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  1. I'm sure that most, if not all, the people that read this post aren't going to care about it at all, but I also felt it was time this was said. Unfortunately, this board has become nothing but chaos lately with the amount of arguing, posting the same subjects over and over again, and everyone suddenly thinking they're better at JR and Lavi's job than either of them can ever be. This board used to be a fun place to come and discuss hockey with other fans, etc. but it is not like that any longer, and that is unfortunate. I apologize to Marcus, fightin, 300 and all the other mods on here because I know they are basically powerless with this new software, and can do almost nothing about what is going on here as of late. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and yes, I realize that I do not HAVE to come here and read what goes on, but as I said, I used to enjoy it, so that is why I continued to come here and hope that this would all stop, but it hasn't. I'm tired of reading 5 or more different threads on why we should trade Tanabe, I'm tired of every day it being a new player that we throw under the bus as to the reason we aren't having the season we all feel we should be, and the double and triple posting of some is completely out of hand. For the games in MTL and Boston, Cam was a God and then he had a bad game against the Wild and now JG should be our #1 goalie. Yes, I am aware that Cam is not having a stellar season, and I too wish he was more consistent, but the constant flip-flopping that goes on drives me up the wall. Rosey is being attacked now too when many nights he's the only one out there giving us his all. Should we praise our team even when they are playing horribly? Absolutely not! But jumping on and off the wagon the way some on here do is ridiculous, I’m sorry. And yes, I do wonder sometimes what JR and Lavi are thinking with the decisions they make, but I trust in the fact that they have their jobs and I don’t for a reason. Maybe I’m alone in thinking all this and if I am, that’s fine because I’m entitled to my opinion just like the rest of you are. It’s just not enjoyable coming on here anymore for me, and so I’m not going to. I’m sorry that it had to come to this.
  2. I'm sorry but I have to agree that this was not a good move on Babchuk's part. Yes it stinks that he had to be sent down but somebody had to and this was the route they had to take right now. If your boss tells you to do something, you do it whether it's the best assignment or not. You can't just refuse to do your job and expect no repercussions.
  3. wardo-30

    New Mask

    Yeah, the cross is in memory of his grandfather so they'll never be a mask of his without that on there.
  4. wardo-30

    New Mask

    Yes he does have a cross on this one as well. They showed a few glimpses of the back last night and the cross is on the left side, the number 30 is on the right side and in the middle is the Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes flag on it.
  5. The French feed is the only feed for this game that CI is carrying tonight.
  6. She got my vote as well. That little girl is amazing!
  7. A. Ward was there as well and so was Gerber and Whitney was there as well. On WRAL.com they have a video and at the end you can see everyone else as he goes through and shakes all their hands.
  8. NO!! you like cam??? haha :wink: I know that's almost as shocking as you picking Kipper! :wink:
  9. LMAO!!! :mrgreen: that cracked me up Mike! My 3 Canes for this thread are Cam first of course, and Justin and JG
  10. I don't know if anyone saw it yet but on the CH.com page under the Game Day card, it says that neither team is expected to conduct a morning skate. Just wanted to put that information out there so anyone thinking of going today knew.
  11. What Andrew told you is true Catherine. I was watching that game and when it went to shoot out time, all the players started turning their helmets backwards and the announcers said that's something the Bruins just started doing. They call them rally helmets and all the players that aren't shooting in the shoot out do it. Silly? Yes it is but that's why they have them on like that in the picture.
  12. For that no goal I believe it was FL possession of the puck because Auld got a stick on it prior to Ladd getting it and shooting it in the net. It was hard to see but the FL coverage got a nice shot of it that they showed right after.
  13. UGH!! These guys are horrid and I agree with you! I think saying Cole is an embarrassment to the Canes uniform and to the NHL is a bit unnecessary. Try being just a little bit unbiased, would you? :roll:
  14. When is she comin' back? I believe she told me the 8th but Hoyle's correct, she drove so if they hit traffic or anything it could change the date.
  15. I'm with Melinda on this one. The things that come out of Tripp's mouth during a game just crack me up and John's reactions are even better. It's like a dad with a little kid that he just can't control sometimes! lol
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