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  1. Yeah and the guy said Marc Staal at the beginning, and then changed to Eric Staal at the end, twice. People these days...
  2. Hahaha thats hilarious Marc didnt really fight him, just took off all his gear. But that team has some issues...one likes to score in his own goal, and the other fights like a girl.
  3. Ok so basically you are say that the guy that stepped up for our team when Rod was injured last season did not lead? He had the most points out of the team last season, and pretty much every game he made his presence known on the ice as a leader. He may not be the greatest on the ice right now, but lately he has been stepping it up. Eric is the future of this team, and its even been said by Rutherford that one day he will be captain. And then not to demote Rod or anything, because he is an amazing captain, but hes leading us, and hes at about a -21 right now. Ever since Eric hit the NHL, it was known that he could be a possible leader in the future.
  4. Staal or LaRose. I chose LaRose because hes been on fire lately.
  5. as to what hopper915 said, it sounded like he was there
  6. um wow, grow up much? if it was eric staal who was traded I would be the same way about missing him. So let them have their time, and get over it.
  7. alright then why dont you go get out there and sing it yourself. just because she has pride in singing it, and can hold notes, you dont need to hate her. and by the fans reactions in the arena every night, people love it. so next time dont come to the game until after the anthem if you cant stand her.
  8. I went today, and it was amazing! Lots of fun, just like every other time I'll post pictures soon. Buutttt... not to bring any negative stuff, and spark a whole new thing, but for anyone who was there, did you see Rod limping right after he finished? I was already done and watched him finish...and he limped from the parking lot to the doors and went inside, and he never returned. Does anyone know whats up?
  9. I am sooo glad that Rutherford finally got it done Yay Staal!
  10. wow i would have never guessed it was him he looks so different!
  11. its a philadelphia flyer #14 dont know who it is though
  12. The Phillips Arena is deff. neat! The way it is decorated and set up on the inside is pretty cool. We sat 5 rows off the ice, greatttt seats
  13. so if they are private ice rentals, are we allowed to come and watch them or are they keeping it just for them
  14. Haha yeah ive seen those before, they are pretty funny and interesting
  15. I think if its on FSN, then its not on Versus. But I could be wrong.
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