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  1. 19 minutes ago, remkin said:

    Yeah it's like what Russian will we take with that last pick #208? A different Russian goalie maybe?


    Dundon said early on he was spending money to expand scouting in Russia.  I mean, when has the guy not done what he said he was going to do?


    Hope we get his money's worth with these picks.


    Thanks again to everybody who broke down the draft here, great job.

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  2. Enjoyed the podcast.  TD has been too quiet for my tastes as a long time sth.


    For me two things stuck out.

    1) the money goes to players and player development.  He's said that so many times and folks are still surprised when other parts are replaced - like the JF thing going south, or wherever he ends up.  MM is a Hurricane, just like the rest of us, so I've moved on.

    2) Before Gold got it out of his mouth TD said Brindy was untouchable. I hope Brindy gets paid for being that.


    I miss live games.

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  3. On 9/18/2020 at 7:16 PM, Canesfanforever said:

    The thing is with Byfield is  he is extremely  Raw for a player ,  Talented   but  Raw  and  he would need another year or 2  developing .  Rossi  is ready now .   Now if the sens are patient   about developing their talent then  okay that might happen  but  given  who their owner is   i seriously doubt it .    


    What are you seeing and reading to come to that conclusion?  A year or two, when everything I've seen is he is ready to play. 


    Yeah, if he makes it to 3, wow.

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