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  1. I can remember being late to work soo many times so I could listen to his interviews with Mo on gamedays. It's so great to see so many help Chopper out in his time of need. Hopefully we can all learn to pay it forward and help someone out even when there is no obvious reward. Thanks you Chopper.
  2. [quote name='TarheelMike wrote: captain_jack88']Good game between USC and OSU, with USC winning it in the final 1:15. Remember when Monday Night Football started doing the "self-intro" starting lineups several years back? "Peyton Manning, Tennessee." "LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU." "Lawrence Phillips, California State Penitentiary." And so on...? It also led to this: "Ted Ginn, Jr, THE Ohio State University." "Antoine Winfield, THE Ohio State University" "A.J. Hawk, THE Ohio State University" Seriously, the only thing more more annoying than that was the guys from Miami: "Andre Johnson, The U." But the difference between "The U" and "THE Ohio State University" is that when Miami was atop the college football world, both in the 80's-early 90's, and their late '90's-early 00's resurgence... the Hurricanes actually won big games. Often. Which brings us to last night. After Ohio State's crushing home loss to USC, in which OSU blew a late 4th quarter lead by allowing a freshman quarterback to go 95 YARDS on Southern Cal's last drive of the game, the Buckeyes wake up today on the wrong side of the box score yet again. ESPN color analyst, and OSU grad, Kirk Herbstreit made the comment last night after the game to the effect of "you have to credit Ohio State for proving it can play and be competitive against a quality opponent like USC." Oh really now? I have to give OSU credit because they're a top 10 team that hung with a superior opponent? The Buckeyes are top 10 and shoved down our throats every year. But I have to give them credit now? Let's look at their track record since their alleged National Title in 2002. We'll go in reverse chronological order: 2009: #3 USC at #8 OSU (18-15 LOSS) *Blew lead in final 2 minutes 2008: #10 OSU vs. #3 Texas (24-21 LOSS) *Fiesta Bowl, blew lead in final 2 minutes 2008: #3 Penn State at #9 OSU (13-6 LOSS) *Blew lead in final 7 minutes 2008: #5 OSU at #1 USC (35-3 LOSS) *One of the biggest locks in gambling history 2007: #1 OSU vs. #2 LSU (38-24 LOSS) *BCS Title Game, gave up 31 straight points after taking 10-0 early lead 2006: #1 OSU vs. #2 Florida (41-14 LOSS) *BCS Title Game, outscored 41-7 after opening kick return TD 2006: #2 Michigan vs. #1 OSU (42-39 WIN) *Michigan, after playing nobody all year to achieve their lofty ranking, promptly got whipped by USC in the Rose Bowl 2006: #1 OSU at #2 Texas (24-7 WIN) *Colt McCoy was a freshman, and this Texas team was so awesome that it went on to win the Alamo Bowl 2005: #4 OSU vs. #5 Notre Dame (34-20 WIN) *Fiesta Bowl, this was the Irish team that was overhyped due to their hard fought home loss against USC, in which after taking a late lead, they proceeded to give up the entire field in about 3.7 seconds in the final minute of the game 2005: #6 OSU at #16 Penn State (17-10 LOSS) *Everyone pretty much had this game pegged as the Big Ten game of the year, prime time in Happy Valley... and OSU can't get the job done... again 2005: #2 Texas at #4 OSU (25-22 LOSS) *Blew lead in final 3 minutes, featuring a fumble AND Troy Smith getting sacked in the end zone on two separate plays in the Buckeyes' comeback effort AFTER blowing said lead 2004: #22 Ohio State vs. (NR) Oklahoma State (33-7 WIN) *Alamo Bowl, what the hell is OSU doing in the Alamo Bowl? I know, I thought the same thing. But keep reading... 2004: #6 OSU at (NR) Northwestern (33-27 OT LOSS) 2004: #15 Wisconsin at #16 OSU (24-13 LOSS) 2004: (NR) OSU at (NR) Iowa (33-7 LOSS) *That's why, With losses in successive weeks, OSU starts Big Ten 0-3, would go on to lose to Purdue, as well. This season's obviously a write-off. ANY team who loses to Northwestern should be written off. 2003: #6 OSU vs. #10 Kansas State (35-28 WIN) *Fiesta Bowl, this was the goofy year where K-State beat Oklahoma in the Big XII title game, and OU still got to play for the BCS Title. Of the few wins I've listed here, this is, at worst, the second best of the bunch 2003: #6 OSU at #4 Michigan (35-21 LOSS) *A win would've put the Buckeyes in the BCS Title Game, but instead, they lose to the John Navarre-led Wolverines. I'm sure a talent like Navarre went on to a huge NFL career. I'm supposed to "give credit" to that? No wonder we're in a recession. Wow! for not liking THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY you sure know a hell of a lot about them. You must secretly want to dot the "i" in script Ohio now don't you! Then again you probably root for 'Bama don't you...that's got to be tough to do recently in any sport.
  3. Jimmy Clausen and Notre Dame looked pretty good against the Wolfpack(NV). We'll see what happens next week at Michigan. Haven't looked to see if the game is in South Bend or Ann Arbor. Hopefully all the critics not named Lou Holtz will continue to beat down the Irish, I like the we've got something to prove attitude.
  4. I read the article on Seidenberg in the N&O...I'll be suprised at this point if he even garners what he made last year. Some of his comments are funny, he really should not flatter him self. While he was decent for this team at times, IMO what he brings to the table does not equate spend 3 million or even 1.2 million. We are better off with Ward and Alberts in the mix.
  5. If she was born as a she...but has testicles inside then I would guess that yes her testosterone levels would be high.
  6. That was disappointing Rod did not run...I'm sure the only reason is the team told him not to...at least I hope so. It would feel like the run beat me if I were in his shoes...IMO of course.
  7. With the 5k less than a week away..thought I would remind everyone to get those running shoes ready.
  8. Yes if a miracle happens and we get on during the season, I would watch and WHEN WE DO make the playoffs I will watch.
  9. I am right there with you with a 4 month old girl.... PLEASE count your blessings people.
  10. IMO any self respecting Hurricanes fan would NOT watch one game on Versus. I know I will not.
  11. THIS IS FREAKKING AWESOME! Can we send Barrasso to Washington? (I KIDD) Good luck to Archie!
  12. What's up with the broccoli at the beginning? Disclaimer: no broccoli was harmed in making this post
  13. I'd like to see LA, Ruutu can smack the *edit* out of JJ.
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