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  1. coastal_caniac

    Don Waddell New President and GM of Carolina Hurricanes

    How do you quantify success when these hires are only one person in a multi-staffed hockey club? Conversely, does hiring someone from a successful club automatically result in positive results? I'm not following the logic.
  2. coastal_caniac


    My issue with Skinner is salary. He will be looking for a raise, and given his shortcomings, I'm not sure management can justify 6-7 million for him.
  3. coastal_caniac

    Kaiton on the chopping block?

    Not a big fan of hockey on the radio so my response is biased. Hockey on the radio with Chuck K. doesn't do it for me. Sometimes you just have to let it go Chuck and understand the game is going to evolve, regardless. Like Top, I get frustrated when he goes off on tangents during the live action for 5 minutes. I think radio still has a place, but I prefer the simulcast alternative.
  4. coastal_caniac

    Off-Season 2018

    This is friggin' awesome, I love it. I've got a few in mind already but I'm going to give it a couple of days before I submit anything. Also agree the best goal song should include fan interaction.
  5. coastal_caniac


    I can't imagine any scenario where Ryan would be brought back.
  6. coastal_caniac

    2018 IIHF World Championship.

    Pastor Bill's team can't score. Color me surprised.
  7. coastal_caniac

    Stanley Cup Discussion

    This has been bizarre. I don't know if I would bet against the house now either.
  8. coastal_caniac


    You can find Skinner's most frequent linemates by year, and his production here. Skinner never had much going with Jordan. He produced pretty well with Ruutu during a couple of seasons. But looking back, Skinner never has really played with what I would consider high caliber players.
  9. coastal_caniac

    2018 NHL Draft

    Much the same as in Buffalo I would think, if they don't draft Dahlin.
  10. coastal_caniac


    On the Wilson thing. I think the Canes need somebody that plays right at the edge of the rules. That's a fine line. Hits like the one on Aston-Reece are going to happen, and if that's intolerable then well, I can understand why somebody wouldn't want that type of player. Wilson, I admit may be a bad example of what I would like to see given his whole un-suspended history. But I'm desperate for something other than ultra-soft.
  11. coastal_caniac


    that's going around.
  12. coastal_caniac

    Off-Season 2018

    I've been poking around most of the day on Maenalanen and from some of the stuff I've looked at, a lot of folks over in Finland seem to think he's pretty raw and likely not destined for the NHL. I do know they had to give him a two-way based on age, but it will be interesting to see him over here and what the plans are.
  13. coastal_caniac


    I saw it when it happened, and it was interesting that the majority opinion in the media was the hit wasn't suspendable. Personally, and at the time, I thought it was. All I'm asking Top, is you prove your accusation that I've been one of the most vocal advocates for banning players for hits to the head. Actually, I've never said any such thing. I think you have me confused with another member. And back to fact checking, Wilson has been suspended one time for an illegal check to the head. Another time for a late hit, and once for boarding. I'm not claiming he's a princess, but I'm also tired of playing patty cakes with other teams.
  14. coastal_caniac


    Well, here is another of your take this as fact statements. I find that hilarious. Why can't people have opinions without having to get your approval first?
  15. coastal_caniac

    Off-Season 2018

    Reiterating what you said earlier OBXer, Joni is busy. If Joni can ID an Aho in the second round, then I trust his judgement on this signing. Not a bad move to take a chance on a guy.