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  1. Dadgum, this is awful. Why did the guy wait so long, why now? And Jordan's comments, holy cow!
  2. Our blueline is first in the league in goals scored and points. Geez. Let's give Gardiner a little more time to acclimate.
  3. If only there was a place to look this up..... The Canes are averaging 80% of full capacity (15,020). http://www.espn.com/nhl/attendance
  4. Inspirational and out of the box thinking. Thx dude.
  5. This sucks. Guess we will see how it works out, but losing a C isn't easy to replace. Particularly his production so far.
  6. Maybe it's time to resurrect the plus/minus debate/discussion. Actually, plus/minus IS relative to the PP AND PK, as players on the ice when his team scores a shorthanded goal are awarded a "plus" while those on the ice when their team gives up a shorthaned goal get a "minus".
  7. Skinner kept the franchise afloat when it was sinking, for some years. That's my take. Regardless, it was obvious Rod wouldn't build a team with him and others in the lineup. I'm fine with that, but I still follow Jeff and wish him the best.
  8. I think this group is plenty tough when it needs to be. The days of not sticking up for teammates is gone. Dzingel even dropped the gloves sticking up for himself, lol. They don't back off from scrums, and every game we are punching somebody down with a big hit, even the skill guys, just like every other team. And with our skill and speed, it's working so far.
  9. Really glad Marty's back, he brings a lot. I'm also an Eetu fan, really liked watching him out there. We most definitely haven't seen the last of him.
  10. Yeah, I agree as well and also got the % question.
  11. I've not had an usher check my seats on my phone this year. It was every game when receipts were printed. Has anybody else been checked?
  12. I'd take Justin Williams all day every day and all day on Sunday if it's the JW of last season. That keeps McGinn and Foegele out of the top-6 and Marty learning on the third line while making the PP a plus from last year. The whole situation is weird for me, and I can certainly appreciate what cc was opining.
  13. The Isles about to win 7 in a row.
  14. Here's my take - The team taught Svech how to play a two-way game last year starting on the third line.....forward to today The team is teaching Marty how to play a two-way game this year starting on the third line.....forward to next year if it works...I think it's on the path. The guy oozes speed and skill. Goat might get another few chances this year, but he's probably going to have to find a way to adapt his game to some fourth line grinding, because he's not going to get a sniff in the top-6.
  15. Join in, the water is warm. Or not. Depending on how thick your lenses are. Everybody is pulling for both guys last I checked.
  16. Given everybody seems to have an opinion on why Necas belongs, I think it's time Top convince the rest of the free world why Goat should be skating to glory beside Haula and Dzingle.
  17. I dunno Top, you have a good argument about camp I guess, but at the NHL level in real games, not so much.
  18. Somebody is dinged and a road trip is coming up. I would bet that there is a 0% chance this is about Foegele.
  19. Yeah, that's what I thought. Bold predictions.
  20. Other than the primary assist and point he looks to be a great fit in St. Louis, genius.
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