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  1. You can't rely on anybody these days. I guess we will have to do it ourselves.
  2. Monday and no Canes hockey...but we do have scoreboard watching Toronto @ Nashville The Leafs are 4 pts behind us for a Wildcard spot. Make the Leafs sing a sad song Tampa Bay @ Dallas The Bolts are in second in the Atlantic but only 1 pt ahead of us in the East . Wildcard could be in play. Seeing Stars tonight Washington @ Montreal Go Habs! Why because it's the Caps
  3. It was fun to watch last night. Well done Jaccob Slavin!
  4. I saw speculation a day or so ago that we had interest in Brodin but with the Hamilton injury that interest may have cooled. The reason would be the right/left need that changed when Hamilton broke his leg.
  5. That's a valid point. I guess it is time for me to get out the and watch where this goes
  6. Slavin gets a chance to show why we already know he is an All-Star Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting Eight players will compete in the Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting, a timed event where a shooter is positioned 25 feet from the goal line and shoots pucks at target images that appear on an LED screen placed on the goal line. Participants: Jaccob Slavin, Carolina Hurricanes Tyler Bertuzzi, Detroit Red Wings Leon Draisaitl, Edmonton Oilers Jonathan Huberdeau, Florida Panthers Nico Hischier, New Jersey Devils Tomas Hertl, San Jose Sharks Alex Pietrangelo, St. Louis Blues Mark Scheifele, Winnipeg Jets
  7. Has anyone actually heard Haula voice his displeasure. I'm not saying it isn't so but thus far we are relying on a Minn source.
  8. The scoreboard wasn't kind to us last night. We remain in a playoff spot clinging onto the last wildcard spot. At the same time we are only 2 pts out of third and 6 points out of 2nd. Now a couple of days to enjoy the playoff spot heading into the All-Star game before looking up at the scoreboard again and adding up points and games in-hand
  9. That's the thing. As far as I can tell there is no deal at the moment. Only the sense of what we may be willing to give to get.
  10. I have been high on Bean since we drafted him. I'm not sure his time is now though. Barring another injury to our D corp I would be surprised if Bean gets a call up. Gardiner has been playing better since moving to second pair, Fluery looks like he could be coming into his own since moving back to his neutral side and TVR looks more like the steady Dman he had been before his injury and shoulder surgery. It appears from that almost all the trade rumors indicate we are looking for a Dman. Although moving Gardiner had been widely speculated on it now appears the thinking is with the Hamilton injury he will probable stay put. The latest speculation I have seen is guessing we might be shopping a #1 draft pick for D help. One thing I have learned watching trades in the Waddell era is that he often does the unexpected
  11. I read that too. Tonight I'm on MO's side. After that he is on his own.
  12. That has been a concern I share. I'm more comfortable now that J Willey is back. Unlike Dmen that I believe have a distinct advantage playing on their natural side I think their are plenty of forwards that can play and thrive on their off side. But when you are so over loaded with in our case left shooting forwards I think you lack some of the variety of shots and positioning that make a team more dangerous. Before I turn to the A to bring up another right shot forward I'm inclined to see how it goes with the team now that J willey has been added to the mix. So far so good and we are still in a playoff spot.
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