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  1. ^ I think Lake's take going back a month or so ago still makes the most sense of anything else I've seen posted during the Williams saga.
  2. Also, now that JWilly is back, maybe it's time to give Ned a shot. Seriously.
  3. Wally. Thanks for bringing up Wally. What a year he is having. My candidate to taking over for Staal one day. Maybe soon. Justin can pump his tires up.
  4. Why are folks so down on Nino, especially lately? Look up his December stats. Besides, he plays on the left
  5. I flew around all day and counted tundra swans. Thanks for the reminder to get my Turbo X 10 vote in.
  6. You forget sir, I'm one of the guys who took the *edit*. I'd take Justin Faulk on the team right now over anybody not named Slavin, Pesce, or Hamilton. Like I always have. Too bad he wanted 6 million. With that said, I'd save any available money or cap space for another D man down the stretch and not squander it on a wish and a prayer. And at some point we need a goalie that can steal a game. I can't remember at any point this season our tandem has pulled that off.
  7. Jake Gardiner would have to pay to lick Faulk's skate boots. That is all I have to say about that.
  8. I'm tired of the speculation and waiting for nothing, frankly. Sign him on the team, or not. Or just do something else, like keep battling. Dadgum.
  9. This is the best word used on the board this year. I'm down with this idea.
  10. I really hope the Canes hit another home run with Puistola.
  11. Nobody is running over to William's house to kick his dog, so let's don't go down that road.. Lot's of folks, to use your terminology, just seem to take it at face value that he is going to help the team without considering anything else. It's not last year, the team is not last year's team. I think it's a mistake to depend too much on what he can bring after being away from hockey for so long. And again, William's doesn't kill penalties. WHO IS GOING TO SIT? Without knowing any of this it's a legit concern.
  12. I'm stopping here, and again, I'm going to stay with that ship has sailed. If it happens I'll be a little disappointed.
  13. Who sits? Williams doesn't kill penalties. From a lineup perspective that move would be a head scratcher for me.
  14. Well deserved recognition for Dougie.
  15. Yeah, how about that. BIG SURPRISE. It's why it's futile to argue about plus minus.
  16. i'm gonna choose to give Gardiner some more time to acclimate, just like Dougie got, when only 13 months ago folks were doggin' him to live up.
  17. I'm trying to give Gardiner some time. Personally, I think Gardiner's worst stat is his shots on goal. He's put up only 45 shots on goal in 37 games, with PP time. 45 shots. By far, the lowest on the D with his games played.
  18. The Athletic is a great investment if you follow hockey. Great article on Gardiner.
  19. Me too. Only a week ago people suggested sitting Staal in the press box or trading him.
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