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  1. I guess the topic I was responding to was deleted before I posted, so we'll move it here. In general, the team played VERY good the last 15-20 games, but somehow the 8-9-10 seeds played even better. The teams that struggled were the higher-seeded teams who had more of a cushion than the Canes. Lavi is a good coach and needs to stay...can you think of a better alternative out there? I was a big Cole fan, but if he could have buried one or two of his 20 chances the last 10 games, we wouldn't have been here in this position tonight. The strength and speed to the front of the net all but disappeared, and the finishing touch was gone. And it may be time for Hedican and Wesley to ride off into the sunset...I am SO thankful for their careers, but it may be time to call it quits, and open up a full-time slot for Siedenberg. Ward, who was fantastic for the most part during the playoff push; but I come back to two memorable moments. The short side goal by Halpern in TB's 2-1 win, and tonight in the biggest game of the year, a blocker-side goal, his fourth of the game in six chances, with 11 seconds to go in the 2nd...the game winner. It's easy to look good in 7-1 and 6-2 wins, but the bad goals stand out like lighthouse beacons in the close ones. I want Ward to be our #1, but the consistency needs to be there, and the bad goals need to become much more infrequent. I still can't believe that this team can miss the playoffs. They're way too good to be sitting home.
  2. As I managed to delete my FULL posting by some frickin MAGICAL keystroke that I'm not sure what I did, Boston locks up a win over Ottawa. Now I get to re-type my thoughts, and thank Ottawa and NJ for scoring a combined ONE goal in their games. That's why both will enjoy a short stay in this years playoffs. To say the team stunk tonight shows a lack of hockey knowledge. 46-17 in shots. 9-NOTHING in power plays. Florida had six good scoring chances all night, and four ended up in the net. All to the blocker side. This was NOT the game for Cam to revert to midseason form. Yes, the defense gave up a few good chances, but very few. All teams give up a few good chances a game...it's the NHL. This is when a starting goalie earns his money. Vokoun stopped his breakaway, Ward let his in. Anderson was fabulous, Ward lets in a shorthanded goal that should have been stopped with ELEVEN seconds to go in the 2nd period. Look no further than that. The NHL is a weird league sometimes, and the best team doesn't always win. I am a BIG Ward fan, but not tonight. We needed better, and we didn't get it. Now, after knocking Florida all over the ice tonight, we expect them to travel to Washington and steal another one tomorrow night. I have a better shot of winning powerball, because they're (the Panthers) not going to want it tomorrow night. Amazing that a team that finishes 10 games over .500 in regulation is probably going to miss the playoffs.
  3. 5 good scoring chances all game for the Panthers, and four are in the net. That's just simply unacceptable. four times to the blocker side. I love Cam, but he is the wrong person to not show up for this game. If this team can get up and tie this one up after that dagger, they deserve whatever postseason success they get. Ugh...just ugh. 11 seconds to go on the power play, and to give up a soft shorty. Ugh.
  4. Generally, a really good period, except for a 5-6 minute stretch that really hurt. 17-5 lead in shots on goal, but trailing 2-1. I was thinking how outstanding the defensive coverage was, then for some reason, they forgot to cover BETWEEN THE CIRCLES!!! TWICE!!! Cam gets beat twice in the same spot high to the blocker, and mishandles a rebound to the right of the net. He needs to be better, because Vokoun is outplaying him BAD right now. That being said, if they can stop leaving Panthers alone between the circles, and they keep putting the offensive pressure on, they're still going to win this one, because they're the much better, hungrier team tonight.
  5. If you're not nervous about this game, you're not really alive... If you're not psyched about this game, you're not really alive... No analysis needed...get the two points in whatever fashion it takes to get them. I'll deal with the stress of the game, even if it means going to a shootout, as long as we're all celebrating at the end. AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! LET'S GO CANES!!!!
  6. They will get it done, because they know they HAVE to get it done. They are going to receive no help from TB, FLA or the refs. Both TB and FLA hate the 'Canes, and will do everything they can to steal the game...and won't give half the effort the following night in Washington. I don't know if I've ever been more certain of anything than I am of this...Washington will win their two games easily. The only way they have any prayer of losing would be Saturday night if (and only if) the 'Canes win both of theirs, and they had somehow been eliminated from the playoffs by then. It comes down to this...Carolina controls their own destiny. They are a better team than both TB and Florida. They are at home, playing in front of two raucous sellout crowds. It is their responsibility to take the game out of the ref's hands, and make it so that any bad calls have no effect on the outcome by putting the game away early. There will be no excuses. Tired is not an acceptable reason for anything less than 100% tonight. It does not matter how you get it done, only that you walk away with two points. If you do not take care of business against two non-playoff teams in your own building when it's all on the line, you do not deserve to win a division. I may be a little harsh here, but I know what this team is capable of, and I DEMAND to see it tonight and Friday. Go 'Canes!!!
  7. I'm seeing them sitting back on their heels WAY too much letting the Caps bring the play to them. It's almost like they wanted to play for a scoreless tie right off the bat. Right before the second goal, I'm sitting in my chair screaming "two guys heading to the front of the net!", and darned if they didn't get burned on it. And Cam, you need to control those rebounds...we can't afford a backslide to January mistakes at this point of the season. I hope they have another gear in them, but the way it's gone so far, I can't see them scoring twice tonight. The offense just isn't exciting me, and I'm seriously worried they're gonna get their doors blown off tonight. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE prove me wrong!!! BUT... They're gonna toast Tampa and Florida anyway, so it won't matter.
  8. Hi all... I've been coming here for a few years, but for some reason just started posting recently. I grew up in N.J. as a big Flyers fan since 1979, but since moving to N.C. in 1999, I've slowly come around to the 'Canes team-oriented style, and especially the way they interact with the fans and the community. I also see a class bunch (for the most part) of fans associated with this team, which is an exception rather than the norm with a lot of teams...Philly teams included, of course. My official turning point was attending a 'Canes-Flyers game way back in 2000, and as the 'Canes were locking up a win, a visiting Philly fan showed his displeasure by throwing his beer onto the fans below on the way out of the RBC. If Carolina and Philly were to meet in the playoffs, it will probably help you replace Buffalo in your minds as to who the most obnoxious fans are. How can you not love this team, from Ron Francis headlining the franchise for so many years, to Rod BrindAmour's extraordinary effort in the 2006 playoffs culminating with him raising Lord Stanley's Cup? It's a VERY easy team to root for. Go 'Canes!!
  9. Well, the Canes still pulled 3 points out of the last two games, and didn't play great in either. I have faith that they will handle Atlanta on Friday, and move one step closer to a division title. Think about it...if this team is to be a division winner and playoff team, shouldn't you expect...no, DEMAND...that they win 3 of 5 from Washington, Atlanta, Florida and two against Tampa? Only Washington and Florida can be considered playoff-caliber, and Florida is only borderline at that. That being said, I think Atlanta needs to be one of those three wins. It's too late in the season to not win the ones you should win.
  10. I'm not thrilled with the effort for the majority of the game last night, especially after the effort in Florida was not that great. They've been relying too much on Ward lately, haven't put 60 minutes of good hockey together (well, maybe 60 minutes combined in the last two games), and have had trouble matching the intensity of Florida and Washington. I understand both of these teams (meaning FLA and WAS) are desperate, but Carolina is the division leader, and needs to make a statement in these games...we WILL exercise our will on you, and it doesn't matter what you do. I don't want to be too hard on the team, and I know that the personnel is not where we'd like it to be right now, but 47 shots in a playoff-type game is unacceptable, especially with the time off before this game. Washington spent a good deal of time skating circles around the offensive zone, and without Ward it could have easily been 4 or 5-1 before Cole tied it at 2. However, I will give props for a decent 3rd period and O.T., and for getting an important point. Now, they don't play until Friday, Atlanta has nothing to play for, and it's a home game. Carolina needs to make a statement and smoke the Thrashless. Anything less, and I start to have REAL concerns. C'mon back, Justin and Chad...we're waiting!!
  11. This was a HUGE win tonight, and as the old adage goes, "they don't ask how, just how many". Florida brought everything they had from late in the 1st period until midway throught the 3rd, but Ward did what any contending team's goaltender must do...steal a game sometimes. I was glad to see the 'Canes settle in midway through the 3rd knowing how important getting at least a point vs Florida was. Was it just me, or did Cole leave his finishing skills in the car tonight? I know he played his *edit* off tonight, and correct me if I'm mistaken, but didn't he misfire on 2-3 REALLY good scoring attempts? Anyway, I'm thrilled they got all 4 points on this road trip. I believe a win vs Washington on Tuesday, and a full 6o minutes of playoff-type hockey from what will be a well-rested team, and we can finally enjoy the knowledge that we have more hockey to play this year.
  12. 5-0 Chicago...the saps didn't bring it into Chi-town like they needed to. This is a big 2 point swing.
  13. We'll take it. Hopefull the last two periods were just a sign of saving the energy for a sure-to-be tougher game in Miami tomorrow. Take the two points and get some rest tonight, guys...you're gonna need it. We need more than 30 minutes of good hockey tomorrow night to walk away with 2 points. Canes win. Have a good night, all.
  14. Ugh...that was not the prettiest period I've ever seen, and we need to be happy they got out of it still up by two. Atlanta actually played with some heart, but the first 5 minutes of the 3rd will decide this game. Keep ATL off the board early, and let's lock up these vital 2 points. Then, let's root for a Capital collapse in the Windy City. BTW...Tarboro is a pretty windy city this evening, too...hehehe
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