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  1. That hit didn't look good for Jordan.
  2. There is no hunting season on penguins, why don't you people know this?
  3. Don't worry, your not invited to shoot ducks with me, Ferland, and Faulk. It was also cool they were setup between the benches in the "blind"
  4. As to the Surge, I'll give a critique, as one duck hunter to another.... Love they had "glove decoys" on the ice, an important part of a good duck hunt. Your only as good as your decoys. Ferland had an auto loader, Faulk was shooting a pump. Nice touch that probably went unnoticed. Obviously, those two are the outdoors kinda guys on the team. I've heard that anyway, so no surprise. I can connect. I played that video game for hours at duck camp with all the other kids lucky enough that had grandpas that liked to shoot ducks. Duck Hunt, my favorite so far.
  5. I'll go with Hagmetrics. The beans and the trend speak volumes.
  6. Tampa may be as softened up as possible if the snarl in this game goes into the third.
  7. Justin Williams does it again. The guy just keeps scoring clutch goals.
  8. I'm not a Fleury fan personally. He'll be beaten out by Bean is short order, from what I'm seeing. Fleury could only hope to be CDH. Gleason scored with a fishbowl on his face. I'm not convinced the effect of the full protection will affect his vision over a normal visor. Williams wore it for a couple of games. Rather have De Haan with a fishbowl.
  9. Puck luck would be good! I just want playoffs. But I would love to be above WC2.
  10. With Buffalo faltering to the point of a lottery pick, that second in the Skinner trade is looking a lot better.
  11. I went curling in Peterborough, Ontario one time. Ice bowling and it's fun as *edit*. Go Canes!
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