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  1. I like Saku. Not a first liner, but I'd put that money there over giving McGinn 2-mil or over.
  2. From an Athletic article today....... According to 10 years worth of results provided by the NHLPA, 27 players have gone to an arbitration hearing since 2009. Within three years, 21 of those players were on different teams. And often it doesn’t even take that long — 16 of the 27 were on new teams within two years and 13 of the 27 were on new teams within one year.
  3. Ha ha, fair enough. He's really not even close to my favorite player, just always thought he got more than his share of bad press around here, and even now when he had what I consider a pretty fine season and playoffs.
  4. At some point you just have to realize there are player haters out there and move on. Nothing will be good enough because that player somehow kicked their granny down into the creek.
  5. Somebody shake me awake when anybody cares what happened 3 years ago. I like what happened last year. Faulk earned his AAV and then some in the playoffs, was reported on multiple occasions to be a leader in the room, and to tarnish that with past hyperbolic history seems irrelevant to me.
  6. I know that's how the NBA does it, not sure about the NFL.
  7. Probably futures because we don't need anymore bottom-6 depth guys.
  8. I really liked Faulk's playoffs, and have always seen more from him than most everybody. He's still here.
  9. And Forsling, he may not be on the team very long if we need to send him to Charlotte.
  10. Not picking at your opinion at all, but Roland McKeown, what a mystery. Seems like he's never going to get a shot at playing here, much like Pots? Then the team goes out and gets Forsling. I'm pretty much writing off McKeown, even more so as a plug for Justin Faulk, especially after getting rid of deHaan's salary
  11. I was hoping some astute posters would pick up on that.
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