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  1. Also, I really hope the Dougie and Waddell camps have had discussions in all this down time.
  2. And back to be a dominating D force from just months ago. Awesome.
  3. No. Most long time fans, IMO, have to tailgate, and not in a parking lot in some downtown. It's the culture of the area. Try arguing with that, Tom.
  4. Hello everyone, I just got through 10 pages. Great discussion. I'm no expert on Covid-19, but I do have direct expertise in zoonotics, being a professional wildlife biologist that regularly responds to such things, and who fully understand a virus, and the combination of proteins that give most their pathogenic nature, at least in birds, particularly waterfowl and other waterbirds, which is my area of responsibility for state game and fish. In fact, I've taken oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs from over 25,000 wild ducks over seven years at different times in my career, in response to the concerns of transmission to humans from mostly the highly-pathogenic subtypes of H5 and H7 Influneza A. The idea of a wet market, in today's society, blows my mind. Seriously, civet cats and bats, both of which are known to carry SARS type viruses? People destroy wildlife habitat, bring humans closer to wildlife, and it's then an incubation chamber for zoonotic transmission. This is the real threat, and I expect pandemics to be more the norm than the occasional. Just offering a view from a different professional perspective. I miss hockey. Just Win! Coastal
  5. Well, as a proud American, good things still happen in times like these, My daughter gave birth to a healthy boy last night at 1 AM. Meet Josey Tanner Boyles. All and future Canes fans.
  6. Stopped by to say hey to everybody and I hope you and yours are coping as best as possible.
  7. None of this explains why there is no TP. None of this explains WHY THERE IS NO TP AT THE STORE.
  8. I'd bet the wild card teams won't be in the playoffs, if they are held, but just guessing.
  9. Well, as I expected, events would be cancelled. If the NHL doesn't follow suit and suspend play, I'll be surprised.
  10. The Washington vs. Philly game hasn't disappointed so far. Beat each other to a pulp.
  11. Well, that's not happening (i.e. running it's course before April). People need to face reality that something like this could really happen.
  12. If video review wasn't initiated for offsides, then the old rule was fine.
  13. It will all come down to the goalies. Simple opinion, yes. But that's what I think.
  14. Well, that was interesting. Pretty much says we are doing our best to keep the momentum going.
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