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  1. After watching the game tonight, one thing is very clear: We should have never traded Brandon Sutter..>EVER. This thing needs to be nuked, there is no chemistry, no scoring, just blah. We move the puck well, but can't finish. A few games of this is bad luck. When its every game, its a huge problem. We have fired coaches, GM's, scouts. It ain't all them, this scoring failure is just a bad mix, bad/lacking leadership on the team, no chemistry, mixed hockey cultures. We have to find the right youth to hang onto, and re-build this team from scratch. I'm a patient person for a re-build, but my patience has ended for the timing of it. Many of the original teams would have nuked the thing in 07 when we failed to make the playoffs after winning the Cup the year before. We fired coaches. At some point and time, it is the nucleus of the team that is dysfunctional. Maybe there are parts of the nucleus that could function elsewhere, but we need a new nucleus. I think we have some great youth: Faulk, Rask, Nash, Bellemore. Other than that, we need to clean house. I'm beyond frustrated, I'm angry. I want this team to stay here and be successful, I want to go to hockey games and enjoy them. I don't want to go there to see visiting team fans rubbing it in about how bad we suck. Right now, the PNC Arena is a place for out of town teams fans to see them play/win in Raleigh....that is very frustrating. I'll probably be through posting for awhile. I'm afraid I would say nastier things than I already have. Rebuild this junker.
  2. They played well tonight, and need to sustain. Thought that somehow Boychuck deserved a star, I thought he played very well. I guess it was a tough call between he and Cam. Things are certainly looking less bleak.
  3. I think filling up. The Washington game...think Peters worked em pretty hard in practice, from the "mic'd" up deal with the Swede. They came out and were a bit sluggish, and didn't really figure out how to bust the Washington zone until the 3rd period. Some issues with breaking out with the aggressive defense of the Capitals. But in the end, pushed the game to a tie, and grabbed the point. They'll be better next time. They're a lot more exciting to watch, and I do think they can win when they play a complete game. We do have to dig out of this hole though. Still pulling for the boys in red, and hoping we can salvage this early season slump. Cautiously optimistic.
  4. I've been absent for awhile, well posting-wise, but stalking. You all were depressing me worse than our performance in the first 8 games. what I believe we are seeing is a partial re-build, and those that don't perform will be nuked by years end. I was very worried during those first 8 games, but we were missing some key players, and it is a LONG season. Very satisfied with the last 3 games. I believe we are headed in the right direction, and you are seeing that our player development is working. I am happy that Cam has stepped up. I'm sorry to see Ryan Murphy coughing up the puck so fast, when everyone know the kid can carry the puck like no other when he puts his mind to it. Faulk has been very good for the most part. Gleason has looked better, much better than before we sent him packing last year. Been disappointed in Semin, just like you all, but seems like Peters isn't afraid to pull the ice time punches he promised. We're truly rolling 4 lines, which can keep our top 6 fresher for longer, and may improve upon our overtime performance. I still don't know if we're playoff material, but if we can keep up this streak to make up for the initial slump, and stay around .500........then get J Staal back, and IF Skinner can pick up a bit more game in our defensive zone, and IF Semin returns to form, and IF Sekera doesn't feed the puck out in front of our net, and IF we can keep both our goalies healthy, and IF Khudobin can find his game again so he can be a real back-up to Cam: We have a whiff of a chance to make the playoffs. The problem is, there are a lot of IFs in that proposal. We could go on with the IFs too, including Chucky. Glad to see Chucky score the other night, he has been playing very well, even in our losses, I have noticed him. Glad Zach is finally living up to some of his initial promise, and I hope he can expand on it. BTW, I like the gritty play of McClement. He isn't Ruutu, but we needed someone to fill those shoes at least a little bit, and I think he has. Gerbe is nuts, but I like him a lot. That is all. GO CANES!!!!!
  5. First and foremost, I am a huge Cam Ward supporter. With that being said; however, I think this year he has had Olympic problems. No doubt Cam was driven to come into this season and impress the Canadian National Team, in the hopes of making the Olympic team. His early season injury hurt those chances. Perhaps he came back too soon in an effort to get that woo back. I think its clear now that he hasn't made the team, and hopefully we can get on with our season. Cam, get better. Go Canes!!!!!!
  6. All hope is not lost for this season. I think the current impending dilemma facing the team is goaltending. Cam has a huge contract, and has been our guy. Khudobin has shown some flashes of brilliance, but was injured. Peters came up from the AHL, and everyone was on pins and needles remembering last year, but Peters pulled through in such a big way, its obvious that he has improved his game. So much so, that the guys tend to play for him. He is even better about where he places his saves, including putting 2 over the glass last night against Washington. We now have 3 NHL goalies. If I'm not mistaken, if we try to send Peters down to the AHL, he has to go through waivers? He won't survive that, Nashville will claim him. I hate to say this, but Peters was a Hurricane prospect. This organization owes him more than we do Dobby. We need to figure out a way to play Dobby for a game or two to show he is healthy and package a trade with him and something else. We are obviously going to have to shed a goalie, and I just think we owe Pete-Dawg more loyalty than Dobby. I like Khudobin. The only other option here, while some will espouse it to shed contract room, is unfathomable, because Cam is obviously a key to E Staal's play. Cam out, E plays bad. Cam in, E plays. In my opinion, that option won't happen. So if either Peters or Dobby have to go, I say Dobby goes. With Skins back, Ruutu firing away and hitting away again, I think our goals will begin coming in droves. Our defensive corps is solid, and we have 2 defensemen out there that are high dollar. I think that Sekera and a healthy Skinner help to improve our ailing PP, but we need help with it still. Our entries are horrible. We either need a new entry strategy, or a player than can help out there, and anchor the power play. We have an extra goalie, and 2+ defensemen. We might be able to get something valuable in return for this, and it might be time to dangle that out there. I am sure that JR has been very busy lately. The fans are frustrated with the early performance, sometimes we have a great team, but other times, we walk away from games scratching our heads. Something has to give. There is something coming. This season is still salvageable, but the moves we make prior to ALL Star will be important. If JR waits til' later, then our season will be a mess. This must be dealt with now, within the next few weeks prior to Christmas.
  7. I think he skates better than Pitkanen. I am sure if we can get Pitkanen healthy, that he and Timmy G will be gone next season.
  8. Peters and team passed the test tonight against a very tough Islanders team. While I still don't think Peters is any savior for this team, his play tonight was good enough to do what we needed him to do. Capitalize on offensive chances, shoot, and get this power play entry right so we can establish.
  9. These boards tend to implode when things aren't going the team's way. I can't think of anytime in my memory that both NHL goalies on any major team were out due to injury in consecutive seasons, and that is very bad for us in the short term. In the long term, we haven't had enough games to really see where our goaltending is at. I do think our defense has improved, but without a NHL quality goalie, it'll be tough to figure out where that game is truly at. Dobby looked outstanding, Cam didn't really have enough games for us to know about him before his injury. While I understand this thread is about goalies, and I know that there are several Cam Ward detractors aboard....I think its important to note that just like the board's implosion of late, that this team implodes without Cam in net. In other words, Cam must bring some kind of leadership that is lacking when he is absent. Without Cam, Offensive production has slipped, and is that because of a lack of confidence in our current goalies by the forward lines? They're afraid to cheat down, because they don't trust the netminder, and don't want the other team to even get a half step on them? There are a great deal of pyschological and team integrity issues tied to these goalie injuries which go well beyond the stats, as evidenced by our slide. The game against Philly the other night might have been a bit of a turning point. Will Peters gain confidence enough to shut down the Isles? Will the veteran leadership and FO wins of Manny fuel the forward lines' production? Can the team move past the goalie injuries, and get in behind Peters and produce? Tonight will be a test of that muster, and whether or not it is there with a Peters in net Hurricanes team. This is all the drama that makes watching professional atheletics so intriguing, and frustrating. The owners want a successful team that has a legitimate chance to make the playoffs, and if that doesn't happen, two things will happen. 1. There will be coaching/management/team changes 2. The team feels a lack of support from fans and moves to some city that wants them. I'd like hockey to stay here, and hate to think of anything that would endanger the sport's existence here in the tarheel state. This is all short-term stuff. Dobby and Cam will both be back, and then maybe we can truly analyze where this team, and our goalies are at. I'm as frustrated as many of you are, but I've been watching hockey a long time, and the sport has a lot of ups and downs, and here lately for us, much more downs than ups. Maybe the team needs some drastic changes, but this season is 82 games long, and we're still early on in the first 1/4 of a long season. Keep the faith through thick and thin. Now we know how Whalers fans felt, but they endured, and still love the team, as should we all.
  10. Remkin, lets not overdo this and take this too far. Never ever hug or discuss hugging any Slug Fans......you might get slug slime infection syndrome (SSIS). Eeeek.
  11. Didn't want to start with all these injuries. Hate to see that. Fingers crossed for Friday night. Maybe something else will break before then as well. We need something to go our way......maybe this preseason injury mess is getting this garbage over with before the season begins.....think happy thoughts.
  12. Pretty good Law Dog. I'm still not worried, its preseason. Muller and the coaches are experimenting every period to see what works and what doesn't. Haven't seen a full rostered line up on the ice, and I'm sure Cam is rusty. We'll see what we have in October, then we can panic. I think we'll be OK.
  13. Yeah, if you keep going, you end up getting a form you fill out that generates an email to ticketmaster which is basically a request for accessible tickets. I filled out that form on Monday or so, and you should see the email chain since then. Its like pulling teeth. They showed the available seating, and I selected a section. They replied the next day, nothing in that section, sorry. I then reply, "Well what is available?" Then they want a price range. I give them our price range, and they reply, nothing available in that price range. I up my range in a reply, then they say we have some available, but you all will be separated. They have Justin (the kid we're taking) and his dad seated in one section, and have us somewhere else entirely. Hell, this is impossible. I'm pretty sick of the mess. We all wanted to go together, but obviously that is not going to be easy. We wanted Justin to feel as normal as possible, and he and my son are friends that would have liked to sit together. Battling ticketmaster and this nonsensical email chain is deflating. I'm feeling pretty defeated by this mess. I feel bad for Justin in all of this, and his parents when they have to deal with this kind of mess everywhere they go. I was trying to take on the burden of buying the tickets to make it as stress free for them as possible. I just had no idea how hard it would be. When Kaleb and I want to go to a game, we get tickets and go, within 5 minutes. NO PROBLEM. Doesn't seem like equal treatment to me. I'm very frustrated.
  14. Well, since nobody answered, I tried purchasing tickets to the Bruins game in November. Ticketmaster has not been very friendly or easy to deal with. I can't just go to the box office, because its a 2.5 hour drive. It has never been this difficult for me to purchase tickets to a Hurricanes game. It is very frustrating (FOR ANY HURRICANES MGT WATCHING THE THREAD). Doesn't seem like things should be this difficult for fans with disabilities. There has got to be a better way than dealing with Ticketmaster, I can't abide that company. Any other ideas? You can't call in ticket orders to the box office, says so in the rules. That seems counterproductive as well in today's society. Sometimes its not fun to be a Canes fan that doesn't live in the Triangle.
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