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  1. My issue here is that Shanny keeps talking about awareness and the responsibility of the hitter in terms of head shots, yet Lucic _deliberately_ makes a reckless play leading to the injury of a goaltender and gets nothing. It's a damned joke.
  2. I was at the grocery store yesterday. I took someone's head and guided it right into the driver's side mirror. Glass shards in their face... threatened to call an ambulance chaser but I claimed interference... had to wait to get in the store for 5 minutes. The Kart Kid saw no problem with it.
  3. "The Buffalo Sabres today announced that Tom Golisano has reached an agreement to sell the Buffalo Sabres and its related companies to Terry Pegula. The agreement, completed at 1 p.m. today, is subject to certain closing conditions including review and approval by the National Hockey League. It is expected the NHL review process will take several weeks to complete..." http://sabres.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=551300
  4. Since it's not suspend-able, Julien should line Thornton up against Crosby from the very first shift he takes and tell him to run him until he lands on a stretcher the same way Savard did.
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