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  1. If this is the same one from the past couple of years I want in. Ill4hockey was my yahoo team.
  2. Im starting to see more and more we arent a desired destination for most free agents. Wings just signed weiss.
  3. Just bought my tickets for this. 30$ three rows from the glass behind the goal isnt too bad. Im waiting to hear if they are gonna do some sort of fanfest. I read somewhere they were gonna try and do some kind of public outreach thing.
  4. Chad is (most likely) a huge locker room presence. He's effective on the PK and when the WHOLE team is lacking energy, he brings it. Im glad he resigned. He's the kind of pesky player all teams need.
  5. Not sure how I feel about the Boucher signing. Edit: Actually after looking at the contract details, for the money, its not too bad.
  6. WOW! I thought the original deal for Jagr was 2 mil for 1 season. I think even that is overpaying.
  7. Id like to see Ty Conklin as our backup. Not sure how much money he'd want though.
  8. Im happy about this signing. He truly does play with all he's got when he's out there. And I know my wife will be happy.
  9. Caught it! Chad did an AWESOME Chuck Kaiton impression.
  10. I too wish they would have picked the teams earlier. I guess people AT the game can get whatever color their player plays for right after. Sucks for those of us who maybe cant be there. (although im optimistic)
  11. If i remember correctly, Gleason was wearing the "A" for one of these recent games.
  12. ill4mation

    Game 6 Towels

    I have an extra towel and game card for trade.
  13. No problem guys, I was just happy to help some fellow caniacs out! Enjoy!
  14. Got my tickets last night, 1st game of the 1st round. I cant wait!
  15. I wear the same white shirt underneath my jersey until we lose and then I switch. Ive been wearing the same white shirt for 8 games now and I aint changing a thing. I also have left my Canes flag (house flag) up since we started the _ _ _ streak. I may have to TRY and grow a playoff beard. Ive never had a beard before and it would be a good excuse to try and see what it would look like.
  16. MAN, I could NOT have said it better myself. Thats EXACTLY what I think of Ovie.
  17. YES, check your pms please.
  18. Very nice! Your setup is similar to mine in that I have my shelves hung the same way. Here are a few pics. In this picture we see Hurricanes Mouse pad, pennants, and signed poster from the 05-06 team. I dont have all the signatures but its signed by Cam Ward, Eric Cole, Lavi, Commodore, Justin Williams, Rod, Larose, Staal, and Wesley. Here's a closer look at said poster. Above is the "Origin of the Species" plague, 2 signed Cam Ward pics, and yes, those are Harry Potter snowglobes, one from each house. Here is a pic of my signed Rod puck, bottle of "Ten", and yes, that is a Carolina Hurricanes DISC GOLF DISC. Here is a shot of a ticket signed by Chad Larose. I met him at a gas station on the VERY last day before I moved here to Hickory. What are the chances of that? Here's a shot of the whole shelf, Ron Francis Figurine, Staal figurine, All four figures from last year, 10 year patches, pom pom things from Slugs playoff game in 06, etc. And here's another ramdom pic for the road. The room isnt done yet. We JUST moved here like 3 weeks ago so this is just the start.
  19. Hence why its not always the best thing to have alot of Canes players....
  20. I played with you guys last year too and was hoping someone would set something up. I joined the league and Im ready to rumble. *I think I came in 3rd last year.....
  21. I just moved to Hickory and I wear my Ward, Staal, and various other cane shirts all the time. Also have a license plate on the front of my car and a Frame for the back plate (havent gotten an actual Canes plate yet, but I am). Im also on the lookout for a small flag to put out front of our townhouse and when the season starts Ill of course wear my jerseys for ALL the games, including the ones I dont go to.
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