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  1. Shoot ducks, fish for stripers.
  2. Great to see the crowds back. I gave two tickets to first time hockey fans. Text received "This was the best time Jill and I have had in forever. We will be back, soon. Thanks for tix!!"
  3. I'm glad Lake had a talk with RB about keeping guys rested with a platoon approach.
  4. Well you can't argue that he hadn't made an immediate difference. What was I thinking?
  5. Just got tuned in, finally. How do we look? I know it's 3-1 but dang this is good.
  6. The Jets haven't been playing that great lately. Take advantage and go into the break feeling good. Not sure I feel that great about taking a center out of the lineup, but I suppose RB has a plan.
  7. I admitted that I was likely wrong on Williams, despite you singling me out and everybody else that doesn't think your way since you showed up here. That, and..... ......Baby
  8. You with calling out people all the time. Yeah, so maybe I was wrong, it happens. Go Canes
  9. No losses in the shootout so far. I remember when....
  10. It's great to feel good again. JWilly, lol. You just can't write this stuff up. Thank you Reimer, again.
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