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  1. Some of our players are starting to skate at the RCI. The Canes have released the prospect tournament roster. If I squint my eyes and look really hard I can see hockey on the horizon.
  2. It obviously means something. I'm not sure if it was only disillusionment with his agent or if it is broader. With Francis making it public he is willing to discuss an extension and that no extension talks have taken place it makes you wonder. It could be that Hanifin needs more discussion time with his new agent before entering into any talks. I suppose it could mean that Hanifin's expectations are high, perhaps unrealistic. We can't be sure but it is something to watch.
  3. I don't think many of us are certain Tavares won't re-sign with the Isles. I think the premise was if Tavares was a possibility
  4. See now you just shattered my theory posted above. If Tavares were available, no discussion, you go get him.
  5. It's August and everyone (not just us) is scrambling for a story, something new to write and adding to the speculation is sports writers, media types, columnists, commentators and others are reviewing teams. That leads to a certain amount of evaluation of team needs. When you look at the Hurricanes you immediately notice the improvements but you also notice what could be a weakness in that we couldn't get a top 6 center. This may not be a problem but it is a question mark. Once you start speculating on needs you start speculating of how to fill it. That leads to speculation on who could be available to achieve a trade. For some of us like and dislike of a certain player comes into play. For me it's Faulk, I just don't want to trade him but he is one of only two or three players that could bring that kind of return. My point is players like Faulk, Staal and Hanifin are natural discussion points. I will be very surprised if any of those players are traded for what to me is obvious reasons. But it could happen. I think the question we should be discussing is do we still need a top center or do we already have one.
  6. IF you have something hockey related to post, post it. If not don't post it. We would hate to issue warnings or ban a member but we will if this back and forth continues. You can disagree with each other but attacks on members will not be tolerated.
  7. lets keep it civil. A little back and forth is ok but please lets not let this get out of hand. We are all on the same team.
  8. Reading Spector's hockey this morning Richardson comments on the latest RF interview with Chip. Richardson thinks that RF is still in hunt. He also thinks a likely trade candidate is... wait for it... Justin Faulk. I guess I have made my opinion on this clear. JUST SAT NO!
  9. I would think it would take a three way trade. I would think we would need to take a bad contract back. I would think we would need to get an equivalent or better center. I would think this is nearly impossible to achieve.
  10. If we make another move and even though I believe RF is actively looking to do so it is still a big "IF". If we make a move to address our forward line need it appears to me the move won't be in exchange for a roster Dman and it won't be a goalie and a 4th line forward won't get it done. If we are to make another move it will be a forward and I suspect a talented forward. Of course as always I could be wrong but I'm not going to get too attached to any player until the season starts.
  11. I'm so happy you put into words what I have been hoping for. If you're gonna dream you might as well dream big.
  12. Your new account has been deleted. You can now make changes to your lazyestiator account.
  13. Happy to have you back
  14. Sure the "we like our group" years are over. If fact I do like our group and I'm ok with it as is. It just seems to me RF still wants another move.
  15. I keep reading Francis and others remarking if the season started today we are happy with the roster we have, if a deal comes along we will look at it. I think we are looking for another deal, not waiting but looking. I think all this happy with our roaster is just cover if we can't make a deal.