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  1. The Canes have a bright future. I thought they played well enough to win, but that wasn't enough today. I can't see how anybody questions that effort. But there is always that guy/gal.
  2. It's a good thing I have a choice to ignore Forslund-Milbury tomorrow. Sorry John, but your new partner sucks. I like the homer broadcast. Just Win For Svech
  3. The Caps are probably on the same level as the Pens right now. The sun is setting on their Cup chances and it's rebuild time.
  4. Haula beeched his way off the team. True story.
  5. Just saw Luke's tweet. This is fantastic news!
  6. I think Svech is in their head. Our agitator. Who would have thought our most skilled player could do that? Also, a Necas sighting in the second tilt. I'm not disappointed. Go Marty. Fleury is becoming a stud back there with his physical play. Super excited for tomorrow.
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