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  1. This win was so groovy. Anybody that has seen a guy wearing a Turbo helmet yelling his *edit* off please look me up.
  2. All of the above. Add a little cream cheese for extra pop. Extra Warning: They have also been in a dog's mouth. Go Canes!
  3. I got a big laugh, from our spot in the east lot, at all the folks that just ignored all the warnings to get there early based on the expected combined local and game traffic. Duh.
  4. Too bad Jurco isn't under contract. We could call up a jerk.....
  5. Just need to keep plugging away and do the three musketeers...all for one and one for all. That's pretty much our team.
  6. The entire experience was just amazing yesterday. Just so much fun!
  7. Kink of hard to believe TB is getting steam rolled so easily by the Jackets. They sure didn't have an answer last night.
  8. The toilet and Craps, lol. We have a group of 20 showing up, including some Caps fans. We have our ribs rubbed, critters processed, and generally everything packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Just Win!
  9. I don't know how the league can suspend anybody with how that game was called.
  10. I thought it was a penalty, for charging. Ferland took a bunch of steps to finish the check. But I'm with everybody else, it's Dougie and Ovi or nothing. I bet the Ferland call is reversed. I'm not down though, I wish it was Monday already. We are going to rock that building.
  11. That was some crappy luck with Turbo losing his stick. Oh well, time to tailgate, then go screaming, and get this tied at home.
  12. Hanging right with the Cup champs, now let's steal this and get home tied. Nobody is giving us a chance on this stupid broadcast.....okay, now I'm whining, lol.
  13. Dougie is gone for a game, you can bet on that.
  14. You would think we are losing 6-0 from all the whining going on. It's the playoffs. This stuff is not stopping.
  15. Game 2 is going to set the tone for the rest of the series, and I believe the Canes will come out and take it to them. I liked the adjustments Rod made, and I hope he can hone those further to get the best possible match ups against what the Caps are throwing out there.
  16. I'm still all pumped up. This isn't even a loss. It's just a step, and I liked the way Rod led the team to a comeback with his adjustments. After Game 1, I don't feel like he is over his head at all.
  17. We just witnessed the last time Svech is limited to under 15 minutes TOI, if I had to guess. I loved the battle between him and Ovie. Despite the score, the result during the last two periods is a building block. Your up Dave. Bring us home.
  18. The Canes don't lose back to back games. Keep believing, [at least most of us].
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