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  1. Does anyone really think that Karmanos thinks fans are happy about the season?!?!? Do you think he is??!?!? Let's be real
  2. Last time this franchise had fans who decided not to show up to voice displeasure, they woke up to find their team moved in the middle of the night. Let's be real the team is struggling and not making any money. There are plenty of cities who will support the team financially no matter what. Do we want the team gone so we can cry like the whalers fans about how they betrayed us and moved since we didn;t offer them support?
  3. Mo used to that with Irbe too, not that we had great backup at the time, but he seems to treat him like a Brodeur. He may be someday, but he just doesn;t seem to be ready for it. I agree, give Leighton a shot. I thought for sure we would see him Thursday after those SOFT goals.
  4. Unfortunately we all know people would put alchohol into their "non-alchoholic" drinks. I fyou compare to MLB, most stadiums have double the capacity as the Canes, plus HUGE TV contracts, and they pay a TON more for tickets. Just ask the Met fans who were paying 7grand for bad season ticket last year and their next year bill has gone up to $19,000!!!!! How's that for a price increase. The point I am trying to make is you can't compare what they do to us, since they have $$$$ coming in from areas that the organization can only dream of.
  5. Gretzky was interviewed yesterday and said Eric worried him, a good player in a slump is always a threat. But he added that Eric was still doing all the little things on the ice which make him dangerous. He felt he was still playing well and his goals would be coming.
  6. Looks like his Dad in town gave him a boost! HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!
  7. I notced the same thing, I was in 334 and it was super quiet. It made me feel a little removed from the action
  8. Sorry, did not see the old post about him being given a shot.....
  9. It was definitely a good while later and Cole shrugged him off saying it should have come sooner. I think it just felt insincere(sp?) I like the way he plays, but I just would have a hard time rooting for him.
  10. I don't know if it were me and I only had 2-5 years left, I think I'm trying to bank as much as cash as I can. He has to worry about where his $$$ is coming from when he retires. I doubt I would give a "home town discount", unless it were something more like Samsonov, where he just wasn't fitting in other places.
  11. Free Tix can make sense for the long term sustainability of the franchise. It accomplishes a few things, one it can hopefully develop fans that previously were either disinterested in hockey or didn't know anything about it. (You know the whole "You'll know when you go" ad campaign) It also takes what would have been an empty seat on TV or in the paper (attendance listings) and fills it, which creates an artficial demand. "The Canes sold out last few weeks, I need to go". The other thing I think so many people overlook is how much jack people spend when they are there, especially when the ticket was free. If they have 2000 empty seats and decide to give those away, let's say half of them pay for parking $8000. All 2000 buy $20 worth of food and drink (I think that is low but some will buy none) that's another 40k plus I can't tell you how many times I have brought someone for work purposes (non fans never been to a game) that buy merchandise for their kids or themselves just because "I didn't have to pay for my ticket". I know I am rambling, but I think it makes sense to give away tickets instead of having empty seats. Having said that, it is a fine line to not get people to expect it forever. \ On a different note---I think the organization has done the most important thing in shoring up the long term sustainabilty in the market. They have done a phenomonal (sp?)job in developing youth hockey in the market. These kids who play hockey, go to the games with their parents (youth hockey night discounts) will grow up to be season ticket holders and corporate sponsors. I said it before and I will say it again, I sure wish we were still playing right now <_<
  12. That's what I was thinking but just could not remember. Thanks! Man I wish we were still playing!
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