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  1. Aw man... that is so sad, :[ Thoughts and prayers go to the family.
  2. I voted Corvo's hat trick, :] I was at the game, which made it even 10 times better.
  3. The worst weekend EVER. The Canes lost, the Tarheels lost and all on my birthday, too. And to make it worse, I have to go to church tomorrow and endure the never ending taunts from all my State and Duke friends... fun fun. <_<
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    I'm Bored

    I'll try to find some... These are my favorites...
  5. Same here. My dad told me he got injured that game, and we even went to it. I didn't see anything, he didn't see anything, I don't think anyone saw it. Man, poor Tanabe. I've had a concussion before, not fun. But when they're as bad as his, yikes.
  6. Get well really soon, Roddy!! You're such a big part of this team and it's hard to see you out for awhile. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  7. Haha, I've never gotten one. Heh.
  8. What a horrible way to end the weekend... the Pats lose and I have 3 HUGE tests the next day... not cool...
  9. Ooooooh, well that explains it. I have a beagle/ chihuahua mix (yea I know, pretty weird mix) but anyway, I had a jumbo Hershey's bar lying on the counter and when I came back from church, I found that he had jumped on the counter and eaten the whole bar!!! I was expecting him to get extremely sick, but even a few hours later, he was perfectly fine!! I thought he was some sort of a miracle dog, but what you said explains everything!!
  10. You and me both. I'm so sick of what little snow we get!! And we always seem to get less than what the weather man predicts, why can't we get more than predicted?? Just once...
  11. We have just enough snow so that it covers the grass with a very thin layer. Which makes me mad cause I had a church retreat this weeked that got canceled cause they thought it was going to snow more than this... boooo. Man, I want more snow!! I wish we could get that 3 feet of snow we got a few years ago. Now that was fun.
  12. I do understand where you're coming from. I mean, I'm a Tarheel fan for life, but I am so not any of the things you listed, but I do know many Tarheel fans that are. They strut around saying "UNC is the best" "Your team sucks!!" and so on and so forth. They are too proud of their team. I mean, it's good to be proud, don't get me wrong, but don't rub it in peoples faces that your team is #1 in the nation. One thing I also noticed, is that alot of my Tarheel friends, come game time, say stuff like, "Why even play the game?? You guys are gunna lose anyway!!" and all that crap to the other team. I mean, it's good to be competitive, but that is over the top, IMO. Because you get so proud and you think nothing can go wrong, and then something does go wrong (say Carolina, or whoever your team is, loses. Then you'll feel so stupid that you made your friends, who are fans of the other team feel like crap, then their team comes back and kick your teams butt. I know from experience what happens when you do that, and it doesn't feel good. I know that last paragraph had nothing to do with your original post, but I just had to vent. Oh, and sorry if you don't really understand what I said, I'm really bad at putting my thoughts into words, haha.
  13. Haha, you're not the only one!! I literally thought my dad was going to chew his fingers off!!
  14. Wayne Ellington = love. That's all I can say. When the ball was in the air, I was kinda thinking, "Eh, I don't know if that's gunna go in... it's over... we lost...": then it went it and wow... I probably jumped about 5 feet in the air. That was a GREAT game. We didn't play too well till the end, but oh well, it's a win and that's all that counts. Oh, and the refs, so not a fan of them
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