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  1. Another nice starter Surf, and I feel like the Canes will be in the game to the end. Only 30 minutes to pregame.
  2. The team just went to Banff, mostly as a team bonding opportunity in the middle of a heavy road schedule. Then we blasted the Jets, in their barn. I dunno, it's really starting to come together. Love JWilly, beyond words. I just have a hard time messing with what's going on. But, is there a better rental if the team is looking for one? I'm with AWACS, I just don't know anymore, and I'll just chill with Lake in the watch and see zone.
  3. Hey, thanks for asking the IT gurus. It is what it is. It's not life threatening.
  4. Cross-conference playoffs just won't work. Seeding within conferences could change, but Bettman has been on record repeatedly that he likes the current format, and it is supported by the BOG's. I don't see things changing anytime soon.
  5. Turbo is just so good....best player in the league to get little to no recognition.
  6. Does anyone else fail to get a drop down menu when hovering over the home page banner. For example, to see "Stats" you have to click first, and then you can hover to expand that menu. Can we get this corrected please?
  7. There is no way the NHL is going to a cross-conference schedule for the playoffs. It will never happen.
  8. Cheap shots are their only answer to this Canes squad
  9. Holy cow he did it again!!!!!!!!
  10. Turbo is hands down one of the best playmakers in the game.
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