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  1. I'm 50 and I like this kind of stuff. It helps keep the room loose and the guys seem to enjoy it. Keep in mind that it is for the players, not the fans, and if the players are down then so am I.
  2. Interesting read from Down Goes Brown re whether the Canes are bad or just unlucky. Turns out they are. Click Me!!!
  3. So you are saying that the Hurricanes re-sell tickets through these websites at a discount rather than sell them for full price at the box office? I have never heard that but if true that is really bad.
  4. The other side of that would be "Why the [bleep] is our All Star defenseman getting in a fight in a preseason game?" If he breaks his hand then I'm sure there would be all sorts of wailing about how dumb it was. That being said I was okay with it and am glad he didn't get hurt.
  5. Yeah, $685k purchased back in June.
  6. Not sure about how the AHL does it but I would assume that if it was a 4 on 3 power play in OT you would simply go 4 on 4 (even strength) after the penalty has concluded until the next whistle and then go back to 3 on 3.
  7. But the poll is named "Where will the Canes end up in the 2015 draft?" and actually references picks. That is not "Where will the Canes finish the season?" as you seem to suggest.
  8. I'm not sure why everybody is automatically giving Buffalo the #1 pick. From the way I read it they have a 20% chance of getting that pick and while that is better than any other team it is far from a lock. And just for the record I voted 5th pick because that's how we do things. Not bad enough to be awful but not good enough to be good.
  9. Gosh, sorry I asked. Won't make that mistake again.
  10. Based on that assessment how do you expect to get anything in return...much less someone dependable?
  11. Not a showcase...just Peters sticking with a lineup that is working. He has made that pretty clear in his recent statements.
  12. The NASCARification of hockey! It is what it is though and other sports will eventually follow suit. $$$ talks.
  13. Mike Sundheim The @NHLCanes are now 7-3-1 w/ Jordan Staal in the lineup. A .682 winning % for the season would rank fifth in the league. Stuff like this is why I think you have people on here agreeing with the 'I like our group' sentiment. Granted it is a very small sample size but it is certainly more encouraging than, say, the Sabres current 12-game skid. Plus this is being done with little input from Skinner and with Semin and Nestrasil (big future upside) in the Press Box. We'll see how things play out for the rest of the season but unless there is an epic collapse I don't think this team is ready for a complete tear-down.
  14. Ha! I thought the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure RF isn't checking these forums.
  15. My girlfriend is a Sabres fan and from what I've seen on Center Ice (and in person in BUF over Christmas and the most recent game here in Raleigh) they really are just that bad.
  16. Two things: I find it hard to believe Semin would clear waivers if sent down. I understand about the onerous contract but his talent, when motivated, is world class and I just can't imagine that there isn't at least one team out there willing to take a chance on him. Then the choice becomes does anybody really care if he gets grabbed off waivers. Personally I'd like to see him get his mojo back here in Raleigh. If he does stay in Raleigh he should be slotted in the top 6 at all times. His talent level, when motivated, and skill set really leave you no choice as he would be a disaster in the bottom 6 considering his lack of defensive acumen and general malaise on the ice.
  17. How far has McBain fallen? From bobblehead to almost falling out of the league and into the KHL, that's how far. Hope he finds his game in LA.
  18. You can't play yourself into the playoffs in October but you sure as heck can play your way out and that is the direction this team is heading.
  19. Per the article the Red Wings are moving to a new arena in the Cass Corridor area in 2017 after which the Joe will be torn down.
  20. Are you seriously suggesting that Cam is the only reason we have not made the playoffs? So much for hockey being a team game.
  21. I agree about the cops at CCC but Chantel was busted at Five Points by Underwood School. She was probably on her way home from Glenwood South...and we all know nothing good happens there on a Saturday night.
  22. What's past is past. This is a new season with a new coach and Ward has played better during this preseason and deserves the start on Friday.
  23. It's actually called the lottery because the teams not in the playoffs are given a chance to win the top pick...like a lottery. Regarding next year's draft...with some really top-end players being available I would rather not trade our first round pick for a veteran when there is really no guarantee that we would end up any better than if we stand pat with our current lineup. And if we are successful this season and are heading to the postseason then we obviously did something right and could maybe use that pick at the trade deadline to get better heading into the playoffs.
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