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  1. This defense we are putting together makes my heart sing. It's been a long time coming. Build From the goal out. If Darling can anchor this group look out. Go to work on the top-6
  2. That property adjacent to the Backyard Bistro is still open. Way up on that hill next to the equestrian complex.
  3. Yes, agreed. It's not about promoting from within as much as it is the organization is rebuilding, everywhere.
  4. Lot's to talk about when the LIST comes out. I'm kind of ready to move on from this. Mostly, looking forward to updates after the list comes out, I'm headed out for a week to bother (band) Canada geese and will only have a few chances to check in. Go Canes.
  5. If you have ever followed Friesen's twitter account it doesn't surprise me he was replaced. I don't think addition by subtraction applies and I remain intrigued by how moving forward maybe some of these players can show up to win in October. I doubt very seriously these guys are handcuffed to the same ol same ol. Which would be the definition of addition by subtraction.
  6. They've made statements like this early in the process, and have always made it clear they are willing to be an auction house. Nothing has changed.
  7. Yeah, that, and Bales was going to be replaced anyway with the guy that has been working with Murray. Regardless, hope this works out with Darling. I'm more intrigued in how the new strength and conditioning coaches can make a difference with our skaters.
  8. Interesting he moved on from Pittsburgh. Hope this works well for Darling.
  9. Yes.
  10. Thanks!
  11. Nobody here knows for sure if you missed anything or not, or that nothing was done. There is always the handshake deal. Why would a team, knowing they are giving up a player they want to Vegas anyway, trade one they are afraid of losing and risk losing two guys? This never made sense to me. So, no real surprise to me things were slow. Now, when the lists come out, game on. Speculation on the unprotected players leading up to the ED should be....interesting. It still isn't going to be easy to get a top-6 forward with so many teams looking around.
  12. Did you not read the quote? Obviously not. Here it is again, direct from GMRF: "We'll be spending Father's Day looking at the list and seeing if there's somebody on the list that we like and having conversations with Vegas at that point about who they may be willing to take and flip and we'll go from there." Seriously, this wasn't that hard to see coming.
  13. I would also bet that the price for taking on bad contracts is EXTREMELY high right now.
  14. I would bet that a lot of teams are waiting on the protected list to come out and plan on dealing directly with Vegas.
  15. What rumor site are most people using, just curious, because I haven't seen the Gaborik one.