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  1. It's not the ref's fault nobody can score.
  2. Good gawd can we get some offensive support for Reimer.
  3. That's for sure, we were just saying the same thing.
  4. The team needs to get the foot back on the gas in the second.
  5. Division game, 5 pm, yeah no problem.
  6. Uh no, it's not. It was on all on Svech in the neutral zone for allowing the breakaway, and even having played an outstanding 60 minutes, Reimer couldn't make that save.
  7. It has been all over XM, so if you don't subscribe then you might not have heard this. For example, yesterday afternoon, Nick Kypreos basically said verbatim "Don Waddell has been shopping Gardiner around for some time with no takers". I've also heard this from Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun. So, take it at face value.
  8. The Defense played a great game. The offense just can't step up, again. And the goalie can't make a save. The team secured a point.
  9. I think the Borg has been trying to offload Gardiner for some time, according to reports, with no luck. But I think they have to do something on D, and quick. If the offense can't pick it up several notches and take up some slack, not good. Not to mention neither of our goalies have yet proved they can steal games.
  10. Yep, I have no problem at all with Jacob replacing Dougie as an All Star all things considered.
  11. Broke my fibula at about Dougie's age and did not need surgery. Minimum, six weeks folks. My recovery was closer to 12 weeks.
  12. I'm jumping off, not the ledge, just feels like it might be one of those nights.
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