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  1. It appears that there is still a chance Forslund could be back. If doesn't appear it is a good chance but a chance. With or without JF
  2. I have always believed the return to a 2020 Stanley Cup playoff was ambitious and foolish at best. I will be surprised if it actually happens. My preference is that the league works toward a plan to return to hockey sometime in 2020/21. Having said that I will watch if the playoff season is resumed this summer. I'm not sure a Stanley Cup awarded under these circumstances has much meaning, It will always come with the dreaded *. I have already seen the cup referred to as the COVID Cup.
  3. Dare County (Outer Banks) has now reinstated a mandatory mask requirement. As the beaches opened up cases of corona-virus have slowly increased although they are still very low. The worry I think is with so many tourists returning and with many places not following social distancing guidelines that cases of the virus will explode. There are plenty of exceptions to wearing masks but in general most of us will need to wear masks inside store and in outdoor spaces where social distancing isn't possible. How this will be enforced if far from certain.
  4. Well this is different
  5. It certainly crossed my mind
  6. The NHL announced its Return to Play Plan on Tuesday with the Stanley Cup Playoffs that will include 24 teams.
  7. I'm one of the ones who think the NHL season and playoffs should be canceled. The energy should be placed into trying to find a way to play next season. What I think doesn't matter as it appears we are going to try to finish a CUP tournament of some sort. I will watch if we do play. Perhaps one good that could come out of a resumption of play is that it could serve as a test on how to open up business, especially large factory type business.It appears we will as a league take extreme testing and health check measures to keep players safe. I do wonder what happens if a player does test positive what the reaction will be. Does the team with an infected player shut down, does the team forfeit, is the tournament postponed or canceled. Other sports are opening around the world and the NHL appears it will too.
  8. I know for many it is difficult to stay away from the political side of the pandemic but please try or at least keep the conversation on the COVID impact on sports and hockey. At this point we know most persons political point of view. We can and will close this tread if we can't at least be civil to each other. I don't care who you are, which side of the coin you represent or what you do for a living. The one fact is what we don't know about this virus still outweighs what we do know. So lets stick to hockey and let the political views be voiced elsewhere.
  9. At my age if I can play it well or play it at all I regard said game as an activity If I can't play it well or play it at all I regard said game as a sport
  10. All I know is everything I do these days including this poll make me feel as old as I actually am. Unfair!
  11. I just don't see how there can be a meaningful resumption of the season (playoffs) no matter what format would be used. Social distancing aside how do you handle international travel for players. The players are scattered all over the world. The players would need to travel even if only limited locations are used across the US/Canada border. I guess we could use one site for a playoff format. Honestly I don't see it happening. I have moved on to next season even with its uncertainty.
  12. I enjoyed game one of the 06 series last night. One of advantage of getting older is memory isn't as sharp as it once was. Most rewinds are almost a new experiance
  13. NBC SPORTS Cave, who was as acquired by the Oilers via waivers in Jan. 2019, spent most the 2019-20 season with their AHL affiliate in Bakersfield, playing 44 games and recording 23 points. He was up in the NHL for 11 games with Edmonton this season.
  14. I am pretty sure the season is toast. My sports addiction has taken a serious turn. I'm wearing my Hurricane sweat shirt today and Washington Nationals ball cap. I'm so confused!
  15. It is very difficult to keep politics or points of view out of any discussion of the C-19 pandemic crisis but perhaps we can try to limit the politics. I'm sure one of the first signs of a recovery will be when we all retreat to our respective corners and start playing the blame game. Missing hockey a lot.
  16. Now that it is playoff season I'm really missing hockey. I wonder how many of us would attend if the games were scheduled. Not me.
  17. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing coastal and congratulation. This is the post of the day.
  18. Dropping in to say hello and wishing everyone well.
  19. Ayres in Net for Canes vs. Maple Leafs in NHL 20 Simulation to feature Dave Ayres as Canes' goaltender by Michael Smith TUNE IN Date & Time: Thursday, March 26, 7 p.m. ET Channel: Twitter, Facebook,
  20. Canes Agree to Terms with David and Jason Cotton
  21. I'm hoping everyone is well. I'm really missing the diversion of a good, or bad hockey game
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