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  1. Thanks for that update TSA. It's so good for me, as a fan, to hear back from the other end of it, as I'm sure it is for the others here too. Once a 'Cane, always a 'Cane, and who knows......an awful lot of "old" faces keep showing up around the RBC ice in one capacity or another in this organization. I will miss Frank on the ice myself. On a side note for you or anyone else....how's the Walker family doing, if you have any info? I know there were tons of messages for them too.
  2. I'll say this....even in the "down years", JR and his office gang has been A+ with finding the best available that's out there, and pulling off a big surprise during the off-season. I always get excited as the time draws near, but this one's feeling a little different. Excited, anxious, and a gut feeling says it's going to be a real good year, and this team's going to develop it's own character, which will be different than those of the past. Sooo....some teams wanna be physical with some big bruisers mixed in with the speed and finesse? Bring it on now.
  3. With a tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, and sunglasses at night.....
  4. I think scoring...on either side. However, I really like where the team sits at this point. I really believe they are as loaded as they've been in a long long time at this time of year.
  5. This has made my day, and made me pull out the old DVD of "the run" we had. Now...I'd really like to see us get Eaves back if the stars line up when he goes UFA in a week or so I think. Either way...we needed size I think, and boy has JR and the gang gone and got it.
  6. That's on the front. On the back..."Oh say can Jussi"
  7. I'd like to see Mo and crew stay just as this season ended, if for no other reason, to give more time to work on the philosophies/set-ups/etc. that he used for the last few months. Give him more time to learn some of the guys, and tinker with it. Just my .02 worth.
  8. I've been with them since day 1, and go when I can. Pardon me for paying a daughter's med school tuition, 2 car payments, a mortgage, and being furloughed without pay recently. I think the place looked and sounded better than the "away" games home crowds. And I also think I did darn good to watch every game, and afford to buy a six pack at home...but apparently I must be inferior also. So be it....I'll be inferior, but when my daughter becomes the doctor, she can buy me STH's and I'll invite the other inferior folks to come....
  9. Funny how the Hurricanes stop just when official hurricane season is beginning...June 1. Wings in 5...6 at the most. I will watch only to ease withdrawal symptoms for the summer. I have no dog in the fight anymore, but after Pitt didn't touch the trophy last year and lost, then touched it this year saying that should reverse the karma..losing now would be a statement from the hockey gods that it just ain't gonna happen....PERIOD.
  10. THAT...is what did it. Gotta be...bad karma slam from the west coast.
  11. I switched to Natural Light from Michelob Light and talked too much smack to a co-worker from Boston. I screwed the whole pregame routine up for round 3. I promise to drink 6 Mich. Lites before each game next season. Somebody please pass me a bullet......
  12. As I tell my football players I coach....offense wins games. Defense wins championships. I coach D so I'm prejudiced. ASide from calls, or lack there-of, I'm pretty satisfied with the team performance in #1. I agree with the idea of testing in game 1. That being said, this game was one of the best firsts I've seen 'em have, and look for nothing less than total intensity in #2.
  13. I have never, ever, ever, ever, known this team to do anything the easy way. It seems it always take 20 minutes to get the motor started, and it seems they play better from behind. At this point in the season, the less than good teams are gone. Starting slow and spotting a goal may not be a killer, but spotting 2 usually is at this point. I refuse to say it's over, because it's not by a long shot. The team needs to start with the intensity they found in the 2nd and end of the 3rd last night, and make it last for 60 minutes. Help the goalie...he ain't superman all the time. If the puck is at the other end, it ain't in your end. I've said it all season...it's almost like the team plays better in an underdog, come from behind type situation. Well, boys...you're there now. Step it up, and play like there's no tomorrow, because for somebody....it's true. Play like I've seen you play, and know you can play. Please don't disappoint.....
  14. He griped about refs as many other players have done before him, and then said it's the way the gme goes and said a win is a win...in so many words. the man hasn't been around this long and become a winningest goalie ever...and staying in NJ by being classless. And we've got one that can have those same honors if he keeps it up....
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