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  1. Decent price for a rental, if this is the big move I'm disappointed but I hope JR has something else up his sleeve. Way to keep it green JR!
  2. Last day of camp was interesting, move fun to watch than yesterday in my oppinion, I saw skinner and faulk a bit more today than I did yesterday too, but without contacts in it was hard for me to keep up with who was who. Overall I like the look of this group of guys and I do hope Nash sticks around, although it sounds like ronnie made an impact on him from what the N&O posted earlier. Speaking of ronnie, he and the other coaches seemed to bolt out of there, I was hoping to get my whalers jersey signed but by the time i went outside someone told me he had already left, and that was after just going to the bathroom before heading outside.
  3. [quote name='captain_jack88 wrote: CaniacKidd wrote: captain_jack88']I know I've said this before, but living in Charlotte I'm very excited to see some of these guys at the Cable Box next year. Quick ?, is Riley Nash of any relation to Rick Nash? If so, giggity And because no one else has said it, I can't wait to see Michal Jordan on the Ice. I hope he's the hockey equilivant of a certain basketball player with the same name . Soon, all the kids will be wearing Ice Jordans They are cousins. Thanks. So we've got one one Eric's brothers, a kid named after a famous Basketball player (yeah I know it's probably a coincidence but still), a cousin of Rick Nash, and others along with other youngins like Skinner, Boychuk, and Dalpe. Some exciting times for the franchise for sure. Don't forget we have a Sutter too.
  4. So somehow I thought that said recent Conn Smyth winner, and for a second wondered why we would want to put Towes in net, at our prospect camp.
  5. [quote name='coastal_caniac wrote: TSA']Pretty amazing that we went from the oldest team in the league, to one of the youngest team in the league(maybe the youngest). JR is doing exactly what he set out to do this off season. No, we are not the youngest. Actually, that one of the "youngest team in the league"statement is a bit overstated. Go to http://www.nhlnumbers.com/ and you will see that most teams in the league average about 26-28 in terms of average age. With the signing of Corvo, we bump up to closer to the middle of the pact at around 27. We are right about what Chicago is currently. I take that as a good sign. :]
  6. 2 Years, 4.5 Mill total. http://hurricanes.nhl.com...m?id=533954&navid=DL|CAR|home Overall, Im okay with this signing especially for the money, but I don't feel it "solidifys" our defense, just makes our defense more offensive. Wouldn't mind signing one more bargin basement shutdown defensemen, but i'm not sure who all is left.
  7. http://www.thefourthperio...reeagents/top30ufas.html Interesting, has us looking at belanger.
  8. Looks like Ladd is headed to the thrashers.
  9. This next season will be very interesting, putting this much pressure on so many for the most part unproven kids. They could either take the pressure real well and excel, or we could be looking at another long season and looking forward to the draft.
  10. Freeing up actual money (although the cap hit remains the same) from the brindy retirement will help JR get a little bit of wiggle room with free agents also, if I read it correctly I think we save 2 million this year and 1 million next year in actual money.
  11. JR Said that we wern't going to resign Erik Cole or LaRose last year. Just sayin
  12. Carolinia trades Joe Corvo to Caps for Brian Pother and Oskar Osala. Edit: And a second round pick. Stephane Yelle has been traded =McKenzie Also looks like Alberts to Vancouver Edit: Confirmed by chip. Edit: 3rd Round pick from Vancouver.
  13. Well, that was dissapointing....I lied. Corvo is a capital.
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