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  1. Which way to the draft thread?
  2. No, but when you go pick me up a black Turbo helmet if one is available. Price is no barrier.
  3. Not even a surprise. Still bet if he's there we go for a winger.
  4. If you can take THG at face value, and listen to him, he knows his stuff and I generally respect his takes. I wouldn't complain about taking Askarov, I'll just be surprised.
  5. A free pick for his rights, okay.
  6. Hockey out of the Carolina's? Don't bet your fat stacks on that. Besides the new complex where the Canes will practice, there are two more NHL-sized rinks and one collegiate rink that are going to be part of the 272,000 sq ft indoor Calvert Sports Academy project in Holly Springs. My wife's company is building it and she will be overseeing the installation of the mechanical components that freeze the ice. Calvert is a college prep school and will recruit athletes in hockey and figure skating, and regional tournaments on the three rinks. The growth of hockey is doing fine here.
  7. How would you expect to get an AHL game broadcast locally in Illinois without paying? AHL-TV is not a bad deal if you just want to pay to watch a few games, rather than committing to a package deal.
  8. If I was a current Checker I'd be excited.
  9. A goalie ready in 1.5 years.....that's laughable, imo. 3 years is being hopeful, more likely 4 years, particularly a Russian prospect.
  10. I think the more appropriate question is......can he skate? The Zykov's, Saarela's, and even Lucas Wallmark had brick feet. IMO, that's the reason they were made expendable and shipped out. Francis valued size, and drafted that way. Skating seems to be the big driver in recent draft picks.
  11. Color me surprised if we took a goalie with 13OA.
  12. And to top that off, they are exempt from the Seattle expansion draft.
  13. I think this is a big understatement. Agree completely.
  14. Nino and Gardiner come to mind. God, those contracts are awful.
  15. Ah, okay, that makes sense now. Thanks for all the info.
  16. So Bean's two games in 2018-19 started the clock? - which will make him a three year player at the time of the expansion draft?
  17. Okay, I was looking at Cap Friendly and didn't notice this. Thanks Lake.
  18. Thanks, that makes more sense. So, the clock starts when the ELC is signed.
  19. Okay, so I am a little confused. Won't Jake Bean [like Necas] be exempt from selection in the expansion draft? From the expansion draft rules: *All first- and second-year NHL players, and all unsigned draft choices, will be exempt from selection (and will not be counted toward protection limits).
  20. The Canes will lose one player. We will know who the core is when that happens. Not really worth worrying about, imo. On the political posting thing, members got a away with political posts in the Covid thread ad nauseam. Smirking Rod applying the full force of the law to a new member and running the guy off is pretty classless, also in my opinion. Not to mention the condescending comment about running train on grown adults.
  21. Just the idea of drafting a potential franchise goalie has my attention. It just feels like the missing piece.
  22. Hey Tightlinez, I've been around here for years, and It's a great rule, trust me. And getting your hand slapped isn't the end of the world, it happens. Hope you stay with us. Did I hear correctly that play resumes tomorrow?
  23. I liked the one he didn't get called for because he couldn't finish his dirty play. Fighting along the boards with a TB player, Chara, from behind, shoved his left leg hard against the TB player while grabbing his upper body. He was setting up for another slew foot but the puck came loose and he let the player go.
  24. On calling out the refs publicly.....I don't see it as a high reward move, or the $17. I've not watched hockey for 50 years or anything, but we got screwed more after that. I saw the deer in headlights at the beginning of the third when Boston came out swinging. We immediately gave up the neutral zone and allowed Boston to get their game going. Regardless of the Staal hit and lack of response, I don't see how it would have made the difference. I know people don't like Edmunson, but he was brought here to be a grizzled vet and to help police stuff like that. I think not having him available hurt us in the series.
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