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  1. Contacted my ticket rep, and it was not a problem to put my payment plan on pause. My ticket rep is actually always been fantastic. I have already made 5 of the 10 payments. Wish I had asked sooner. Thanks wxray1 and remkin for letting me know this was an option.
  2. wxray1 - Thank you so much for the information. A payment pause sounds like a great option. I want to keep my tickets for when we can attend games again. However, I hate to put out so much money for something that unfortunately might not happen.
  3. Since it looks unlikely there will be fans in attendance for start of 2020-2021 season, has anyone talked to their season ticket rep regarding payments that are being made every month for season tickets. I hate paying for something that is looking more and more unlikely to happen. Just wondering if anyone has heard from their tickets reps.
  4. I sent you a dm. I do have extras for you.
  5. I am a season ticket holder, and I have some extra free caniac carnival tickets that are available. Please DM if you are interested.
  6. I am a full season ticket holder, and I was told I can get printed tickets if I contact my season ticket holder rep. He would then contact the box office to print out. Reach out to your rep. My husband uses some tickets for clients who prefer a printed ticket.
  7. **SOLD** I have 2 seats in Lower Level Center Ice Section 120, Row Z (aisle) available for the Winnipeg Jets game on Sunday, 3/4/18. Selling for $45 each - $90 total. Gate Price is $146 each. I can meet in person with hard tickets or transfer from my season ticket holder account. You can contact me via private message or on this board.
  8. General Parking Pass for the Carolina Hurricanes versus the New Jersey Devils on Sunday, 2/18/18. Selling for $10. Contact via PM if interested. Can meet in person or transfer from my season ticket holder account.
  9. **SOLD** I have an extra general and premier parking pass for the Saturday, 2/10/18 Canes vs Colorado game. The general pass is $10 and the premier pass is $15. I can meet in person with parking pass or transfer from my season ticket holder account. Send PM if interested.
  10. As a full season ticket holder in center ice, I have to say I do feel a bit "screwed over". Eleven games is 25 percent of the season! Vouchers to bring friends and family are nice, but they don't help my pocketbook. I would have preferred, in addition to vouchers, a dollar amount or a percentage discount off my renewal for next year. I also hope STH prices will be down across the board next season. I love the enthusiasm for filling the arena. I also have no problem offering discounts to the general public to accomplish this. I just wish they had taken better care of the people who have stuck by them. They also need to be careful with pricing. Once you offer these kind of prices (now on two occasions this season), people will come to expect them. If they are planning on severely reducing season ticket prices for next season, I guess that won't be a problem.
  11. I have a pair in center ice Section 120, Row Q, seats 1 & 2 (aisle) with a general parking pass super discounted for tonight's game (12/2/17). Selling for $55 each - $110 total including free general parking pass. Gate is $160 each and parking is $20 arena. Send PM if interested.
  12. It is fine to have a few discounted games throughout the year, but as a season ticket holder too many of them is a "slap in the face" to the season ticket holders who have paid higher prices. I have always thought that they should consider reducing season ticket holder prices across the board (not just a section or two). Make a real effort to increase the season ticket holder base. The model they have been using for past seasons has obviously not worked in increasing the number of season ticket holders. This would also keep season ticket holders from being resentful when they do offer promotions to the general public. The Canes management's line has always been that the fans won't mind paying these prices if the product on the ice gets better. It certainly will increase a bit. However, I still maintain the prices are too high for this market.
  13. Still no tickets. At this rate, Santa Claus will deliver them.
  14. Still no season ticket delivery. Is there a prize for the last sth to receive tickets?
  15. Contacted my ticket rep to obtain status and tracking number. He said they are on the truck and out for delivery, but provided no tracking number. Not sure what you mean by "self-inflicted delay".
  16. They sure take our money quick though.
  17. I have still not received my season tickets. To say I am annoyed is an understatement.
  18. Yes, I am getting hard copy tickets. I understand that might take a bit longer, but they are cutting it a bit close for comfort.
  19. Count me as another STH that has yet to receive her tickets/parking. I contacted my rep, and I was told I would receive them by the end of the week. Lets just say - I am not happy. I have quite a few season tickets, and I need to hand deliver the preseason games to others who will be using them as I will not be available to go to those games (the first of which is next Wednesday). I know that I can transfer them, but I am finding most people (my husbands clients) would much prefer the hard copy versus the mobile copy - another change that I am not very happy about. I also do not like the fact that they made the announcement of the mobile transfers well after I had made my decision on adding extra tickets to my account. Would have been nice to have that information much earlier as I am sure they knew this was in the works. Makes my life much more difficult as I am sure it does for others. I am a season ticket holder since 2001 with a large account, and I certainly am not feeling appreciated.
  20. Yes - poor attendance is related to poor performance. However, the situation is made worse because of the low season ticket holder base - which is definitely affected by price.
  21. Even if some of the tickets on stubhub are brokers, one of the main points is still valid. The Canes rightly should offer a discount to brokers who are buying in bulk, but why did they insist on increasing prices for their valued (ha!ha!) season ticket holder base. They could have passed along some savings to us also. I know the product is bad, but they could have possibly created some buzz if they restructured the pricing in a positive way for the consumer. I also feel bad as Manwolf mentioned for the players. Has to be a real downer to be playing in front of so few fans. Also does not create a fun atmosphere for fans. Many people say they don't like paying these prices for such a bad product. However, I think the prices have become so inflated even if the product on the ice was better, we would still be overpaying. The prices are just not in line with the market.
  22. It is so interesting that this topic came up because I have noticed the stub hub trend starting about 2 weeks ago. I have a full season, and I don't attend all of the games. I have some regular buyers plus I will post on stub hub occasionally. At the beginning of the year, it was no problem. However, I have noticed recently the amount of tickets has increased and the prices have dropped. Some of the tickets are surely from STH's like myself as well as brokers, but lots of the tickets are in huge blocks (as much as 14 seats in a row) for several rows and sections at super low prices. STH's cannot sell at some of the prices these tickets are posted at. I don't even think brokers will take some of these hits. I understand as a STH you are going to lose money on most games. However, what they are doing is just wrong. I truly believe it is the organization trying to make at least some money. I have been a season ticket holder for over 15 years and this practice (if it is true) is maddening. If you were going to do this, why did you not just drop season ticket holder prices for renewals and new customers instead of raising them to ridiculous prices. You would have helped out your new and renewing STH's. I think they just realized (a little late) that they really messed up with the new prices, and are trying to get anything they can.
  23. Premier Gold Parking Pass available for the Carolina Hurricanes vs LA Kings on Sunday, 11/22/15. Selling for $15 cash payment. (Value is $30). Contact via PM if interested.
  24. Premier Gold Parking Pass available for the following Canes games. Hurricanes vs Minnesota - 11/12/15 Hurricanes vs Philadelphia - 11/14/15 Hurricanes vs Toronto - 11/20/15 Selling for $20 cash payment each. (Value - $30) Premier Gold Parking Pass allows easy in/out of arena with dedicated entrance and exit lane. *** ALL PASSES HAVE SOLD**
  25. Tickets Have Sold. Two (2) seats together in Lower Level Center Ice Section 120, Row Y for the Carolina Hurricanes vs Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday, 1/13/15. Selling for $55 each - $110 cash payment total including Free General Parking Pass ($15 Value). Gate Price is $144 each. Please contact via PM if interested.
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