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  1. down goes usc. only scoring 13 points against washington. very surprising.
  2. I remember a few seasons ago, you could purchase tickets through ticketmaster.com for $10.75 when 107.5 was a sponsor. I wish they could arrange it so the special could be used online.
  3. notre dame vs. michigan state -- a must-win for the irish or else weiss' hot seat is going to be upgraded to super-freakin-red-hot...
  4. the panthers should've signed someone that would put some pressure on delhomme to step it up. i guess when it comes down to it, there really aren't that many quality quarterbacks out there that could possibly be signed. i initially thought that the panthers might look at tarvaris jackson from minnesota. i had heard that he was looking for a possible trade. i know that he isn't pro-bowl material but at least he has the athleticism to escape pressure.
  5. i don't know if anyone has posted any updates on the condition of kaberle -- i was looking at espn's box-score for the st. louis game, and they had him listed as a scratch with a "broken leg"??? was the injury that severe???
  6. i guess all that talk about toronto possibly getting a second nhl franchise is supporting by those forbes numbers. with the economy in the state that it's in, it will be difficult for carolina to bring up those numbers. does anyone know how this year's attendance (so far) compares with last year's???
  7. Man, sweet video. That's enough to get a Caniac's blood flowing! Can't wait to see the puck drop on opening night!
  8. Let me know if you have any luck finding a site that offers it because I was hoping to get a customized jersey from the team web-site as well. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to setting that up yet.
  9. Of all the players out on the ice, LaCouture was clearly the one that really wanted to impress the coaches, and he did just that. Like some others have said, I also expected Eaves to really step up, but that wasn't the case at all. During an interview with Tripp, Eaves said that he was glad to be back at 100%. He clearly wasn't giving 100% out on the ice.
  10. 1. Crosby 2. Ovechkin 3. Zetterburg 4. Lecavalier 5. Iginla 6. Malkin 7. Thornton 8. Gaborik 9. Datsyuk 10. Kovalchuk 11. Kopitar 12. Staal 13. Heatley 14. St. Louis 15. Toews Toews may seem like a bit of a stretch - but he's got a ton of potential. It'd be nice to see Chicago make some noise this year in the West.
  11. I have an old Greensboro Monarchs hockey puck that I'd be willing to part with.
  12. Is Melichar playing the red/white scrimmage? I can't stream it on my computer, but I was talking to a friend that saw #22 on the ice???? If so, how has he played???
  13. I recently saw a pic of Gleason wearing #6. I think the pic was from the ceremony unvealing the new 3rd jersey.
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