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  1. Partial season ticket holders have had to use the online option for a few years now and surprisingly, it has worked pretty well. The option to select a different seat for each game is a new wrinkle, so I hope that doesn't add any difficulty. While it is no substitute for being there in person, I've been happy with the seats I've chosen for the past 3 years. Of course, knowing that I would be picking them on line, I usually try to check out any seats I might be interested in during the last few games of the season or during one of the open practices, just in case they might be angled on a corner or have bad sight lines.
  2. Ooooopssss.....nevermind..... That's what I get for staying up late on the internet when I should've gone to bed!
  3. KJUNKANE, I hope you have a great time down there. Its always good to be in a hockey enviroment! Have you by chance been to their arena before? I've been there once and I was amazed at just how far it is from everything. Before I went there, I was under the impression that it was near Miami but in reality it if a pretty good ways west of Ft. Lauderdale. It literally is right across the street from the eastern edge of The Everglades. I thought the arena itself was pretty good but it is mauch darker inside than PNC due to their green seats. If you like seafood, be sure to go to 15th Street Fisheries in Ft. Lauderdale. www.15streetfisheries.com They are rigth on the Intercoastal Waterway so you can have some great food and watch the boats cruise by.
  4. I think Laviolette is the classic coach who is good for a short time and then players quickly tire of him. That has definitely been the pattern for all the teams he has coached. What bothered my most about his time here was how quickly he (and his system) took all the credit when we were good and then how it was never his fault when we played poorly. That to me was poor leadership/coaching. I would have to think that given the high quality and high character guys we had on the team back then, that the deflecting of blame probably didn't go over to well with them.
  5. wxray1, you're correct, she did say it was her last game and that she has been dealing with some health issues. For her to be out that long, it must be something serious. While I'm not her biggest fan, I certainly wouldn't wish bad health on anyone. On the bright side, I thought John Chase did a good job filling in for her while she was out. On a different note, was anyone else dissappointed with the Canesvision in game last night? I haven't been happy with them all year - from bad opening videos to terrible music during warmups, I think they have really missed the mark with the new experience they were promoting before the season began. What really surprised me was no end of the year videos - no goal of the year, hit of the year, fight of the year, etc. Granted, there hasn't been much memorable this season, but you woudl think they could've come up with something.
  6. I would like to see him come up too but I doubt it will happen, Besides, Chad has been hurt the last few games, so he isn't even playing for the Checkers right now.
  7. Colliefan, let's just say it was preseason all around...... Lots of things to be worked out still. I went to the game with my neice, who is 16, and she wasn't too impressed either. First let me say that attendance was very low. Probably the lowest I've seen since I've had season tickets in 2001. It's not surprising though, given the nice weather and the teams past performance. The National Anthem singer was ok but I think she tried a little too hard and varied a bit from the more traditional singing. I'm not sure if she will be permanent or not. Neither of us was impressed by the new music selections. It was too loud and mostly techno noise. They had two Canes trivia segments with Amber Jae and both were really bad. First question was which Cane is from Minnesota? Hainsey, Sekera (maybe) and Faulk. The fan had no idea, so she eliminated Hainsey and turned it into a 50/50 guess. The fan guessed right and said Faulk. The second segement question was what number do you get when you add up the jersey numbers of J Staal, Sekera and Gerbe. The fan had no idea what any of the jersey numbers were, so Amber Jae had to tell them and then hope they could add correctly. It took a little bit but they did. I realize that for a preseason game, your pool of contestants is way lower than usual, but these were definitely the two worst segements I've ever seen. They were flat out embarrassing. On the bright side, not too many people had to see them. They also did the usual shoot the puck in the net during the first intermission and musical chairs during the second. They were ok. I will agree that the new LED lighting is much better. It definitely provides for a much more of an even white lit environment with no spotlight effects anywhere. Regardless of all I've stated above, we were both happy to be back at a hockey game. Hopefully, the Canes play will improve this season and we won't spend any time talking about this stuff going forward!
  8. I watched the entire thing on WRAL and I thought it was ok. Nothing earth shattering, that's for sure and lots of easy questions that we all know the answers to. One the bright side, at least we didn't have another Karmonos type moment or moments like his interview with Forslund a few months ago. As for Don Waddel, I just don't see how he is going to help our organization and he did nothing more to change my opinion today. I will admit in advance that my next point is extremely nit-picky but the man couldn't even wear socks to a 90 minute TV segment. DETAILS, people, DETAILS!!! If you can't get the details right and worry about the little stuff, then how in the world can you get the big stuff right? After all, Atlanta was so successful they sold their team and left town. That's certainly not a very positive thing to have as your last job. I have faith in what Francis and Peters are doing so far, but ti will take an awful lot to change my opinion of Waddell.
  9. I liked Ron the Ref and i thought he did a good job. However, I will gladly do without all of the needless product placements EVERY time there is a stop in play. I went to an Avalanche game at the Pepsi Center in Denver last fall and I was surprised at how different the game experience was. They still have product promos but I think it was only around only one per period. They also had just the crowd noise during some stoppages and organ music during others. I found it quite enjoyable and different to be at a game and not have my ears blown out by music a few milliseconds after the puck stops. If that is what they're going for than I am all for it!
  10. I thought the interview was about as bad as you can get. First, just look at his body language. He was slumped down in his chair and leaning away from John. Not exactly the posture for someone who is conveying a positive message. Second, either he is watching a different team every night of he is just plain delusional and in denial about the team. The only excuse he offered for our poor results was that "we lost our top two goalies" and that cost us 5-10 points. While it's true, we did lose them, I don't think that this is the ONLY reason we are in such bad shape. He did say that the team needs a few tweaks and some major attitude adjustments. I would love to know who he is referring to there! I thought that John did a good job of trying to give him an opportunity to make it sound better because I'm sure he realized that it was not going to play well for the fans. However, Karmanous stuck to his story that we have a good team and that the fans just need to be more patient. Overall, I don't see why he even bothered to have the interview. It surely didn't help anything. His content was poor and his overall delivery was extremely negative. If anything, I think it did a lot more harm than good.
  11. Wow. I guess not. I know that it was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 10th vs. the Capitals and that is why I bought some extra tickets. It's definitely not on the schedule anymore though. Maybe Chevy changed their mind about sponsoring it. It's surprising too, because it was one of the few promotions that fans look forward to.
  12. I used to like the opening we had during the 05-06 playoffs when the showed the "Hurricane Warning" weather forecast. Not a huge fan of Greg Fischel but I thought it was a really good opening. It was unique to the Canes and it definitely got you excited for the game.
  13. Winning the Cup was awesome but seeing Brind'Amour just take it was even better! Lots of people, including some noted hockey writers have been saying for years that Bettman should remove himself from the presentation. Besides, the obvious hatred for Bettman, they think it would be a good idea to have some legends (insert your own here) of hockey present it to the winning team. I think it is a cool idea because anyone would be better than Bettman!
  14. In the past, they have usually given out a small/medium size poster that you can have signed. The two times that I have attended, my niece and nephew just had Ward and Staal sign their jerseys. We also had a Canes car flag that we used to get everyone elses. I took it off the plastic window mount so it was easy to carry around in a pocket. You'll definitely have fun at the event. The Canes staff does a great job and the players are really cool to interact with.
  15. The "Woooooo" must go on! That and the goal horn together are awesome! It'll be interesting to see what they do for a new singer. We've been pretty fortunate to have three really good ones, Karen, Holly and Katherine, since the team moved to Raleigh. I've not been too impressed by the stand ins we have every now and then, but I'm sure that they will find someone who will do a great job.
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