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  1. Not surprising to me the Committee has reservations about taking a goalie at our spot in the first round.
  2. Dundon spends money on players, everything else is replaceable, so it seems.
  3. If it's on, I pay, and I watch. Cause I want to. Same for going to the game. Life is simple round here.
  4. What are you seeing and reading to come to that conclusion? A year or two, when everything I've seen is he is ready to play. Yeah, if he makes it to 3, wow.
  5. After being knocked down, I can still see lazy Staal down on one knee behind the goal line while the play was going the other way. It's you team to make better you idiot, not the other way around. That quote pisses me off as well.
  6. He's that dude on PBS that paints.
  7. Which way to the draft thread?
  8. No, but when you go pick me up a black Turbo helmet if one is available. Price is no barrier.
  9. Not even a surprise. Still bet if he's there we go for a winger.
  10. If you can take THG at face value, and listen to him, he knows his stuff and I generally respect his takes. I wouldn't complain about taking Askarov, I'll just be surprised.
  11. A free pick for his rights, okay.
  12. Hockey out of the Carolina's? Don't bet your fat stacks on that. Besides the new complex where the Canes will practice, there are two more NHL-sized rinks and one collegiate rink that are going to be part of the 272,000 sq ft indoor Calvert Sports Academy project in Holly Springs. My wife's company is building it and she will be overseeing the installation of the mechanical components that freeze the ice. Calvert is a college prep school and will recruit athletes in hockey and figure skating, and regional tournaments on the three rinks. The growth of hockey is doing fine here.
  13. How would you expect to get an AHL game broadcast locally in Illinois without paying? AHL-TV is not a bad deal if you just want to pay to watch a few games, rather than committing to a package deal.
  14. If I was a current Checker I'd be excited.
  15. A goalie ready in 1.5 years.....that's laughable, imo. 3 years is being hopeful, more likely 4 years, particularly a Russian prospect.
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