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  1. Would be fine with me. But DW said today he thinks this is the team they will be icing. Not a team with someone else being added in...
  2. Its my son's birthday and he requested we go (I'm so proud). Anyone willing to part with two?
  3. Also I now want a Beavis tattoo...
  4. Hey man. I know everyone is giving you crap. But I have some recommendations. First, you asked for a shop. Blue Flame in Raleigh is good. Me and my wife have had 5 or so tats there over the last 10-15 years. As far as designs go I suggest picking something with as little white as possible. The regular Canes logo wont hold up bc of all the white. It fades super fast. I suggest the alternate logos. And I say that as someone who plans to get one myself.
  5. Thanks for the in depth analysis Remkin. I agree we have lots of depth but we were also lucky last year - we had very few injuries. One of the only teams with 10 guys to play all 82 games I believe. I hope we are that lucky again but its unlikely.
  6. I believe! Listening to the RD presser he sounds THRILLED to be here and the PERFECT fit for us. Guys usually say all the right things but he seemed to mean it 100%. Also listened to Ferland presser. They asked him what he will remember about his time in Carolina and he 100% dodged the question (all he said was we were a young team that went to the conference final then started talking about Vancouver). Things definitely went sour with him and the org.
  7. I tell you right now - I will be the first person with a sign at the players entrance referencing Aho signing an offer sheet. Give me 3 months to think of something clever. This is b.s.
  8. ..Who, Quick? He is a trade candidate per numerous sources.
  9. .... Never happen, but what if we signed them both?!
  10. According to Lebrun Varly is going to Islanders so now we are after Mrazek/Lehner.
  11. Mrazek and Varlamov will sign somwhere. It will be Carolina or someone else.
  12. When does FA start tomorrow? Ill be glued to my phone!
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