each other. Bruins will be feeling it especially if they only get one day off before next round like we did.
  11. The Boston msg boards are hoping for time off and time to heal and recover. Im sure theyre feeling it. Sooooo glad WE got that time off! My memory of the 09 loss to Pittsburgh was due to Matt Cooke being dirty and taking out both Ruutu and Cole's knees. After that we couldn't keep up... If we play Boston I think we really need (a healthy) Ferlund. Brindy keeps saying hes cleared to play just waiting for Ferls to tell him "hes ready." I feel like Roddy thinks he should be playing but honestly Ferland needs to stay out until he is able to go hard. I watched him in the 2015 series versus Vancouver and he is def what we need. If thats in the SCF (fingers crossed) then so be it.
  12. These arent going to be 5-4 hockey games. This is exactly the kind of series where the games will be won or lost on a single shift. . We had those shifts the last two games. Get used to it. I see the Islanders team and fans getting frustrated and talking themselves up to counteract the fact theyve lost: "They only had 48 seconds of good hockey." Yeah, OK. I definitely give them credit and they are a good team. But I say we get one more win and the Islanders go from disrespecting us to turning on each other. I will be at game 4. Lets get the sweep at home!
  13. Agreed. They seem to forget they havent scored (Slavin helped em out. But I don't blame him).
  14. 1. The fact we keep winning despite injuries... flat out impresses even me. 2. I fully expect Svech and Marty to be back soon. 3. If someone had to get injured it might as well be the 6th defenseman. Fleury will do fine. I hope TVR is back soon. 4. As someone with tight hips I bet Mrazek just pulled something. Hope hes back soon. 5. WE COULD TAKE THIS IN 4 GAMES HOLY ****
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