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  1. Sure what is true today isn't necessarily true tomorrow but RF doesn't seem to make a lot of misleading pronouncements for posturing. At the same time RF doesn't make a lot of pronouncements when it comes to player moves but he does give us clues from time to time.
  2. I think we should keep in mind we don't know who RF/BP have penciled in as the 6- 7 D-men. For all we know they have two of the prospects penciled in. But I'm with you RF saying we won't move any of our 7 seems a bit restrictive if the right trade comes up.
  3. Well Francis says not trading his D-men to get forwards so I expect if we have another deal it won't involve the top 5 or 6 D
  4. So we open up at home with the Wild followed by another home game with CBJ before hitting the road for a four game west coast swing.
  5. The Hurricanes 2017/18 schedule has been released 2017/2018 Schedule Breaking Down the 2017-18 Schedule by Michael Smith
  6. Knowing what we know at this point in time I think your assessment is spot on. I think there is a good chance Fluery jumps in but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of Fluery, Mckeown or Carrick (if we re-sign him) as part of a trade. They are all prospects and the log jam is at D
  7. Not really a suggestion or do I advocate it but I read about 2 weeks ago a rumor,suggestion, best guess from some pundit a trade centering around Galchenyuk for Lindholm. I didn't pay it much mind then and still don't but I suppose it would be an option. With Francis indicating he wants deals centered around picks and prospects I think that big jaw dropping type trade is not the direction we are going in
  8. Is there another deal coming to complete this trade or is the Vegas get just slow to come in?
  9. Yup details to come
  10. Lets face it the anticipation of a trade is what is holding our attention but RF and company also need to make some decisions on our pending unrestricted free agents and Restricted free agents. Most are prospects but DiGi, Ryan, McGinn and Jmac aren't. UFAs RW Patrick Brown RW Danny Kristo G Michael Leighton C Jay McClement D Dennis Robertson C Derek Ryan D Philip Samuelsson D Matt Tennyson LW Brendan Woods RFAs G Daniel Altshuller D Trevor Carrick D Jake Chelios RW Phil Di Giuseppe LW Erik Karlsson RW Brock McGinn LW Andrej Nestrasil DiGi and Ginner are RFA's and a no brainer, you make them an offer I think the same with Carrick. The real question for me is the UFAs and do we try and re-sign Ryan and/or Jmac
  11. I'm trying to figure out this TVR to Carolina. Would TVR be an addition to our D, a replacement for a D we will move in another trade or would TVR be a player we flip in a trade to get that top 6 forward.
  12. No no no ..there has to be something else coming later. Now appearing on the Vegas stage is the greatest magician in the world. Watch Ron Francis make a 40 point player disappear and reappear as a 26 pt AHL prospect.
  13. Ok then there has to be a little more to this......