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  1. I've been there and it's real nice, but lacks the intensity in the "real" sections of the arena. Last game I watched PK outside the owners box for quite a while. Boy, he sure likes Skittles.
  2. We need to pay Cam, so anthing past the first round would be good. Seriously, it's great to be in the playoffs, but I really don't think this team is built for a deep run, although I hope they prove me wrong.
  3. I aint wearin no Snuggie, thank you very much.
  4. I think it's time for a GDT, Game 4, Devils @ Carolina. This game has been operated upon enough, and I for one, am ready to move on. At least there might be something more positive to talk about and leave this one where it belongs now, in the circle file. GO CANES!!
  5. I don't like screaming or such about the calls, no-calls etc. The fact is, they didn't affect the outcome of the game. What did, is we didn't take advantage of our PP opportunities, gave up a forced turnover which led directly to a goal late in the first, and were the victims of a lucky bounce in overtime with two players laying on the ice. Although the Devils have done a great job shutting down our top line so far, I don't give an overwhelming edge to them 5 on 5. We had our chances in front of Brodeur, especially late in the third, and couldn't put one in. My hat's off to Parise, that kid has been the star of the series so far. I still look for our stars to shine. Unfortunately, that needs to be sooner, or later won't be an option. Also, I'm not sure who all those people are who are alleged to be saying the crowd wasn't into it. I thought they were, I only said I have heard it louder before. On a related note, as Bill Cowher was sounding the siren it was so loud in there I couldn't hear it.
  6. I thought they did a damn good job of it late in the regular season, in the postseason, not so much.
  7. I suspect this is probably a "video" day for the team. I am expecting Mo\Ron to make some adjustments on the PP, based upon how the Devils have adjusted after the regular season. The shooting lanes are being in large part taken away by the Devils, they are pressuring the point men a little more, and thus far, it doesn't appear to me that we have any answer for it, other than some nice crisp passes back and forth with few shots. New Jersey has gone to school on the Canes, I think it's time we do the same. I am wondering why Cullen is not manning a point, maybe it has something to do with his injury, I don't know, but it seemed that was working before?
  8. Spot on Icefrog, and agree completely with the powerplay issues. Even gaining the zone seems to be a challenge. And as far as our top line goes, I'm gonna eat crow here :angry: and say you are absolutely right, our top line was "invisible" tonight, and wasnt't much better on Friday, although they did actually setuup the game winner in that game, kinda by holding the zone. If they can't find a way to get better, it's going to be tough. As far as Mo calling them out, I hope that would be enough, but I'm not so sure. As far as the Devil's top line, and their other lines for that matter, almost all of their chances come from their forecheck. It is absoulutely killing us. For example, Shannahan checks Corvo along the boards at the end of the first, the puck spits out right to Gionta, and in she goes. I thought that goal was a killer. Good atmosphere tonight but I've heard it louder.
  9. First, I'm not jumping on you. So, don't go there. I don't agree with you and that's that. And yes, your original post saying the LINE was invisible, was IMO, a generalization, not an observation. I stand by that with the reasons stated previously. This IS a PGA and I have my opinion too, so if I don't agree with you then go get a Kleenex And by the way, I never disagreed with you about Pitkanen - eh.
  10. No, but you always generalize and fall back on your negative comments when it comes to giving credit to, or placing blame on individuals. Not withstanding, Cole, Ruutu and Staal had a big impact on the game, and while not ALWAYS composing a LINE, were the difference, IMO.
  11. Yeah, Cole, Staal and Ruutu sucked. Staal scores the first goal. Ruutu hits the post on what could have been a go ahead goal. Cole drives the net on a breakway and just shoots it wide past Broduer. Cole is in on the play that puts Langenbrunner out. On the game winner, it's Cole who keeps the zone, cycles low to Staal who tries a wrap a round chance which kicks out and eventually leads to the game winning shot by Gleason. But, the LINE didn't do enough I guess. Same old story.
  12. Agree with the Pitkanen comments, although I haven't seen that mean streak in him all season. I wouldn't expect Mo to scratch him though. I thought Kabs had a good game, a quiet game but a sound one. I must have missed something but Staal scores the tying goal in the first and screens Brodeur on the game winner by Gleason. Staal had the advantage when the day ended on Parise, IMO
  13. And as Tripp put it last night, I don't expect anymore "tea and crumpets play" on Friday.
  14. I'm going to close with good thoughts: That grill smell when it's first fired off in the RBC parking lot, no gas thank you please. Going to bed feeling down but knowing you will wake up just as fired up as you were before tonight's results got you down to begin with. That magical feeling WHEN you win a playoff game. The anticipation of coming back home tied up at 1-1 and knowing the RBC will be rocking like we haven't seen in 2 years. TSA, that's kindof a PGA, right?
  15. You don't leave much in the way of analysis there TSA. Pretty well sums things up. But, like you said, what's different in the postseason is you have to adjust, and quickly. I fully expect that on Friday. Those of us who have been through a few of these know how things can turn around. Let's get back to work. One thing I do know, this organization and that locker room will not go down easily. On a positive note, I thought Cullen jumping into his old spot was fairly seamless and that magic played out in a goal scored. That line, if it gets going, can be a difference maker come Friday and going forward.
  16. Likely not, as this series has tradtionally gone. Get one of 2 in Jersey and I like our chanes.
  17. Yes, definitely good news. Jussi has looked good so need to rush Cullen back to the second line until he works the bugs out. Hopefully, that want take long.
  18. I think you both made your point. Let's move on or start a trap thread, please.
  19. The "Rock" is one nice arena, and the two games I have attended there have been without incident. I have a friend who lives on the coast there and we rode the train. But if you haven't been to Newark then it is definitely an experience. The cops there were real nice and didn't hesitate to give us info or just friendly advice. Most of their fans were respectful but we did run into a couple of bad apples, but they are in any pro sport venue anywhere. There were some really nice eating places and bars close to the arena but I can't remember any of the names. Personally, I wouldn't want to stay in Newark, but that's not saying anything bad about the people, just not my choice of location. Finally, for any other Devils fans visiting our boards, the hillbilly, nascar and diving references are what we are used to, but do a little research on our town and you might find some interesting facts. I for one, am looking forward to an exciting series.
  20. Thanks for the comment. Yeah that was really strange, but to have it happen twice? Bizarre. I also like to read the other teams pages. This should be a good series, but of course, we hope the Canes come out on top.
  21. And all is good in the Caniac Nation - you know what I mean TSA and Froggy!
  22. Okay Caniacs - FROG SAYS DEVILS IN FIVE. You heard it here first!
  23. Okay Froggy, is it possible you could give us your prediction? Put me out of my misery , and give us your pick.
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