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  1. Say more then AWACS, than just "sayin". You are one of the major players in the discussion here, and from your comments suggest your ready for a trade immediately . So you think the team would be fine without Jordan today, right now?
  2. Today, right now, the team would suffer if Jordan wasn't able to go for an extended time. That's about it for me.
  3. People from Switzerland might not agree. Agree with Top though, Nino is right there, and we need him. Rod seems to be really good at putting players in spots to help the team.
  4. He probably got hammered and did something stupid. Nothing to see here......move along.
  5. This season is going to be a battle to make the playoffs for months going forward. There are 57 games left. Every team is good. It's a real thin margin from top to bottom. Folks are demanding trades already. I like our chances.
  6. Not looking too good for Ronnie, everybody has given a statement but him.
  7. Wonder when Ron Francis will be forced to make a statement?
  8. Dadgum, this is awful. Why did the guy wait so long, why now? And Jordan's comments, holy cow!
  9. Our blueline is first in the league in goals scored and points. Geez. Let's give Gardiner a little more time to acclimate.
  10. If only there was a place to look this up..... The Canes are averaging 80% of full capacity (15,020). http://www.espn.com/nhl/attendance
  11. Inspirational and out of the box thinking. Thx dude.
  12. This sucks. Guess we will see how it works out, but losing a C isn't easy to replace. Particularly his production so far.
  13. Maybe it's time to resurrect the plus/minus debate/discussion. Actually, plus/minus IS relative to the PP AND PK, as players on the ice when his team scores a shorthanded goal are awarded a "plus" while those on the ice when their team gives up a shorthaned goal get a "minus".
  14. Skinner kept the franchise afloat when it was sinking, for some years. That's my take. Regardless, it was obvious Rod wouldn't build a team with him and others in the lineup. I'm fine with that, but I still follow Jeff and wish him the best.
  15. I think this group is plenty tough when it needs to be. The days of not sticking up for teammates is gone. Dzingel even dropped the gloves sticking up for himself, lol. They don't back off from scrums, and every game we are punching somebody down with a big hit, even the skill guys, just like every other team. And with our skill and speed, it's working so far.
  16. Really glad Marty's back, he brings a lot. I'm also an Eetu fan, really liked watching him out there. We most definitely haven't seen the last of him.
  17. Yeah, I agree as well and also got the % question.
  18. I've not had an usher check my seats on my phone this year. It was every game when receipts were printed. Has anybody else been checked?
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