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  1. Personally, I would have rather have kept O'Sullivan. However, Cole is an upgrade for a player in the press box.
  2. how come no one has ever worn #69?
  3. personally, i really hope Michael Del Zotto is still available come our pick.... if not, Tyler Myers or Nikita Fillatov... Jared Staal really isnt a first round pick.... in fact he might not even be a 2nd rounder.... i do say we pick him up if hes available then, but please dont waste our first pick (cough*Knyazev*Kurka*Tanabe*Heerema*Tselios*DeFauw*Holdridge*Lysak*) .... we dont exactly have a brilliant drafing record.
  4. AGE: Wesley, Hedican, or Brid'Amour Wesley and Hedican retire, hopefully. HEAD INJURY: Tanabe or Cullen Tanabe gone, cullen stays and doesnt do well UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: Samsonov, Letowski, Aucoin, Bayda, Hedican, Wesley, Brookbank, and Grahame? Samsonov, Brookbank, Aucoin resign RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: LaRose, Ruutu, Eaves, Gleason, Seidenberg, and Conboy? LaRose, Ruutu, Gleason, Seidenberg resign GAME HAS PASSED THEM?? Ward stays, coles gone, hopefully. Will we get back Commodore, Stillman, Weight, or Recchi (all are UFAs)? no. we need another goalie to split time with ward. look for a completely revamped defense next year.
  5. man sammy's been a beast. loving his play, not only makin up for the injuries, but quickly becoming our best player.
  6. :o The canes have the rights to a decent defender?!!? this is news to me! If this is true, why hasnt he been in raleigh?!
  7. anyone know what to expect from Mormina? im not familiar with him.
  8. I think Hamilton is going to be an absolute huge bargain. I saw the kid in chicago, give him a chance and he will run with it. I think out lines should be: Hamilton Staal Cole Ladd Brind'Amour Williams Whitney Cullen Stillman Walker LaRose Adams Also, Seidenberg had a great game, in my mind he should be ahead of both wallin and hedican.
  9. Players I dont like: Letowski Graham (like the mask, hes just overpayed) Walker (dono... rubs me the wrong way) Hedican (play, or retire) Players im not huge fans of: Adams Wesley Kabrele Bayda
  10. Devils Thrashers Bruins Rangers Pens Hurricanes Sabers Panthers ---------- Flyers Lightning Capitals Islanders Senators Canadiens Maple Leafs Chicago Anaheim Wild Kings Blue Jackets Red Wings Sharks Avalanche ----------- Blues Coyotes Stars Predators Canucks Oilers Flames
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