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  1. Don't agree with the concept of moving prospects for what they usually return when they can't crack the lineup, as lost value. We have McKeown's rights to 2023 so he won't be lost for nothing, if it comes to that. Besides, we have two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds in the draft next year and the team stocked up similarly in the last draft. Guys are going to be regularly moved, even higher-end prospects. It's a good problem. At this point having TVR, McKeown, or Priskie getting regular top-4 minutes [on the right side] for 82 games seems like playoff suicide to me. Maybe you meant later? For now, we only have 4 top-4 defenseman. To me Priskie is just another prospect on the right side until he beats out a guy ahead of him. Should be an insane camp for spots. Which is not too far off, thankfully.
  2. Also, McKeown is probably packing.
  3. We got Priskie for nothing. Great work again by the dysfunctional cheap-*edit* front office that can't attract talent to Raleigh. Hope he actually develops concurrently with the hopes by the front office that he will. If so, this is just great asset management by the team, considering expiring contracts and the expansion draft.
  4. Always up for another stud defenseman Sara
  5. The secondary logo doesn't appear to be oriented correctly in the video to be a shoulder patch.
  6. As one of the few people here who grew up in the deep South, I'm sorry the germans bombed pearl harbor. It's the Canes, and by a wide margin. I've learned not to be rude to the Whalers connection but sometimes it's hard.
  7. No problemo....that new one is damn skippy.
  8. So was Oddball, at least it should be.....
  9. With Dundon, you just have to let it play out.
  10. "Mad Max" would be an appropriate nickname.
  11. I suggest a Beavis and Butthead tattoo if you are asking people on the internet for advice. I'm thinking the Great Cornholio. Obviously in a Canes sweater. Any shop in town could fix you up.
  12. I have to say, with the data points above, I'm not too excited about Capes.
  13. Probably because we recognize that the team has only a few million in cap space and the team probably needs to move space to fit Williams in as it now stands, and Reimer is taking up some space while it seems Forsberg and Ned will have a shot as well, for less money.
  14. To me that's as bad as the existing. I think it's going to be a total rebrand. I'd really like to see how a silver/grey as the primary color would look.
  15. On the re-branding of the road jersey, I expect the crest will be the hurricane warning flags to match the home black, and the current reds will serve as the alternate. Can't wait to see what the Canes do - anybody remember when they would usually roll this out?
  16. I like Saku. Not a first liner, but I'd put that money there over giving McGinn way more than 2-mil. I like McGinn too.
  17. From an Athletic article today....... According to 10 years worth of results provided by the NHLPA, 27 players have gone to an arbitration hearing since 2009. Within three years, 21 of those players were on different teams. And often it doesn’t even take that long — 16 of the 27 were on new teams within two years and 13 of the 27 were on new teams within one year.
  18. Ha ha, fair enough. He's really not even close to my favorite player, just always thought he got more than his share of bad press around here, and even now when he had what I consider a pretty fine season and playoffs.
  19. At some point you just have to realize there are player haters out there and move on. Nothing will be good enough because that player somehow kicked their granny down into the creek.
  20. Somebody shake me awake when anybody cares what happened 3 years ago. I like what happened last year. Faulk earned his AAV and then some in the playoffs, was reported on multiple occasions to be a leader in the room, and to tarnish that with past hyperbolic history seems irrelevant to me.
  21. I know that's how the NBA does it, not sure about the NFL.
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