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  1. Interesting [at least to me] fact of the day on Elias Lindholm that I found in a Puck Daddy article on David Pastrnak: " Only 11 forwards under the age of 22 have cleared 120 points in the past three seasons, and as you might imagine a good chunk of them are the high-end guys you’d expect to see here. Filip Forsberg, Sean Monahan, Connor McDavid, Sasha Barkov, Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan MacKinnon, Johnny Gaudreau, Leon Draisaitl, Nikita Kucherov, Elias Lindholm (maybe a surprise to some), and Pastrnak."
  2. I've always wondered if Hanifin has some kind of "inner circle" giving him advice that might at times go against the grain of what his agent is advising him to do or what the reality of his situation really is.
  3. A 45-year old might.
  4. What I notice looking at Jagr's stats is a precipitous drop off from 2015-16 to last season. I was also under the impression he was literally all used up by the end of the season. Trending down, and likely why all 31 teams have said no thanks. Meanwhile, Lindholm is trending up. He was 7th in the league in primary assists/60 minutes of play last season and looked great during the last one half of the season. But agree, he needs to show something better going forward.
  5. I brought up the interest in Tavares, but only in the context as a UFA. I think I'm the only one who actually posted that they don't think he will resign with NYI. I also don't think the Canes are going to give up in a trade what it would take to get him prior to that. >>>>> Again, rebuilding suicide. Rebuilds aren't for the feint of heart.
  6. Yeah, and with a new owner in place (assuming it happens) you never know how much more aggressive RF can be. Also, I don't think he will be back with the Isles on a long-term deal. So, until it doesn't happen, I'll hold out hope.
  7. Too slow, he couldn't keep up. And I love Jagr.
  8. That's what I figured, lol. You've been giving Jordan crap for two years now, which is fine. But once you moved into the phase of making stuff up because you don't like him, well, you have to own up at that point. Sorry if I was overly harsh AT YOUR POST, but hey, you said it.
  9. Your assertion is full of it but that's what happens when you just spout stuff out of your mouth without verifying it is an actual fact. You can go look it up for yourself.
  10. PDG is the only waiver eligible player out of the list that could be the 14th roster forward out of Charlotte. If he makes the team, he will likely sit in the press box just like Murphy did, because I highly doubt somebody like Vegas wouldn't pick him up on waivers. I wouldn't be surprised if McGinn is also be a press box mainstay. I highly doubt they are trade bait alone, because they won't bring back anything of value.
  11. I don't have a crystal ball to get into the head of their GM, but it's been widely speculated that Tavares doesn't like the spotlight so Montreal makes absolutely no sense in that regard. And he has some say where he goes, with a NTC/NMC. Also, players get traded within Division and within Conference all the time so that's just speculation as well, and if he gets to the point where it's UFA or lose him for nothing then anything is possible, rather than it's likely he goes out west.
  12. I'd rather the team management wait out the Tavares situation and go after a bigger fish. I would love to see that guy in the sightless eye. I realize the stars likely won't align but that's on my wish list as a fan.
  13. Zykov, Wallmark, Foegelle, Kuokkanen, Saarela, Roy, Gauthier, and then PDG, and then Poturalski, Brown, and Miller, and then Tolchinsky up front.
  14. I'd change "interesting" to suicide for a rebuilding team like the Canes. The compensation, once more - two firsts, a second, and a third.
  15. I'm not saying you are wrong, it really is kind of uncharted territory for this franchise to have so many darts to throw the team can let guys season in Charlotte. I just want to get to a place where the team isn't forced to resign the Derek Ryan's any longer because nobody is ready to contribute full time - nothing against Ryan. The youth, at this point, won't need seasoning on the fourth line. Speaking of Charlotte, they are stacked up front now that is sounds like Kuok is staying in NA.