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  1. Foegs deserved that goal, what a night he's having. FOEGS!!
  2. Chasing again after completely coming apart in the last minute of a dadgum well played period. The Canes.
  3. I have no clue what to expect. I'll feel better if we score first. We haven't been exactly great when we are chasing games. Win
  4. The Canes are a bunch of soft pansies, much like their captain. The minute the Rags brought the body, this team folded like a cheap tent. And this isn't an isolated game, it happens, a lot. If we are ever going to compete in the Metro we better find a way to turn on the nasty when needed. And speaking of the Captain, and his post game comments - as usual, he just shrugs things off as "well, we lost, get the camera out of my face and on to the next game". It's no coincidence that much of the rest of the team passengers take the same attitude. No urgency and absolutely no pride. The word is out on the Canes, and I expect this team is going to get clobbered in March.
  5. Well, maybe I'll stop going to Rangers games next season. What a kick in the cods.
  6. The second Goat complained about his situation with the big club he was gone, IMO. Coupled with the fact he's a one-trick pony and doesn't play a two-way game I'm surprised it took this long to offload him.
  7. The Canes are not out of the playoffs.
  8. Captain Obvious says we need a goal here.
  9. Just not the Pens, please, or Boston, or Philly....
  10. Well, Tampa has never played in an outdoor game either.......
  11. It's got to be against the Caps, right. Anyway, I'll be there, you can bet on that.
  12. I've been following Bokk. What a talent. Can't wait until he gets over here to NA.
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