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  1. Actually wxray, I referred to you as an old person, which was your description of yourself, not mine. But, if you prefer fuddy-duddy that's your call as well. That being said, the fuddy-duddies should be happier because the new technology that is being employed doesn't use barcode scans anymore. It also doesn't require being connected to a Wi-fi network, both of which caused delays at the gate because there are going to be people who can't figure out how to pull up their tickets at the gate for barcode scanning. For the record, I prefer paper tickets, but have no problem with the newer technology which is now pretty much standard across all pro leagues. Hopefully, this change at least will make it easier for the tech challenged - of all ages.
  2. Okay so you saw the game and didn't mention the fact we have 11 camp invitees in the lineup. Instead, you decided to focus your rant attention on Helvig. Aside from the first two Helvig gave up, which I agree were terrible, the outcome was really determined by how totally out-classed our lineup was compared to Washington. Two words to start - Kaleb Bulych. That was the worst showing from a camp invitee I have ever witnessed.
  3. Did you even see the game or are you going just off the score? Anyway, it doesn't matter, because like you said, it's you trying to make it something more than it was, at least from the goalie.
  4. Canadian bills are a plastic polymer.
  5. Gardiner doesn't penalty kill so RB will have to figure that out.
  6. Holy ****, for 4 mil AAV, that's a downright bargain. The Committee does it again. Can't wait to see the next shoe to drop.
  7. Jesus, so much beeching about a simple thing like e-tickets. Do you self-proclaimed old people not fly? The world also exists with Android phones, imagine that, choices. I feel sorry for your oldness because it's self-inflicted. I'm sure you will get in the game, though, so that's good.
  8. I think Lake regrets even saying anything and wants to drop it. Let's get on board. Personally, I can see Slavin as an alternate but no more of a C than Staal, who I hope is not chosen. But, Brindy loves him some Jordan and it may just be official already. Back to watching the blow develop.
  9. I think he absolutely deserves tons of credit for having the team in great shape. And we have guys that work hard to begin with.
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