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  1. I think we can move on from any Ehlers trade. Sounds to me like they wanted Pesce and we said no thanks......dialtone. I could be wrong.
  2. Donnie Waddell was on 99.9 last week and stated (paraphrasing) - We [the Canes] want an 8-year deal with Aho, no bridge deal or 5-year deal. That has not changed since November. He also stated that the two sides will talk more at the draft. He has no definitive time table to get a deal done. From that interview I take it that from the Cane's perspective, it's all now about how much the contract will be and the details of structuring the contract (front loaded or not, bonuses, etc.). Aho may be thinking something different - I have no idea - but I doubt he's interested in a bridge deal either. Why wouldn't he be wanting max term at the most $?
  3. Speaking of reading comprehension......maybe we just don't agree with you.
  4. Aho is our best player. Just stick him somewhere and he's still our best player. Pay the man. That is all.
  5. Ned looks to have shut the door. Lot's of hockey left but the Calder Cup is within reach in 8 minutes.
  6. Speaking of el-chepo, according to Sara Civ the team has sold 20,000 of those terribly made Jerk shirts and have grossed $500,000 in sales. Sold to every state and 17 countries, lol. Times are changing fast my friends.
  7. Getting closer, keep it up boys.
  8. The most striking thing to me were his comments on .... "wth - are we really trying to just be average?" Obviously, we were, and we all knew it. Second are his comments on Dundon. Holy cow. I loved hearing that, especially coming from the epitome of a straight shooter.
  9. This article got my juices going again after a hard fought, mojo and tailgate influencing playoff run. It took some part of my soul, mostly in a good way. Back in the game now though. 😀
  10. Canes Country just finished a 3-part interview with Brindy. I found it to be a great read, there's some juicy stuff in here. One on One With Brindy - Part 1 One on One With Brindy - Part 2 One on One With Brindy - Part 3
  11. Half way there to a great night. Go Chex!!
  12. I can't wait to see that bad boy.
  13. Watching both games and hoping for a perfect night. Necas is slick.
  14. Does Ned being a smaller goalie in stature matter? He sure looks to leave a lot of open net but really tracks lose pucks and cross ice passes really well. The guy has to get some kind of shot next year. Go Chex!
  15. I believe Necas can bring a lot to the team in a role similar to Svech in year one as Rem pointed out. He's so smooth out there and his passes can get to places that other players can find and score. Only special players can find those seams. Necas finds them. I particularly would like to see him lined up in Ovie's spot at the left dot on the PP. He can dadgum put it on net from there from my time watching him. I also agree Necas makes the team and has a productive year in points and development.
  16. Not a good hockey night all around.
  17. I dunno, I'm not participating in the parade just yet. It's going to be harder this off season. Expectations are higher I'm behind the guy, but it only takes an unsigned Aho into August for our bunch to light the torches. I have no clue what to expect as things start to roll in a coupe of weeks. A lot depends on how much Dundon hates to lose.
  18. Oh well, just did the AHL thing. it's only 8 bucks a game. Checkers score to take the lead. Just Win.
  19. Too bad it's not on tv until tomorrow.
  20. Everybody should watch Fleury in this series if your still wondering if he's really worth keeping around.
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