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  1. Just wanted to share our "copycat" threats: Friday here in Fort Myers, Florida one of our high schools was put on lockdown and ALL schools in Lee Co. were on hightened security. The treat made against the high school was "Anyone seen wearing burgandy and orange (VT colors) will be shot" (my mother informed me that she was wearing those colors - but teaches at another high school). Luckily they found the threat to not be creditable. Not only that but there was also a bomb threat at one school and at another a student brought a BB gun to school.
  2. Welp, our boys will be playing the Texas Wildcatters. We had all hoped that it would have gone to 5 games, but no such luck.
  3. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at VT. Now for my opinion (and you know what they say about them.....just like a**holes, everyone has one). I think there will be plenty of lawsuits for this. The gunman was still on the loose so the campus should have been put on lockdown. I don't care if you THINK he is off campus, those students should have been protected with every means possible......even if it means making a few students mad cause their day was thrown off. Now to address the quote..... Univesity of Texas at Austin Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941
  4. Glad you are ok and that it was not later in the day. My mother knows one of the students there (thankfully he too is OK). My family's thoughts and prayers are with everyone there at VT. 7 schools around the country were on lockdown for periods of time today due to threats. 1 or more mentioning what happened at VT. http://www.comcast.net/news/national/index..._univbombscares
  5. I've seen the whirlpool one (ice) and the bench one and laughed my butt off! The first time my husband saw the bench one he said "yeah that would be me too". And I agree, soccer is a lot like hockey. My daughter started soccer this spring and going to the hockey games REALLY helped her. Plus I could say "You don't see Zanc (her FAVE Everblade) stopping do you? He goes after the puck, don't be afraid - just get in there!" She is 7 btw.
  6. yeah they do don't they Luckily they guys will get a whole week off to rest before they have to play again where as whomever they play won't, so that is VERY good for us!
  7. Bek-Everblades


    First off, Jesse Jackson needs to mind his own buisness. If it was a black man saying those things about the team, NOBODY would have blinked their eyes. I don't consider myself racist because I hate everyone equally lol Like it has already been said, "rappers" disrespect women in 99% of their songs so what is the difference? Secondly, what happened to freedom of speech? I thought that was something that our constitution gave us...did they change this without telling us?
  8. SATURDAY NIGHT......Game 2 goes to the Blades in a 7-2 SPANKING!!!!!!! AWESOME game, the Checkers are VERY dirty players! So far we are up to atleast 2 guys with stitches due to the dirty fighting. KWal was awesome tonight!!!!!!! Checkers pulled their goalie, Holt, and put in the back up during the 2nd period......OUCH
  9. Everblades had a GREAT night last night! They trounced the Ice Pilots 9-0! I actually fell asleep during it because I was so exhausted. Every time I would wake up, they had scored another goal or 2. Glad the Blades are holding down first again! As for Reggie Berg, he is now the all time leading scorer for the Everblades!
  10. This is my first season. I won tickets from one of the radio stations and after my first game, I was ready to buy season tickets. I wish the season was just starting though.
  11. In defense of my boys, they had a long and hard road trip. They played 3 teams in 3 cities in 3 days. In 10 days, they played 7 games. Now, last nights game at home, they spanked Columbia 7 - 3. :mrgreen: Jamie Holden was signed to the Everblades to back up KWal and then KWal got called up to you guys. In the 2 home games before the road trip, we had Peters play 1 night and Jamie played the 2nd night. Then Jamie went on the road trip as our #1 goalie. He has been coaching for the past year. Coach gave the guys 2 days off and it really helped. They came back Friday night looking great! Last night showed why we are holding down #1 currently! LETS GO BLADES!!!!
  12. Thank you Carolina! Granted his first game back didn't go well.....*sigh*
  13. We have Jamie Holden who is pretty good. Still, can't wait for KWal to come home to us! Especially since Shantz is out still. Without KWal, so far we are 1-2 (Peters and Holden being goalies - Holden getting the win). HURRY HOME KWAL!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :!:
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