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  1. A loss tonight and we have dug ourselves a big hole, again.
  2. What we need is a "BLAME DU JOUR" thread, then everyone should share in the fun. Don't see how you blame Ward for last night.
  3. We have had chance after chance this year to put ourselves in solid playoff position, but we follow good play with a streak of poor play. We still have a chance, over the next 8 games or so, to do it again. But, with this team, who knows? Watching Florida last night it was apparent to me that they WANT to win, they may not be the most talented team in the EC, but they are getting it done because they are hungry. My hats are off to them, and outside the top 4 teams, may be the best of the rest right now. The enigma continues.
  4. I was the only one who had us losing this one. So, I'm one for one ......kinda Now the wins will pile up......uh I hope.
  5. I don't have alot of confidence after last night either, but I had us picked to lose this one anyway. Florida is a way better team than the Canes. But, I can't throw in the towel just yet. I will wait (yet again) and see how the next 8 games play out. I think I might rather see what happens this year, and if we miss the playoffs yet again, have a fire sale and go with some youth.
  6. I'm so pumped for tommorrow night. TSA, are we still ON?
  7. My response includes February, so ditto again!
  8. Like I said earlier, 6 teams are now battling for the last 4 playoff spots so no one team has an easy schedule. EVERY game is important, and who knows who will get hot or go cold the last couple of months of the season. Plus, the trade deadline looms, although it may not be as substantial this year as in past years given the salary cap issues most teams face.
  9. My Hurricanes "fat pants" (i.e. my very comfy pajama looking bottoms I wear for every game I watch on TV) and my Eric Staal bobblehead who I high five for every goal in games watched at home too (we are buds)!
  10. With 6 teams now in the hunt for the last 4 playoff spots it should make an interesting finish down the stretch. I do like our heavy home schedule to close the regular season and propel the Canes into a playoff berth. Let's hope we can start the Kitty's off right with a home win. I sure hope the crowd is into it tommorrow night - big game.
  11. Yeah Remkin, have some faith man.
  12. Seems like I've heard you say we are "suddenly a better team" a time or two.
  14. I agree. The time to address this is now. I would only hope that Rod himself has realized his play is below the caliber he expects from himself and has admitted it to management and has come to a mutual understanding with the team that it's time to look at alternatives. Maybe the move in Vancouver to come home and the Jokinen trade reflects this.....I don't know. However, as a fan, I expect management to put the best product on the ice, no matter the situation. As a fan, I deserve that. But to suggest it's Brindy's call to make seems irresponible to me. Any other player with the stats Rod has this year would not be in the lineup long.
  15. Exactly, but my original point in suggesting us closing THIS thread is the original name of the topic itself. Brindy can't be "minus whatever" and "currently the worst defensive player in the league" if he is not in the lineup. I'm not suggesting we close the conversation on the Captain, let's just frame the conversation in a more respectful atmosphere (thread), and one that reflects what we do moving forward, no matter what your opinion is on his future. IMO, he deserves that.
  16. Enough is enough, time to close this one. Let's move on, please.
  17. I like the move. Maybe Ronnie can work some magic with this guy. At least we sent the dead wood floating down the creek. Welcome to the Canes Jussi.
  18. Just like the Thrash game, I think if we score a couple early we get the win in Vancouver. They are on a horrible slide. Here's hoping but the Sharks are almost unbeatable at home, so a tough game there. The Coyotes are beatable if we don't have a road slump. I would be happy with 4 out of 6 points.
  19. Another vote here for Tripp. I find his offbeat humor entertaining and the way the team's been trying to play hockey, it at least makes it somewhat entertaining. Trade the Storm Squad for some real ICE GIRLS!
  20. I sure miss the noise and the energy that was in that buildling. But, you're right, it's noticebably silent, and we need get off our butts up and make some noise! It's alot more fun.
  21. I think we should keep Walker and LaRose on the same line, they do seem to feed off one another. I also like Babchuk with Wallin. Babchuk has a monster slap shot and I think he has been playing very well in his last few games. Put Kabs in the press box.
  22. At this point I give MO and Staff a solid B. The defensive letdowns have subsided, we are skating the puck and passing out of our own zone and across the blue lines. Our first line is once again a scoring line and we are getting solid play out of most of our top lines. The powerplay is slowly starting to get in synch. I like Mo's style with the media and his willingness to call out players when the need arises. A very telling game will be Tuesday against the Devils. To me, the most important game since the start of the season.
  23. Since early in the year, I haven't seen Eric pick a spot and put a laser on net like that last goal last night. I have to think part of his problem was an injury, IMO. I also have to think the new staff has helped him. I too would like to see some extended consistency but I think he's back. Let's see if he shows up on the scoresheet tonight. I would also like to see him beside the likes of a Malkin, Semin, etc, etc, etc. and then we might not be having these conversations.
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