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  1. If anyone has an extra ticket to sell for Casino Night on Sunday, please let me know asap. Thanks!
  2. Hello boys and girls! Today we'll learn how to be nice to our friendly neighborhood hockey fans...
  3. Why isn't Whitney playing on the first line? It seems like there was so much tampering with lines on Saturday that they couldn't get anything going. Whitney, Brind'Amour, Williams was our top scoring line last year...Why mess with a good thing?
  4. Went to the game earlier...had a few comments. Leighton actually made some good saves and was keeping the Caps pretty frustrated. They had a bunch of good chances that he didn't let get by him. If Grahame had been in, I think the score would have been more like 5-2. Leighton does get way out of position sometimes, but I think he really has a good sense of where the puck is most of the time, whereas in Crackers' case, it seems like he is floundering a lot without really knowing where the puck is. I think Leighton will be great if he learns not to get so far out of position on occasion. He also managed to kill a bunch of PP's. I thought he looked pretty good, overall. Too many sloppy and stupid penalties on the guys' part. Lavi had Brindy, Willie, Cole, Cullen, and Stiller on the PP with (if I remember correctly) Cullen on the point, Rod and Cole around the crease, and Justin and Stiller around the circles. I thought Borer was looking pretty good on D...He was really working on shutting down AO, and they managed to do that pretty well, I thought. A couple of other things...Walker checked someone into the boards in front of the bench and wound up going over completely horizontally and almost taking out half the guys on the bench. It looked like he almost had a strike....Roddy almost took his own head off in warmups when he fired a puck off the goalpost that deflected right back at his bare head. He moved about an inch out of the way, and the guy behind me said "I think he took some hair off with that one." We were sitting right on the glass behind the bench and we could see one of the equipment guys constantly running back to put gloves on the dryer. I guess the new uniforms really are giving them problems with wetness. At one point, Justin had his skate off, gloves off, and socks pulled up with his leg pads hanging out (to dry, I'm guessing?). My son got a real thrill when Wally wadded up Justin's leg tape and threw it at him. He brought it home as a souvenir...lol...with an official game puck that Wally gave him at the end of the game. He also got a real kick out of Justin...when he saw my son's foam finger he winked at him, nodded, and gave him the thumbs up...then proceeded to score a goal. I love this team! Win or lose, they're a great bunch of guys---players and staff alike. I just hope they remember how to get that third period energy going earlier in the game. I think it'll be a good year...
  5. LMAO!!! And Don't Forget...."The Future is in Your Hand!" :wink:
  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! Drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey...that always does a body good. Hope you feel better soon!
  7. Did you mean Joe Montana??? :wink: Or were you talking about the character from Scarface? lol Joe Montana and Dwight Clark...now that was some great football! And with a name like Gretzky, who needs a first name??? To think an "educator" would be so uninformed...hmmph!
  8. Speaking of KISS....here's a funny photo for ya: That's Flyer's assistant coach, Craig Berube as Gene Simmons, ESPN/Versus commentator, Keith Jones as Paul Stanley, an unidentified Peter Criss, and our Dear Captain as Ace Frehley (back in the ol' Flyer days). :lol:
  9. Wow! Had to go back a ways.... :wink: Cheap Trick The Who (4) The Who/Santana/The Clash Pete Townshend Eurythmics Elvis Costello (2) B-52's (2) Red Hot Chili Peppers (2) The Buzzcocks Goo Goo Dolls Tony Bennett U2/The Police/Peter Gabriel Ice-T & Body Count GWAR Special Beat Iggy Pop (3) Bob Dylan Social Distortion Julian Lennon (2) NRBQ Ween Circle Jerks Jerry Garcia Henry Rollins Neil Young/Sonic Youth Billy Squier/Def Leppard Les Paul (3) Ray Charles Johnny Thunders/Nudeswirl Bad Brains/Living Color Rush Bela Fleck & the Flecktones The Cramps Steven Tyler Ladysmith Black Mambazo Paul Simon Toots and the Maytals Steel Pulse
  10. I just called to get a ticket to Casino Night and they told me that they are all sold out. :( If anyone has an extra ticket, I would love to purchase it! Please let me know as soon as possible, if any are available. Thanks!
  11. If it's good enough for the Captain....
  12. Glad I could give everyone a chuckle... My kids and I couldn't resist when we saw the photo 300 posted. We thought it was funny, since Roddy already has the Hulk body! A little change of complexion, and voila! P.S. Caniac#1 --- no offense intended....this was in homage to Gipper or canesmojo, or whoever created the Colesmash original :wink:
  13. (Thanks to 300 and Gipper for the inspiration!) :wink: :lol: :lol:
  14. I agree,Ice Frog. I have been wondering why they have been wasting his talent by having him on the point instead of utilizing him around the net. You're right that most of his goals are scored on the rebound, by deflection, or using the wrap-around. I wish they would put someone else on the point and let him get back to what he does best. In any regard, I hope he gets some rest and lets his foot heal so he's back to 100%.
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