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  1. 17 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    .........we can't say he didn't warn us that the place he'd be spending money to make that happen is on the ice. 


    Now that I agree with, he's said it on multiple occasions. 


    But, that doesn't preclude Dundon and his big-daddy bucks from keeping John Forslund and making the improved on-ice product also enjoyable to watch on TV to the greatest extent possible.


    Pay the man.

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  2. On 5/27/2020 at 4:42 PM, LakeLivin said:

    Right 😧 Hamilton, Pesce, Vatanen, TVR

    Left 😧 Slavin, Skjei, Fleury, Gardiner, Edmundson


    Talk about depth on D, lol.



    And back to be a dominating D force from just months ago.  Awesome.

  3. 3 hours ago, wxray1 said:

    Am I the only one who likes the arena being out there in the weeds?


    No.  Most long time fans, IMO, have to tailgate, and not in a parking lot in some downtown.  It's the culture of the area. Try arguing with that, Tom.




  4. Hello everyone, I just got through 10 pages.  Great discussion.  I'm no expert on Covid-19, but I do have direct expertise in zoonotics, being a professional wildlife biologist that regularly responds to such things, and who fully understand a virus, and the combination of proteins that give most their pathogenic nature, at least in birds, particularly waterfowl and other waterbirds, which is my area of responsibility for state game and fish.


    In fact, I've taken oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs from over 25,000 wild ducks over seven years at different times in my career, in response to the concerns of transmission to humans from mostly the highly-pathogenic subtypes of H5 and H7 Influneza A.


    The idea of a wet market, in today's society, blows my mind.  Seriously, civet cats and bats, both of which are known to carry SARS type viruses?  People destroy wildlife habitat, bring humans closer to wildlife, and it's then an incubation chamber for zoonotic transmission.


    This is the real threat, and I expect pandemics to be more the norm than the occasional.  Just offering a view from a different professional perspective. 


    I miss hockey.


    Just Win!



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  5. None of this explains why there is no TP.

    16 hours ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Okay guys, here's what I know at present. The problem with coming to terms with this disease is, as one of its name implies, it is a NOVEL virus, apparently imported from animals (referred to as a zoonotic because of that). It is my understanding that due to that fact, specifics as to how it acts in humans ARE NOT UNDERSTOOD AT PRESENT. Further, it's related to both SARS and MERS, both of which seem to have a much higher mortality rate than this COVID -19 (technically this is the disease), caused by a coronovirus, the viral agent known as SARS-COV2, because apparently it shares genetic similarity with SARS. MERS reputedly seems to have come from dromedary camels in the Arabian peninsula (ie Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome=MERS), while the source of SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) apparently still remains a mystery. One facet of this current pandemic confuses me, and that is, Why has this COVID-19 spread so fast and globally, yet the other 2, similarly coronoviruses, been more or less contained? I suspect that population density associated with them may be responsible, thus in China with its millions and proximal to a huge national holiday with residents spreading far and wide may have played a cataclysmic role?


    Treatment: currently there is no known antiviral effective against it or other remedy. Several avenues of treatment are being pursued by many drug firms, one thought seems promising is that an agent might be introduced that disrupts the viral attachment site at the cell about to be invaded? I suspect that antiviral treatment will be found much quicker than a vaccine, because a vaccine goes thru 3 stages it appears, each taking several months. One other very critical factor I've read with a vaccine was a finding made when researchers attempted to develop a vaccine for RSV, another respiratory virus, was when that vaccine was tested, the result was a dangerous "overexaggeration" if you will, of the subject's immune response, causing worsening of the disease and even death. There is, as I understand, the possibility that a SARS-COV2 might act similarly, and researchers are working with part of the virus to curtail that response.


    Presently, statistics appear to suggest that the Chinese infection rate "might be slowing down", but as with the initial news suppression in that police state, who knows? 


    I've debated with colleagues as to whether we'll see a "seasonality" to this disease similar to influenza, and I believe we just cannot know due to its "novel" characterization? Undoubtedly, humanity tends to congregate more in colder times, and spread out as warmer months occur, so that might affect the infection rate. 


    One final thought. When debating the seriousness of this disease, to me, to simply dismiss it as being no worse that our friend "the flu" or to apparently over exaggerate it as "the Rapture" is simply impossible, as there's not enough testing available YET to get an actual D number (N/D). You on here that daily debate stats, from which I defer, certainly understand that better than the general population😃 Statistics are saying that the mortality of influenza is 0.1% but with it, we have huge statistics for years so that appears to be a tested number. So, I propose to you all, if we cannot test those suspected to have COVID-19, and undoubtedly there are sub-clinical cases as with all viral diseases, how can you begin to figure a mortality rate? At present though, testing those who are symptomatic, mortality has been seen to be between 1-2%, or possibly higher?


    Whew, I feel like rem now???   


    None of this explains WHY THERE IS NO TP AT THE STORE.

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