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  1. Absolute no to Bertuzzi. He is is lazy, horrible defensively and takes awful penalties. He is no longer a first line winger, either. I'd much rather have Afinogenov. His last two seasons have been horrible and he has had some trouble staying healthy, but he has incredible speed and stickhandling talents and is an offensive force when he is on his game. If the rumors about him not wanting to go back to Russia are true, then maybe we could pick him up on a cheap one-year deal for around $1M. No real risk involved there except some dollars.
  2. I agree that there is no way a Alberts-Wallin pairing should exist. That would just be terrible. They'd never get the puck out of the zone and would get destroyed on the forecheck. If Seidenberg is signed, then I think the second and third pairings should be Pitkanen-Alberts and Wallin-Seidenberg. Alberts isn't a Top 4 defenseman, but it makes a lot more sense to pair him with Pitkanen than to have our two slowest defensemen paired together.
  3. Agreed completely. At 29 years old, Ryan has maxed out his potential and thus it won't hurt his "development" to have him center the fourth line. Sutter, on the other hand, should be in the AHL until a third line spot opens up.
  4. We're an hour into free agency. JR's not going to fail to do anything with the amount of budget room he has available. I'm sure we will make a few signings and/or trades.
  5. Fredrik Sjostrom was not qualified by the Rangers. I'd like to see us sign him for ~$1M. He doesn't bring the "grit" we're looking for, but we could really use some PKing forwards on the lower lines with LaRose and maybe Bayda gone. Right now it looks like some of the top offensive players on the team like Staal and Cullen will be spending a lot of time killing penalties instead.
  6. Most of the guys ahead of Paradis on the team were older than him. Matthew Pistilli, who we recently signed as a free agent, played on the team and was 20 years-old. Paradis is a '91-born and all the guys ahead of him were '88-'89 born except for Labrecque. It's simply a case of being buried behind "veteran" players who are more advanced at their ages.
  7. From the 'Canes Twitter: "Dumoulin was in the stands for the Hurricanes' Game 2 victory against the Boston Bruins at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston." http://twitter.com/nhl_canes
  8. Yeah. In the '06 Playoffs it was Staal at the right point with Brind'amour at center. It didn't work the next season as they stupidly moved Staal to the left point where he wasn't as effective. I don't see why we took a LH-shooting sniper and put him on the left point where he couldn't unleash a cross-ice one timer. The powerplay was miserable when we tried it like that. I wouldn't like to see Staal on the point as I think he's best in front of the net, but I don't want him taking face-offs as we have other guys who are better than him at it. You could have Cullen play the point but line up at center, for instance. Or Jokinen on wing and taking the face-offs. Whatever it is, just please get Staal away from the circle.
  9. Agreed completely, but that might disrupt the line combinations that Francis/Maurice want on the PP. If one of those guys were to be on the same PP unit as Staal anyway, then yeah that person should take the face-off. If we don't sign/acquire anyone, we could move Jokinen up to first line LW and have him take the face-offs at ES as well as PP. He'd also fit pretty good as Staal's playmaking winger.
  10. Kind words about the Hurricanes from our second round pick: "The 6-foot-3, 197-pound native of Biddeford, Maine, is headed to Boston College in the fall as a true freshman, where he will be joined by New York Rangers top selection Chris Kreider (Boxford, Mass.). With a Sept. 1991 birthdate, Dumoulin is also one of the draft
  11. Agreed with both points. JR's draft history is not good and only in the last few years has he looked like he's been putting together with the guys you mentioned plus others like Jamie McBain. Not thrilled with the pick, but not upset about it after reading up on Paradis.
  12. A poster from Quebec wrote something on the Hurricanes' Hockey's Future board about Paradis. I am reposting it here: "ALright, I know the guy very well he is been plaing here for 2 years. I know his parents as well. Philippe Paradis is the total package. He is fast, drive hard to the net. He is a pure goal scorer. He got a really hard accurate shot. He won the hardest shot competition at the CHL prospect event. He has size, makes big hit. From the year i have been watching the LHJMQ, he is one of the best NHL prospect i have seen. This guy will make it to the NHL on a 1st or 2nd line. The only flaw in his game is that he is not mean at all. He takes big hit but he is not the kind of player that want to start a fight. He didnt have many points last year. It's mainly because he didnt had top minutes and powerplay time. HIs team was stacked as hell with some of the best scorer in the LHJMQ so he didnt play big minutes. Anyway, i would have loved if the HABS had taking him. He is a really good kid, you dont have to worry if you havent seen him play." So it turns out his numbers were low because he played on a stacked team and got little ice time/PP time. This is very encouraging IMO and I'd like to see what he can do next year with (presumably) more ice time. Remember, Bowman's numbers weren't very good in his draft year and then he exploded the next two seasons.
  13. 46% on the powerplay (154 for 335).
  14. Sutter should get better at face-offs as he gains some strength and gets older. He was supposedly very good at face-offs against other junior aged players, he just needs some time to learn how to be effective against stronger players. Another option could be having Jokinen play on Staal's line and take the face-offs. I don't like the idea of switching Staal to wing as some suggested, but you could have one of his wingers take his face-offs. I remember Sykora taking face-offs for Malkin in the playoffs in 2008 when they played together.
  15. Giveaways/takeaways, much like hits, are subjective stats that I don't trust. You know for sure when someone is out for a goal against. Things like the Corvo play on the Gionta goal are going to even themselves out over an 82 game season. The BehindTheNet adjusted +/- ranking takes into account linemates and opposition and Eaves still faired better than LaRose in that category. You'll notice that while LaRose's QUALCOMP rating was higher, his QUALTEAM was also a lot higher as well (-.03 to Eaves -.22). As for penalties, I don't think minors is necessarily an indication of defensive play. They could come from being over-aggressive, from getting roughing minors, and so forth. Ruutu was by far the worst offender among our forwards in minor penalties, but you'll notice from the BehindTheNet stats that he faced top opposition and faired well. Guys like Getzlaf, Burrows, Moreau, Moore, etc are among the league leaders in minor penalties and I don't think anyone would call them bad defensive players.
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