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  1. Well, that's not happening (i.e. running it's course before April). People need to face reality that something like this could really happen.
  2. If video review wasn't initiated for offsides, then the old rule was fine.
  3. It will all come down to the goalies. Simple opinion, yes. But that's what I think.
  4. Well, that was interesting. Pretty much says we are doing our best to keep the momentum going.
  5. The second Goat complained about his situation with the big club he was gone, IMO. Coupled with the fact he's a one-trick pony and doesn't play a two-way game I'm surprised it took this long to offload him.
  6. Just not the Pens, please, or Boston, or Philly....
  7. Well, Tampa has never played in an outdoor game either.......
  8. It's got to be against the Caps, right. Anyway, I'll be there, you can bet on that.
  9. I've been following Bokk. What a talent. Can't wait until he gets over here to NA.
  10. I broke my right fibula and had surgery to realign and stabilize the bone [with screws]. After a month, I ignored my doctor and put too much pressure on it. My leg swelled like a beach ball but no additional damage was done. 6 months later, it was healed, but didn't feel "normal" for another 6 weeks or so. Of course, I was no pro athlete, but it's long, slow process. Oh, and my screws are still in my leg, I choose not to have them removed.
  11. I can still picture Staal on one knee behind the opponents goal when the play was already at the other end. The picture of that "lazy" Staal will never go away for me. Get the heck up and go back to the bench.
  12. Yeah, exactly, and why I didn't tune in.
  13. Nope. Bean shoots left and plays on the left side.
  14. Shoot ducks, fish for stripers.
  15. I admitted that I was likely wrong on Williams, despite you singling me out and everybody else that doesn't think your way since you showed up here. That, and..... ......Baby
  16. You with calling out people all the time. Yeah, so maybe I was wrong, it happens. Go Canes
  17. Division game, 5 pm, yeah no problem.
  18. It has been all over XM, so if you don't subscribe then you might not have heard this. For example, yesterday afternoon, Nick Kypreos basically said verbatim "Don Waddell has been shopping Gardiner around for some time with no takers". I've also heard this from Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun. So, take it at face value.
  19. I think the Borg has been trying to offload Gardiner for some time, according to reports, with no luck. But I think they have to do something on D, and quick. If the offense can't pick it up several notches and take up some slack, not good. Not to mention neither of our goalies have yet proved they can steal games.
  20. Yep, I have no problem at all with Jacob replacing Dougie as an All Star all things considered.
  21. Broke my fibula at about Dougie's age and did not need surgery. Minimum, six weeks folks. My recovery was closer to 12 weeks.
  22. If we add anything I think it's going to be a defenseman. Get to work Donnie.
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