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  1. 1st post of the season! I would bet this is all about Skinner, but I am secretly hoping it will be Scotty Walker. Let's Go Canes!!!
  2. Cam Ward is the franchise. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I am looking forward to watching him play for the next 10-12 years. Anyone who watches more than a little hockey can see that he is most certainly NOT an average talent. The kid is 25 years old and has already won 1 Stanley Cup, 1 Conn Smyth, several game 7's (including a game 7 for the cup). That is the definition of clutch. What is average about that? There are only 3 or 4 goaltenders in the last 20 years that can boast that kind of resume and most of them are hall of fame locks or at least in the discussion. Think about it. The team is having an off year and his D is playing like absolute junk in front of him. Give the kid a break.
  3. I have an un-natural/seething hatred for the Boston Bruins. Unfortunately, I believe that my blinding hatred has caused the Canes downward spiral this year. Last spring , as a long suffering Whalers Fan (living in Boston) and enduring game #1 in person, I said "if the Canes take out the B's in the playoffs I will never complain about anything hockey related ever again" Somehow I felt that winning that playoff series would exorcise the 20 years of Bruins domination that we old Whaler guys had to endure...apparently the Hockey Gods were listening. My first test was the Oct. 3rd "2nd Boston Massacre". What a disaster. Staal takes a puck to the head, Cole gets his leg broken with 2 minutes left in a 7-2 romp and Lucic opens up Harrison etc etc etc. I actually even broke off a relationship with a very nice young lady who i took to the Oct 3rd game because I thought she had jinxed the Canes. That had to be it, right? I'm still not really over what happened that day. Terrible stuff...and it's been nothing but trials and tribulations ever since. Sorry fellow Canes fans...this one is on me
  4. You need to forward your gameplan to Maurice. I think you've got it pegged. Let's Go Canes!!!
  5. I didn't mean to offend, boss. Sorry. Thats why I put "in my opinion". I just strongly disagree with you on this one. Hopefully a win tonight will make me less of a jerk. Sorry to anyone i offended. Let's Go 'Canes!!!
  6. First things first: I am a huge supporter of Jimmy Rutherford. Unfortunately in an effort to get "tougher" we have become slower and less skilled -especially at the back end. A big part of our quick strike, counter-attacking offense was fuled by great outlet passes by skilled D-men. Now we have 2 skilled D men (Joni and Corvo) and 5 guys who play a very slow one diminsional game to varying degrees of success (Ward, Harrison, Wallin Gleason and Alberts). We need more skill on the back end and we need it now. Also, this team needs to play with a little discipline and not lead the league in PIM's. Does anybody else miss the super fast, highly skilled game our Canes have been playing since the lockout? I know I do. This team isn't skating and taking dumb, lazy penalties. Hooking, holding, interference - it makes me sick. And thats not all... I used to love calling the Bruins and Flyers (and their fan base) a bunch of goons etc etc etc. Now the high flying Canes are leading the league in PIM's and all I get for it is a bunch of crap from my buddies, a whole lot of frustration and watching guys on my team get beat down. I am tired of seeing our players (Harrison and Conboy especially) dropping the gloves with anyone looking to go, instead of picking thier spots. Maybe Scotty Walker could give our tough guys a lesson in when to drop the mitts. Either way, too many PIM's and not enough hustle. Finally - We are the oldest team in the league. THE OLDEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. I don't think we need to take anybody over 35 out back of the RBC and shoot them yet, but this is a young mans sport and we have some guys who are pushing 40 who have lost a step or two or 3. Hopefully our young guys in Albany will use their time there to learn how to play hockey against men and be ready to go later this year or next season. Sutter seems to have made a complete recovery from last years Doug Weight induced concussion and has looked like he belongs in the NHL. Lets hope Boychuk, Bowman and the rest of our top prospects follow suit and are able to step in and play some meaningful minutes with the big club in the not to distant future. - All of that being said: Rod Brind'amour is our captain and anyone who suggests stripping him of that title is an absolute moron (in my opinion of course). The guy is a warrior and his work ethic is legendary. The guy is 127 years old and sets a super human example for the young bucks to follow when it comes to preperation and conditioning. I dont care if he is centering the 4th line or playing wing on the 3rd line - he is still the undisputed leader of this squad. Hopefully Rod will see the writing on the wall and consider retirement after this year but thats not my problem. As long as he skates for this club he should wear the "C".
  7. I actually listened to that game on AM radio up north. That was one looooonnnnng winter with no nhl, but it was an awesome season in Lowell. Staaler and Cam are the players they are today because of that season. I am hoping our young studs in Albany can benefit in a similar fashion. As for Leights, he got the best of it early but when Cammer got his arm out of his sleeve things got squared up real quick. I miss the Lock Monsters. Leave Leights on the bench and if Cam gets out of line he can try to work him over again. Ha ha ha.
  8. Cam is our guy and management will want to ride him like a mule. You dont sign somebody to a contract like that and have him split time. Barrasso apparently runs a tight ship, so I will leave playing time issues to he and Mo. As for Leights, he is a great guy and a serviceable back up and outside of a spot start here and there and occasional mop up duty his butt is going to be stapled to that stool at the end of the bench. Why trade for a more expensive butt to be stapled to that same stool? Cam is an elite goalie and will probably be played like one for most of his career. By the way, I'm sure most of you know this but Leights and Cammer actually got into a scrap during a bench clearing brawl against Norfolk back in the lockout season: Let's Go Canes!!!
  9. I'm not a stats expert but this has been a tough start. As a Whalers guy I have seen my share of losses over the last 25 years but it seems to baffle me way more this year. I think it has a lot to do with our expectations after last years playoff run. I didn't get to see a ton of playoff hockey back in the Hartford days so i think I may just be getting spoiled with recent successes. I used to complain about the refs all the time back in the 80's and early 90's: Thats what fans of bad teams do. The Canes arent winning but they are a talented group. Hopefully they won't dig themselves much deeper of a hole before they deside its time to start skating again. Tonight would be a great place to start. Hopefully the refs will cooperate and only call penalties on the Blues. Ha ha ha. Let's Go Canes!!!
  10. I got the sarcasm. I just cant wrap my head around this team playing the way they have. Good teams win games. Bad teams look for excuses and blame refs. Lets Go Canes!!!
  11. What happens when a hard working, aggressive fore checking club that relies on team speed and transition hockey to win stops skating? A whole lot of penalties - that's what. Refs aren't great but they aren't really all that bad either. This whole thread seems like people making excuses for a team that has stopped skating and stopped playing their game...and you know what they say about excuses, right? There may have been a couple of ticky tacky penalties but that happens to every single hockey team from pee wee's to the NHL. It's part of the game. No excuses. No depression. Let's Go 'Canes!!!
  12. 1)It's Ron Francis -not Frances - The guy is 2nd all time in assists and 4th in points all-time in NHL history. 4th all-time in points!!! That includes anybody who has ever skated in the league. His number is hanging up in the rafters. Learn his name. He's the greatest player in this franchise's history BY A MILE and one of the best players to ever lace up a pair of skates. The jury is out on whether he's any good as a coach but i'm thinking he's probably not the biggest problem this club has. 2) Rod Brindamour may not be in his prime but I will bet there is not a more respected player in the room (or many other rooms league wide). There is more to being a Captain than being a cheerleader. He works his !#% off and sets the tone for the whole team. Rods determination and work ethic are legendary and he's still a great face off man. If you want you can all boo him when they raise his number # 17 to the rafters. This is not the start I had envisioned for this club but you guys are really starting to sound desperate. There are 74 games left and its sounds like you guys are ready to pack it in. Whatever happened to the "Cardiac Canes" and their never say die fan base???? If you guys want to jump off the bridge - go for it. I'll keep watching and waiting for the team I love to start playing the way they are capable of. 74 games left. LET'S GO CANES!!!
  13. Its waaaay to early to be pushing any buttons. No one has ever made the playoffs in the first 2 weeks of the season. I am not thrilled by the offensive output so far, but its still early. Hopefully the goals will start coming in bunches and we'll get back on track. The D doesn't look too bad as of right now and the Devils game was decided by a fluke goal. Cam is as solid as ever and if the boys get him a goal or two a night we will be right back in business. Don't push that button! LET'S GO CANES!!!
  14. I think the best way to get the PP going is to stay out of the penalty box ourselves. Ha ha ha. No more stupid penalties, please. I love that the Canes are always near the bottom of the team PIM's. I wish we could get back to that style of play a little more. But to stay on topic; I think Joni's return will help out seeing he is our best puck moving blueliner. I don't want to see a lot of Alberts, Harrison (although he's been ok so far) or even Gleason on the point (no offense, Timmy). Puck movement is always a key to a healthy power play and those 3 are more defensive mided guys. Also, I am always a fan of more shots from the point. Do you hear me Joe Corvo? Keep 'em low and on net and we'll be back in the swing of things in no time. We have some forwards with great hands we can throw out front...why not use them? Let's Go Canes!!!
  15. Joni needs to take it slow, play it safe and come back when he is 100%. I would rather have him playing at full speed for 70 - 75 games than be dealing with this nagging injury stuff all year. Early reports (TSN) had him missing the first 2-3 weeks of the season anyway, so i was counting on him being out a little bit longer. I was shocked when he dressed for the Bolts game at home and it looks like it may have been a bit pre-mature. While we do lose our best puck moving defenseman and get much slower (but bigger and meaner) with him out of the action; Alberts and Harrison are both serviceable 5th and 6th blueliners. Hockey is a physical game and there will be injuries to deal with all season. No excuses. You got to take the lemons you are dealt and try to make a mean batch of lemonade. I am not sweating Joni at all. Now, Staal-er on the other hand... Let's Go Canes!!!
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