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  1. CFF giving BD58 the business about mind losing. So 2020.
  2. Anybody have a link to that interview?
  3. Maybe I risk egg on the face on this - To me, in all the interviews Dundon has done he comes across as invested long-term in the franchise. To Pierre, yeah dude, it's easy to throw it out there that Dundon can walk leaving PK, Jr. holding the bill. I'm not a journalist, but I think minimum wage can generate click bait. Excuse me while I rush to the bank and get my season ticket money back..
  4. Nice value deal for Fleury. Glad he's signed!
  5. Ha ha, no kidding. Seriously.
  6. I hope the team stays away from Laine, I just can't see that working out here.
  7. Skinner's problem was he took the Eric Staal approach to playing defense. That doesn't make him a classic "head case". But it does make him a non-fit for what Rod was trying to install in this team.
  8. Bokk could muddle of everything.
  9. Good deal for the Habs, they are definitely improving.
  10. When Kyrule mentioned Fast, I was all in. This guy just goes all the time. I really like this signing. As others have mentioned, he's a team guy as well. Great replacement for JW's spot. Who goes away - Dzingle, Nino, maybe McGinn?
  11. Thanks for the help making the Canes relevant again JW. Great career. You will be missed.
  12. Dundon said early on he was spending money to expand scouting in Russia. I mean, when has the guy not done what he said he was going to do? Hope we get his money's worth with these picks. Thanks again to everybody who broke down the draft here, great job.
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