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  1. Notice we are using Gardiner and Hamilton on the power play units. I liked Gardiners play. Faulk looked good. Necas looks a little nervous or something. Overall nice play
  2. Nice to have Forslund and Tripp doing the game
  3. We should be able to stream again Hurricanes.com (geo-restricted to local broadcast territory) LIVE STREAM
  4. This is from Michael Michael Smith‏Verified account @MSmithCanes 7h7 hours ago Michael Smith Retweeted Carolina Hurricanes The #Canes have locked in their first-round draft choice. He's likely headed back to Barrie (OHL) this season, but the team is excited about his future.
  5. Why should he? So many times I have seen a post or heard the excuse when it is a player we like and negotiations get tough say, well that's the business side of hockey. Faulk has an expiring contract, a no trade and coming up on what should be his best years. Maybe his last years for a big paycheck. He has shown by entering negotiations with the Ducks that he is apparently willing to waive his no trade for the right terms. Maybe he has inflated his worth, he won't be the first or last player to do that. At the end of the season he can choose his own destiny. I'm not saying we shouldn't trade him, just the opposite given the circumstances. But I don't blame him for making sure the next deal is the deal he wants. I expect if a team will take him without an extension being negotiated he will approve it but a team may not give back what the team wants without a negotiated extension. This is the business side of hockey being played out
  6. I mostly agree with this. With 5 top four D someone has to go. Faulk is likely because of the expiring contract and it appears we won't (probable shoudn't ) meet his ask for a new contract.I appreciate Faulks game a lot more than many here but he isn't perfect. With out current D makeup we should be able to at least maintain our blue line. If Faulk is traded you have to replace his PK time and his big minutes. He also doesn't shy away from hits and can is always among the top hitters on the team. I believe he will be traded but I'm not going to beat up his game. He is a legitimate top 4,, right shot. puck moving Dman who eats big minutes and can play big at times.
  7. The sound and video are at least 1 minute off. Annoying Fixed
  8. My stream isn't working. I guess they think the Outer Banks is still part of England Working now
  9. yeah but if you are going to trade him you don't offer him an extension. If he isn't part of your future plan you don't offer him an extension. That Faulk may be overvaluing his payday is more than possible and probable the main reason we are attempting to trade him.
  10. Looks like a stream is available Watch: Hurricanes.com (geo-restricted to local broadcast territory) Listen: WRALSportsFan.com N&O says the game is available on foxsportsgo app
  11. Hurricanes Lineup Martinook-Wallmark-McGinn Pritchard-Geekie-Markison Kuokkanen-Luostarinen-Gauthier McCormick-Suzuki-Gibbons Fleury-McKeown Bean-Pesce Sellgren-Wood Reimer Forsberg
  12. I'm Curious. For everyone beating up Faulk why did we try to sign him on an extension?
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