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  1. Dont jump buddy. Take some breaths.
  2. you think people are panicking here you should check hf where they already have the trade deadline thread going, mo fired and a complete team of rats ready to suit up against the nhls finest and theyre looking to chicago to give us some of there players just....because. i'll take toews if theyre giving him. you make a great point though, a mon th ago jr was god and this team was in the conference finals. anyone seen torontos record yet
  3. +3! The PP has been our achilles heel since the Cup run and show no signs of getting any better. Time for new game plan.
  4. Who cares what other fans think, Ive given up on that years ago. we got a good thing going on down here and they all know it. Several of the commenters have come here to a game. Why? because they know we got a good thing, the weather is great and the team is competetive. That would eliminate at least 20 other teams in the league right there. I love that the fans here took ownership of the redneck hockey and nascar slams. Anyone whos been here or isnt ignorant themselves about the area knows how far from the truth it is. Whateve, lets just keep winning and shut them up. Sabre fans do a lot of slamming but what do they have to show for all their dedication and passion? That said, i hate when ignorant know nothing people represent us all in the media. Who is that girl?
  5. Unbelievable game for the Hawks, I saw the highlights but not the game. We need one of those confidence building come from behind against a good team victories. On second thought, maybe we can just take a nice win
  6. I can put up with a few stupid penalties to see more of that! Great link!
  7. I get what your saying but we'll need ward. He's tough in front of the net and plays a pretty smart defensive game. You got it right though, he's slow and probly did benefit from playing next to Chara in Boston but as we work in the younger guys all season, we're gonna need the older vets to keep them in check and help teach them. Its not all about speed flash and youth but it will be by next year. LOts of these older guys come off the books next summer and Im sure there will be injuries. It'll be ok, better to ease the new young guns in rather than to throw them to the wolves/.
  8. Huge beat down on the Bruins and NJ found some at Hurricane last second magic. Tampa will be having nightmares about SO's
  9. The consistently least penalized team turns into the most penalized team starting in the playoffs last year. Did they just all of a sudden forget to play clean? I think not.
  10. Just say no! We're already one of the oldest teams the goal was to get younger and bigger. The guy is not only done but should never get another chance with this org.
  11. Forslund had a good idea, keep teams of refs/linesmans togther all season. Right now they move around and work with diffrent guys every game. Maybe Johnny is on to something here because these guys act like theyre working against each other sometimes.
  12. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: coastal_caniac']Personally, I'd spend my worry time concerned more about Cole on the first line. Brindy will be fine, and he will ultimately get the minutes his play on the ice deserves. I still have Cole as a big question mark. He hasn't shown me that much since returning. Brindy finished last year with points. I'm with you on that concern. I like Ruutu better on the line with Staal, but what do I know about hockey? Must be the Staal/Cole bromance Almost as intriguing as the Supercaniacdave97 bromance Very concerning indeed. If Cole doesnt produce, he'll get knocked off the top line as quick as c97 follows each post of super-dave-1's
  13. Almost as intriguing as the Supercaniacdave97 bromance A great concern for many.
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