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  1. Monday Training Camp LIVE
  2. That too! It is also being said Faulk and Ducks couldn't reach an agreement on an extension.
  3. A collective exhale among Cane fans could be heard, I would think.
  4. This was reposed on Canes Country. I suppose regarding Faulk for Honka your guess is as good as any
  5. Hurricanes send three down
  6. The Honka speculation is curious. I suppose with DW any thing is possible depending on other moves. It looks like Faulk to Ducks trade has cooled off
  7. Day 3 of training camp can be viewed here
  8. Ducks announced Patrick Eaves will miss the entirety of the 2019-20 season.
  9. Unless otherwise noted, all Carolina Hurricanes practices at PNC Arena and Raleigh Center Ice are open to the public Practice schedule and fan guidelines Saturday, Sept. 14 PNC Arena 8:45 a.m. 10:45 a.m. Team Pride practice Team Passion practice
  10. I'm still not sold we are better without Faulk. Is it possible that both the team and Faulk find his true market value while exploring trades and he signs an extension?
  11. End of camp make sense, a bit after I'm not so sure
  12. Priskie off the ice and sent to the doctor. No update yet
  13. B Talk after first on ice training day Brindy part 1 Brindy part 2
  14. Can or not, we will 😁
  15. This ones is indeed different. I just watched Faulk comment on trade speculation. It was short but confirmed for me the trade speculation has teeth. I don't think we can rule out anything at this point as so much would need to be worked out. It just seems unlikely that a Faulk trade won't happen in some form fairly soon.
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