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  1. from branecky's write-up: "Although he essentially decided that Staal would be the next captain ofthe team several years ago, Rutherford said that his decision was onlyreinforced by how Staal handled the regime change behind the scenes." does that bother anyone but me? so jr essentially made that decision without waiting to see what kind of LEADER he might actually turn out to be? yeah, i know the penguins did the same thing and it's worked out pretty well for them...but even sid goes out there and puts it all on the ice every night. i don't see that from staal. and apparently a lot of other posters don't either. and i'm over reading excuses for his lack of effort. with all consideration and sympathy aside, everyone struggles with illness and death in their families and manages to carry on in their professional lives. i work for the state of north carolina, and we get 3 days mourning leave for the death of an IMMEDIATE family member. c'mon....that doesn't even include in-law's. so just please stop with the excuses...if he's hurt, he needs to stay off the ice until he's healed. you know, more times than not i get the feeling this team is being coached from jr's suite, not by the guys behind the bench. eh, i guess we all knew this was coming...and if it was inevitable, then now is as good a time as any. especially if we are going to see new a lot of faces on the team. and yeah, brindy is doing a good job of being positive...in exchange for the last year of his contract. what do you expect him to say? he is a class act...no doubt about that. so, to eric staal....i wish you well. i will try to support you as captain. i hope you have it in you. and as super-dave said: "i've got my eye on you, boy."
  2. what he said........ lots of folks keep bringing up staal's performance in '06 (FOUR seasons ago) and his play in the EFC's last year. all well and good, and yes he played like a superstar on those occassions, but the team needs him to play that way every game. to say he deserves the "C" with his lackluster and inconsistent play ... well, it's just undeserving. if i was a player on this team it would be hard for me to respect him as a potential leader for no other reason than he just doesn't put out 100%. "Watch him miss a shot, and he stands still and throws his head back in exasperation while the play has moved on. It is annoying." this is beyond annoying.... ever notice that when staal's parents are in the building, he seems to "play" with more emotion. last year's EFC game at home (and i don't remember which one...but they use the video during breaks on FSN sometimes) he scored a fabulous goal. instead of celebrating with his teammates, he skated away from the goal with his arms raised to the crown like he was royalty. that irks the c*** out of me every time i see it. and i think that's where he lost me as a supporter. for me, he is the definition of entitlement and arrogance. and i can't get past that. no, the "C" doesn't belong on even the superstar of any team...give it to the person the TEAM looks up to for support and the person who can inspire and motivate. that's what a leaders role should be. (wonder what would happen with a team vote? if brindy retires this year(please)...i'd say gleason or whitney would come out miles ahead.) i hope management can get beyond their "franchise player" mentality and do what will help our team recover from a miserable season and begin to rebuild.
  3. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote: canesfan06']I find myself feelin a little sorry for the guy. I like him just fine but he just hasn't produced like we needed him to. He hasn't been given much confidence here. I hope somebody does pick him up and I wish him well if he goes anywhere. I think this goes back to the coaching staff, if they don't have confidence in him then how will he have confidence in himself? Barasso is suppose to be fixing issues like that!! i like Leighton, too. seems like a really likable kid...but you can't "fix" what's not there. at some point someone just has to realize that maybe he isn't the right one for us. would he flourish with another team in the NHL? who knows....but it's a known fact that if he goes back to albany, he's going to get to play. and probably do really well. best of luck to him wherever he lands.
  4. [quote name='GreatsavebyGerber wrote: caniac-97']don't know for certain, we seem to have a passionate enough fan base to weather the storm ... I usually get to the arena two+ hours before puck drop, there was a time that the lot would be a third to half full but these days I am one of about six cars in my section. Thanks for the reply, c97. It's much appreciated. In general, the Ducks' fan base is nearly as passionate as the Canes', so lack of interest is definitely not the issue. Here, it's a matter of holding onto your last few bucks to -- quite literally -- pay for housing (rent or mortgage), groceries, and utilities. It's impossible to emphasize enough how badly folks here are hurting; I know several once-prosperous families who now visit their local food bank for their meals. Bottom line #1: If it's a choice between holding onto enough money for housing (I'm assuming that parents, if they're still alive, won't be able to offer you a room to live during the downturn) and spending your last dollars to see your favorite NHL club, the choice is obvious. Bottom line #2: Here's hoping my friends North Carolina are spared this downturn. It's ugly, worse than I can describe here in the context of these boards. Jan/GSBG P.S. If not for my meager commission-only job, at which I've earned barely $11K this year, Mr. GSBG and I would be on the streets. He's been unemployed since March, and we have no savings to help us out. maybe i'm in the minority too, but my lack of attendance has nothing to do with the win/loss...and everything to do with the $$$/living expenses. since last season, i have lost my job and my husband's income (self-employed and variable) is way off. in addition, i have one adult child back in the fold (no job) to support and another (no job) back in college and helping with living expenses. we used to try to make a game a month...but that won't be happening this season. i suspect many fans are in the same boat....so don't assume that just because we aren't there, we don't want to be. bottom line: i agree...rather have a team that finishes dead last than no team at all. let's hope next year will be better financially for all of us (fans and team).
  5. if CC does choose to not suspend him, then isn't he essentially over-riding the decision of the on-ice officials to assess OV a game misconduct....which establishes a pattern of dangerous play?
  6. [quote name='davidrabbit wrote: caniac247 wrote: KrazyCane'] http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Rampant-RumorEric-Staal-to-Oilers--Who-Could-Be-Headed-Back/1/24599 I know this is unlikely but who do you guys think we could get in return? Oh goody an Eklund rumor. First, Eklund reads message boards and takes a posters fantasy trade and cites it as a source. In this particular one, he sites Garth. Garth blogs for the Sabres and has no clue what he is talking about. Second, you don't go trading your Star Player and face of the franchise because you have 1 crappy season. That is suicide to the organization. Especially one that is 25 years old, has won the cup, and was also a good candiate for the Conn Smythe, and was an All Star MVP. Not to mention Staal is the type of player you build your team around. Third, Staal's name will be popping up in every Canes rumor. Think Vinny LeCavalier for the past 2 years. Trading Eric Staal now will do more harm to this organization. Something they can't afford to do, especially now.All very true, caniac247. But, to me, Cam Ward is the only (nearly) untradeable 'Cane. I've believed that for several seasons and still feel that way. This has nothing to do with having only 5 wins. I would consider any trade that would improve the team. I'd trade my Mom for a #2. It would have to be a high #2, of course, but if Toronto would pony up a #2 ... Mom's going to Canada. Here's another Eklund rumor ... Staal to Los Angeles in a blockbuster deal. LA actually has the resources to make this happen. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Could-Gomez-go-to-Florida-Kovalchuk-Update--Eric-Staal-could-be-LA-King/1/24633 looked to me last night that staal (and the rest of the team for that matter) was playing his heart out...maybe he DOES want to stay here and heard the wake-up call. he looked like the eric staal we had on our team in '06...great effort on his part, i have to give him that. problem is, we can't accept spurts of effort from anyone...especially our franchise player. (and i'm not just talking about this season when he has been playing "hurt"...and if indeed he was hurt early on whoever made that boneheaded decision to keep him on the ice ought to be strung up, whether it was mo or jr or ...?) if the kings are really looking to acquire a big center, and the pens aren't talking...eric might be their next best bet. but then again.......it's eklund.
  7. first off, no i don't have a direct line to eric staal (wish i did, i'd ask him what's up with this team)...but i watch him play, see the expressions on his face. he isn't showing that passion for the game that he has had in years past. he just doesn't seem "into" it...and i just don't FEEL any great chemistry between him and the rest of the team. it's just my observation...nothing to get excited about really. i also don't think for a minute that jr would trade him just to shake up the locker room. that would be immature and counter-productive. what i do see is that perhaps management might think that since the season is in the tank anyway, and we do have a group of older vets, perhaps now is the time to regroup...that doesn't happen overnight, or even in one season. so yeah, i think that might be one option that he would consider. and i don't think it's too far fetched to say that staal can play better/be more successful elsewhere...who knows?
  8. i said it before, i'll say it again...staal isn't happy here. there is NO chemistry between he and the other players. not even cole. he loses the puck every time he puts his stick on it. why not trade him somewhere he can be used to his best potential and get something to work with in return? franchise player? i think the name starts with brandon and ends with sutter. i'd be really disappointed to see corvo traded at this point. sure he has a horrible + / -, but he is also 3rd in the league for TOI. it's a given %-wise that the more you play, the more errors you make (unless you're crosby or boyle...both of who have teams that play well around them). the man is an absolute workhorse. this will be interesting to watch...no?
  9. i thought legace looked great in net tonight...altho his small height does make the net look wide open compared to cam. he had some key, timely saves and played like he is becoming more comfortable in his role for the team. anybody who caught his interview post-game with forslund and tripp would have to be amazed at his humility and how much credit he gave the TEAM. he repeatedly said that the defense played well...that the offense kept us in the game...that his great saves were "luck". clearly, this is a man who knows the meaning of teamwork and that, my friends, one of the things our beloved 'canes need right now. btw....so good to see our boys finally look like they are coming together and comfortable with each other.
  10. my first post this season...for what it's worth. i don't think staal acts like he enjoys playing here or wants to play here. i just don't "get" any on-ice chemistry between him and any of the other players...not even cole, who was supposed to be the perfect pairing for him. of course, he has lots of potential but it is never going to flourish here because he isn't happy. that is abundantly apparent. and apparently he has to be happy in order to perform, in spite of his mega-contract. or maybe, just maybe, he has peaked out and he just isn't going to be the superstar that the organization planned on him being. talk about personal frustration for him as a player and a person! j r has tried to build a team around one player and it's just not working. the whole pace of the game alters when staal is on the ice...and that results in a lot of turnovers on his part. whether that is his fault because of his size and long reach or the fact the others are out of synch with him, idk. i can't help but wonder about the comment j r made shortly after staal went out with his injury, to the effect that he made mistakes and he would have to take the responsibility for them and make adjustments. maybe mo wanted to rest staal (if he indeed did have a less serious upper body issue) but either staal or j r or both didn't want to interrupt his consecutive games played streak...who knows? if he was playing injured and the team suffered because of it....then who's decision was that? in any case, i, too hope he is 100% when he returns...he deserves the opportunity to play healthy and and find success again. there is no doubt in my mind that he will center the first line....and regardless of the slight build of sutter, he has more than overcome that with speed, agility and d-e-s-i-r-e. i hope he doesn't get lost in the mix. it's going to be interesting.
  11. what creeps me out about mario is his over-the-top, obvious affection towards crosby. read yesterday that sid stills lives in his "guest house" on his grounds. whats up with that, huh? idk, that whooooooole situation just is odd to me. (and my daughter says mario is a dead ringer for todd palin...she's right, too.) i also could not watch the pens hoist the cup. true, they outplayed the wings in that game overall...lots of hustle and a couple of lucky breaks. i thought MAF should have had the mvp, too. he saved them numerous times in the series and especially last night. now.....on to next season.
  12. i saw this on ESPN or wherever yesterday morning and couldn't help but smile. babcock just verbalized what the rest of the NHL (sans the penguins) has been thinking. and no, it's not sid's fault per se.....but please, enough is enough. right after the wing's win last night, who did they immediately show skating off the ice? yup.......you know. (altho might have been in response to his stick tap on his way to the dressing room....not classy.)
  13. anyone who is SUFFERING thru the VS guys (non-) announcing the ECF's should be thanking their lucky stars that we have Tripper. i swear, besides not being able to hear them over the amplified sound of the arena, i think they mostly just sat there and talked about the washington-pittsburg series and gushed about sid having an off night. very little actual play-by-play or even "color" commentary. and btw......if the sound of the RBC is amplified to the same extreme as the Igloo, we won't be able to hear one word they say. which is a good thing.
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