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  1. I might of missed something but I haven't seen anyone wringing their hands over spending to the cap. I will admit it is a rather new experience for many of us long time Canes fans who have grown accustomed to a budget team. I think it is more a curiosity at this point over how the McGinn arbitration works out and the Williams negotiations go. Talk about moving a Dman is legit as we seem to be at a point where if there isn't a path to the NHL for a prospect it may be time to move someone. Then again I could of missed something.
  2. It looks like DiGi will have another Gig Report: Rangers Sign Phil Di Giuseppe to One-Year, $700,000 Contract
  3. Me too. Actually I thought RF did exactly what he set out to do. Build from within adding some pieces along the way Aho and TT for example.It appeared to me the different philosophy between Dundon and Francis was what ended his term with the Canes. I have no complaints with Francis. I wish him well and glad he will be building a team out west.
  4. When he made a big move, Scott Darling, it didn't exactly work out. So there is that. We all take chances make mistakes
  5. Good for Francis. It will be interesting to see if he stays the course of patience and building a team through the draft. His reluctance to give up assets to make the "bug" trade drove me crazy but you can't argue that the players he did develop and bring into the Hurricanes have become a major part of the team.
  6. Since Bean is waiver exempt I expect him to be the extra Dman since he can be shuffled between Charlotte and Raleigh
  7. waivers drive me crazy with exemptions but I think a player not on the big club roster 12 days before the start of the season can be assigned to the AHL without waivers. after that I guess the waiver period starts.
  8. DW is busy today........... Canes Re-Sign Gustav Forsling to One-Year Deal The deal will pay Forsling $874,125 at the NHL level and $70,000 at the AHL level.
  9. So how does Williams fit into this picture? If we re=sign him do we need to let some player(s) walk or trade them?
  10. It's a one-year, one-way contract for the 2019-20 season worth $850,000. I would think this is a make or break year for Fleury.
  11. Canes Re-Sign Haydn Fleury to One-Year Deal "Haydn has taken strides during each of his three professional seasons in our organization," said Waddell. "We've been encouraged by his development and our hope is that he becomes a fixture in our lineup."
  12. A good question. In interviews it appears Brindy is still not 100% sold on Aho at center. I suspect he will stay at center but something to watch especially if JW doesn't come back
  13. I read/heard the de Hann trade was made to free up money/cap space in anticipation of the Aho offer sheet. I guess we thought Montreal was going to make a stronger play.
  14. I'm thinking if we make another move it will be to add a veteran Dman
  15. I wonder if this makes McGinn available for a trade or even if we would walk away from an arbitration ruling if it doesn't go our way.
  16. I thought we might make another move but this took me a bit by surprise. Looks like another score for the committee. Dzingel deal is a two-year, $6.75 million contract. He will make $3.25 million next season and $3.5 million in 2020-21.
  17. Canes, Dzingel Agree to Two-Year Contract
  18. Canes Announce Changes to Scouting Staff
  19. Martinook, McGinn and Saku certainly can play the physical game. What they don't bring, at least not yet that Ferland brought is an intimidation factor. Other teams knew they could no longer push the Canes around with out retribution. Early on Ferland brought set the tone, This isn't the "Candy Canes" anymore. He also showed he could add scoring so he was more than just an enforcer. As coastal pointed out by the end of the season his role had been diminished and his time as a Hurricane was over. I think he (Ferland) helped change the culture but now it is up to players like Martinook, McGinn and Saku to keep the culture going.
  20. Wonder what he will get when itis all said and done
  21. One of my Favorite Canes. I wish him well. Cullen retires after 21 seasons - TSN Cullen is a three-time Stanley Cup champion (with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006 and the Penguins in 2016 and 2017),
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