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  1. Florida Everblades 2017/18

    I just pulled up ECHL stats and both have skated 12 games. Ouellette is ranked 3rd in the league and Booth 8th Martin Ouellette W 10 L 1 OTL 0 SOL 1 GAA 2.15 SV% 0.926 Callum Booth W 8 L 2 OTL 1 SOL 1 GAA 2.38 SV% 0.909 Booth does have one shutout
  2. Florida Everblades 2017/18

    I haven't checked in on the Blades in a while. It's nice to see that they are still doing ok. They lead their division, the conference and the league 1 Florida Everblades W 18 L 3 OTL 1 SOL 2
  3. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I did. I wondered if something was immanent or a statement from a veteran who knows on most teams a change would be in the works.
  4. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    WRAL Francis on Carolina's mediocre start
  5. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I hope we do go on a winning streak. It will be very difficult to trade for a top center. I don't care what we offer as they are in short supply. I think our decision is to ride with this group and see if they turn the corner or maybe shop for some scoring punch if we think that can get us going. Of course we could follow the previous plan and wait until trade deadline to see if we are buyers or sellers. Still time for this group to turn it around but not that much time. I still think we need to make a move soon.
  6. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    What has changed. We won and that's nice, we closed the wildcard gap to 4 pts, we got lucky for a change with our first goal, we got secondary scoring and we won a shootout. That's a lot to be happy about for a little while but really nothing has changed that much. We still need to address our goalie problem, we still need to increase our scoring and we still need to learn how to win. I'm not sure what direction we take to do that but I will echo AWAC, SOMETHING has to change!
  7. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

  8. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Odds always favor the house
  9. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Goalie clinic tonight
  10. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Funny stuff. Hockey comes with a lounge show in Vegas
  11. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    I'm tired of losing. Lets win this game.
  12. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    We got out of the second even
  13. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Oh my goodness
  14. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12