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  1. We have a suspicion it was a group of young Canes fans who had been tailgating near us during the other home games. They got extremely drunk before Tuesday's game and then were kicked out for being rude and obnoxious. All this happened in the vicinity of where we tailgate and they were parked. I hate to be quick to blame Bruins fans.
  2. Don't know if anybody here was affected, but over 200 cars were keyed in the East Lot on Tuesday night. Our tailgate neighbor's truck had "FU" (sorry mods) keyed on the hood so deep that bare metal was exposed. Totally unacceptable and classless.
  3. Our group kicked *edit* in the parking lot known as the East Lot over the last month. So many memories made. No trolls or out-of-towners can take that away from us no matter how hard they try.
  4. From the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Canada, Coastal is calling the win right now. Go *edit* Canes!!
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