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  1. That upgrade thing sounds so easy. Some people simply cannot afford to do it. These individuals may have had the mini-plan since the first year of availability but have had to scrimp, pinch, sacrifice just to make the payment. Travel concerns are issues for some as it may be difficult to get to all games of a 12 but a 26 would be out of the question. Purchasing a plan and then selling off some tickets does not always work, either.
  2. Tickets are sold to Devil fans.
  3. Conspiracy? That would be tantamount to throwing games. Anyway, where was the conspiracy talk, in favor of the Canes, last season when the Canes were geting PP's often? Canes are getting outplayed.
  4. "And before you call us losers, take a look at 28 other NHL boards, especially the Caps board, and let us know if you see anyone else discussing Sidney Crosby and the Pens in a more derogatory way than you've seen here. " Like I have posted before-I don't associate with the Caps fans that are obnoxious and spew hate against other players. Anyway, reading anything on the Caps' board is a lesson in futility. If the league has proclaimed Crosby, or anyone else, to be the face of the league, get angry at the league. When people accuse Bettman, or the refs, of getting certain teams the cup, then that reeks of fixing games. (This is prevalent on this board) People with any brain power would know that is not the case in the NHL. This is disconcerting as fixing games is a heinous act which federal laws prohibit and if anyone really thinks the league is fixing games, they are misguided.
  5. Nol, I don't care who has the cup and how they carry the cup. Do not assume that I do. I wouldn't waste my time deciding who is the better cup holder. Why the Crosby bashing on this board? Every little thing he does is treated like some sort of crisis. He is just a NHL player with skill. Now, some posters include Mario into the mix. Why? That's what losers do. Find fault with individuals who are better than them. Or, in this case, players that swept a team out of the playoffs. Handily. Pens are a good team-the proof is in the final series. Crosby did not do a whole lot and missed almost the entire third period of game 7 and they still hung on. Canes are a good team, also.
  6. "BTW, our "getting the cup" is way better than Pittsburgh's. Brindy with that stomping kiss on the cup, compared to Sidney's "WHHEEEEEE" cup lift.... doesn't even compare." What? Yes, all celebrations should be just like Brindy's. If anyone doesn't comply, the Cup will be taken away. The NHL will have Rod at all games where the Cup may be decided so he can hoist it properly. WHO CARES???
  7. "Fleury (luckiest goaltender on the planet) " Really? How so? Two finals in two years is more than luck.
  8. My Caps fans? Wrong, some of the Cap fans are just as obnoxious as any group and I don't want to be near them.. They don't belong to me. Red Out? Who cares where it started, I think it is cool no matter who does it and not really concerned as to who did it first. Anyway, Pens have been using the song for years and isn't it included on a some of those "Jock Jams" collections?
  9. Upset with Malkin? How about upset with the league for allowing these actions. He, as a lot of players will do, is simply doing what he is allowed to do.
  10. And Walker's. Cough cough cough
  11. Lucic's goal was not luck. He was in position, because he was working to get there, the puck bounced to him and he directed it to his skate and scores. Give the guy some credit. Recchi's goal-he was in position by working to get there and stay there. If someone wants to blame luck, then the Canes have plenty of it, also.
  12. Whatever you say. (People were "called out" in the wild west. not these days) We both can agree, with a high degree of certainity, that no Canes' fan would do what this guy did.
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