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  1. If this is the same one from the past couple of years I want in. Ill4hockey was my yahoo team.
  2. Im starting to see more and more we arent a desired destination for most free agents. Wings just signed weiss.
  3. Just bought my tickets for this. 30$ three rows from the glass behind the goal isnt too bad. Im waiting to hear if they are gonna do some sort of fanfest. I read somewhere they were gonna try and do some kind of public outreach thing.
  4. Chad is (most likely) a huge locker room presence. He's effective on the PK and when the WHOLE team is lacking energy, he brings it. Im glad he resigned. He's the kind of pesky player all teams need.
  5. Not sure how I feel about the Boucher signing. Edit: Actually after looking at the contract details, for the money, its not too bad.
  6. WOW! I thought the original deal for Jagr was 2 mil for 1 season. I think even that is overpaying.
  7. Id like to see Ty Conklin as our backup. Not sure how much money he'd want though.
  8. Im happy about this signing. He truly does play with all he's got when he's out there. And I know my wife will be happy.
  9. Caught it! Chad did an AWESOME Chuck Kaiton impression.
  10. I too wish they would have picked the teams earlier. I guess people AT the game can get whatever color their player plays for right after. Sucks for those of us who maybe cant be there. (although im optimistic)
  11. If i remember correctly, Gleason was wearing the "A" for one of these recent games.
  12. ill4mation

    Game 6 Towels

    I have an extra towel and game card for trade.
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