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  1. Great move by Rod to break up the SAT line last night. It was the right call at the right time, and it worked. 3-0 Canes 5 vs 5.
  2. Mostly I'll wake up tomorrow thinking about Dougie's bomb. This team missed that threat.
  3. Just to be clear, I'm *edit* and moaning about the officiating. Can't wait to hear the spin on this one.
  4. I really thought we were getting to our game, then they scored.
  5. My first star for goat of the game and imo well deserved is none other than Sebastian Aho. What a *edit* poor effort to back check on the winning goal. Look at the replay.
  6. Hayden Fleury was my first star today for the good guys. I think it was his best game in a Canes jersey.
  7. *edit*? Either call it both ways or chunk the whistle. BS.
  8. The entire hockey universe believes the puck was frozen. Not only that, they cited an illegal plays as justification for allowing play to continue. Just an utterly stupid result. Let's just start hacking away every time the puck is frozen then.
  9. The puck was frozen, no whistle. Should have been a whistle. Bad call.
  10. Ha ha, cynics you say. We would have moved up in the draft anyway once the ball didn't say Leafs. Get with the program.
  11. So yeah, we have the 13th pick, so that softens the blow some. But really....a Metro team. Dadgum
  12. Going forward, I think I'd rather have the chance to beat the Bruins than the Caps. But I really don't care who we play, it's mostly awesome to have hockey to watch again. My agency sent me to work from home in March, and the major plus right now is hockey is on all day in the background. I love working from home right now.
  13. I heard that phrase enough as a kid. I guess I'm backwoods [check...that's where I lived] and backwards [probably, see backwoods]. My aunt said that all the time, mostly when I was in trouble for something, which was a lot. Not sure it really bothers me, yet. I voted unsure.
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