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  1. Still looking ......... unable to follow thru with anyone so far. PM me how to contact you or I'll send my contact info.
  2. I have an autographed Leighton cap if your interested. Never worn cap - autographed at a Skate with the Canes from 2 years ago - shortly after his call up. Met him twice - great guy PM me if interested
  3. I have extra lithographs, other give away caps, hero cards from the 2006 cup run ........ I have alot of stuff - if there is something specific you are looking for please let me know.
  4. Absolutely not ............. let me go get Colorado or NYR on the phone and see if they want Cole or Ruutu. Thanks for your interest - good luck the rest of the way.
  5. I rarely post anymore but ............ dude your a troll - plain and simple.
  6. Ok - that explanation of the Litho's makes sense ............... excuse the sarcastic comments - the boss at my day job brings it out in me and I had a day full yesterday. 97 - I got dibs on the Wesley and O'Neil Litho's if they are not promised already. It appears I have problems with my PM's - e-mail me at wdavid64@excite.com and we will work out the details. I still need Francis and Brindy ....... if anyone has them and would like to part with them please e-mail me at the above addy or post here.
  7. quote - i think they gave away brinds with the cup at the first game, because how could you get the banner raising one at the door of the first game, if the banner wasnt even raised yet? I dunno, someone has 8 lithographs and they only have made 6 so almost anything is possible it appears.
  8. Wow I'm impressed ....... you have 2 more than they actually made and the 6th one is not even out yet.
  9. I think the one you are missing is Wesley, might have an extra if i feel up to dealing with an ex to get it. I'm interested let me know the details if you get a hold of it - sorry I can't oblige with a Brindy one ........ I have no extras after selling off the few I did have.
  10. ^ Nope. I'm just looking info on the one I am missing .......... maybe Brindy,Francis or Wesley now. Already did an EBay search - no Lithographs listed at all.
  11. Brind'Amour with Cup is the best one of the series IMO. Brind'Amour with Cup and Banner Raising where given out at the first 2 home games last year - remember we had 2 season openers. Not sure the order but if memory serves that is the correct info. If not it might have been Brind'Amour night. EDIT - I am at a loss of how I missed one in the series to begin with.
  12. Told ya ........... Forslund was interviewed on 850 The Buzz Sunday morning. 850? I was all ready to give you credit for having an "inside source". I'd never post it if I did hear something from the inside ............. For me its not about what you hear, its more about who you hear it from. Anytime Forslund is on the radio I always make sure my distractions are minimal. And give 850 a little love - no one covers the Hurricanes like they do.
  13. Told ya ........... Forslund was interviewed on 850 The Buzz Sunday morning.
  14. You all are still talking about Cullen ..... If it happens, it happens this week or the Canes stand pat. NY will get a forward and defenceman along with a draft pick ..... per Forslund.
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