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  1. Blades close out series with 5-1 win over Jacksonville By Keaton Hanley Game Video
  2. Ov knows that was a no goal. This is pure gamesmanship. Sending a message to his team that, "we was robbed." Setting up a us against the world motivation, a spark if you will. He also knows his Caps were outplayed last night and that home ice comes with no guarantee in a game seven. The next game could be a classic. As far as his less than savory play. All his talent will always be tarnished by his questionable antics on the ice. Playing tough is one thing, gooning it up is another. He is hard to appreciate when he constantly is taking runs at players with what appears to be an intent to injure. For us we need not to let this I was robbed by the Caps Captain to distract us. Forecheck, forecheck, forecheck will lead us to the next round. We have proven we belong and now it's time to bring our best in Game 7
  3. Time to skate like you have nothing to lose. Because you have nothing to lose. Pedal to the medal
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