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  1. People from Switzerland might not agree. Agree with Top though, Nino is right there, and we need him. Rod seems to be really good at putting players in spots to help the team.
  2. That move by Dougie to look the goalie off then score from the red line......wow, too cool.
  3. the goat guy continues to look like a liability to me. just my 2 cents. The rest of you can be blinded by draft status. I wouldn't play him in the third.
  4. The PK has been awesome, but...let's play 5 on 5 and if we do we have this going away.
  5. WOOOOOOOOH! What a statement in the first period of a road trip against that Division's best. Go Canes!
  6. Nice work on the GDT Surf. Yep, looks like they split up McJesus and Drai for more "balanced" lines, according to Tippet. Should be a good tilt.
  7. He probably got hammered and did something stupid. Nothing to see here......move along.
  8. I sit in 126 for a reason. To see and hear the entire ice - plays develop, or not, rushes, the benches goings on, same for the box, both goalies, line changes, the 3 on 3's, shootouts, on and on. An unobstructed view. It's hockey, baby. Some nimrod who shows up once or twice a year or anyone here who obstructs that view, sucks. I guess I do forgive 2 on 1's and such from folks who don't stand up otherwise. Sit Down. Quit Leaning. Dadgum.
  9. What is worse is people who stand up every time there is a line rush or a pass toward the net - like every play is going to be a goal. You make everybody behind you stand up if they want to continue to watch the play. Newbies. That's what you put up with when winning happens.
  10. Great Star Wars night, and the hockey wasn't bad either. (Congrats KJUN!)
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