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  1. Defense needs a huge upgrade. Players like Jamie McBain shouldnt be in the NHL. Fix that problem and this team doesnt have to win game 82 to hope they make the playoffs. ANYONE GETTING SICK OF FINISHING 9th?
  2. I figure if we lose any one of the next two games, then it is safe to throw in the towel. I wonder were we would be if Jim Rutherford would of signed Ray Whitney.
  3. With the playoff push, is it just me or does anyone else think that Carolina's scheduling is unfair. Yes I guess I am whining but after last nights loss to Chicago, the only reason why they lost was because they ran out of gas in the third. I looked on the schedule and they play 21 back to back games. I also looked at other teams and they have half that. TORONTO ONLY HAS 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but thats not cool, yes I may sound like a whining Florida Panther fan but seriously, each team should have the same amount.
  4. People, I honestly dont get why the Hurricanes are doing what they are doing. If they keep winning they might not even make it into the top five for a shot at Hall or Segein. It is very frustrating. I think right now they are actually out of it with that win over Atlanta last night. The other teams like Florida and the NY Islanders get it, they keep tanking.
  5. Guys...its not the coach, its the players. This team has no desire to win which has been proven.
  6. To be honest I think the whole reason for Carolina's sloppy(in all aspects of the game) is the fact that PK kinda cheaps out with the whole preseason. Carolina had four preseason games while the rest of the league had seven to ten games. Now I know the season is long but if you want to get a quick start out of the gate you are going to need all those preseason games to fine tune your team. I figure Carolina wont start coming together until game seven or eight. What do you guys think?
  7. Hey guys, dont read into this too much. As a Canadian Hurricanes fan I only live two hours from Toronto. Toronto doesnt have fans that go to the game, it is all businessmen. The lower bowl can cost you about $300-1000 a night. It is actually sad because the average leaf fan cant afford it. When going to see the Canes, they are actual fans.....Thats why we have one of the loudiest buildings in the league.
  8. I hope the Canes arent giving up on Babs, if you look at what some d-men are making in the NHL and the total points they have AND AGE........Babs is still learning and understanding the game as a d-man. He is still very young. His playoff performance may have been a little rough. But experience gets you that. He deserves more money and I hope Jim doesnt hold back on him. What do you guys think?
  9. Good point, I am always a little nervous right now because I want to keep everyone on the team but at the same time think it is almost impossible. Especially with Sutter and Boychuk on there way
  10. Is anyone surprised or concerned that we havent signed any of our free agents yet? Or better yet, there is nothing on Maurice.
  11. hahaha, that is frickin funny, you totally made my day!
  12. In 2005 I threw a penny into a wishing well at the Hershey Factory in Niagara Falls Canada. I wished for the Canes to win the Cup......and of course they did. This past summer I made that same trip in hopes to get our team back into the playoffs. I wished for the exact same thing and needless to say I didnt say anything to anyone about it. THIS IS THE KICKER THAT WILL HAUNT ME ALL SUMMER!!!!!! When the Hurricanes were up on Boston three games to one, I was feeling cocky and confident........I told my wife what I did and she said WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME??????? Your team is now screwed. She was right, Carolina lost six of the next seven games. MY BAD Sorry guys
  13. I hate to say it, but this team looks like they are out of gas. That is alright, I am proud of this team no matter what, they had a great year this year.
  14. Bill Watters show is on now until one oclock. The station is am 640 Toronto, Bill is a huge Hurricanes fan
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