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  1. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I think when you post something like this it either should be sourced or come with a smiley face. Otherwise even if it is only taking a panic button analogy to the absurd it could easily be mistaken as trying to start a issue that doesn't exist.
  2. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    No. I think we would of heard
  3. He faced 51 shots. I'll give him a pass. I don't think there is any illusion that Darling is our starter. The game itself wasn't pretty from a system standpoint but it sure was exciting and fun. Maybe just what the doctor ordered to build some confidence in our ability to score. Lots of good stuff last night. Now time to put our O and D game together.
  4. Best moment for me is we got to see Slavin's shootout move again and we didn't even need to go to a shootout.
  5. Now we will find out what we are made of
  6. I have trouble remembering last week and you want me to remember 3 decades ago
  7. Well at least we traded goals on that PP
  8. Hands of stone...pure gold on that one
  9. You have to play responsible but you can't sit back. You got to dominate puck possession and keep creating scoring chances
  10. Alright boys stop protecting the lead and go out and pad the lead