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  1. Beef kabobs and shrimp kabobs with SVEDKA as the chaser! We leave Durham @3:45 sharp. Let's Go Canes!
  2. I am ready for Friday. The weather looks great for tailgating so bring on the Flyers!
  3. Bodyslam The mention of an NHL job for K Adams was in reference to the Players Association. Trevor Lyndon on the Canucks was the last president of the union and Adams is our teams representative. Tripp was only saying that he may one day become the president of the Players Association.
  4. Somebody needs to chill. ADHD and Ritalin? :roll: Come on it was just a post about who likes organ music or who likes the current music played at the games. If you start getting all twisted about the musical choice and whether we should listen to the tunes in the car instead of the RBC then maybe that person should just stay home...after all he/she could hit the mute button every time a comercial came on that bothered him/her. The total purpose of going to a sporting event IS TO BE ENTERTAINED whether it is to see a great athlete, a good play, or just a night out. The musical choice adds to that entertainment.
  5. IMO, organ music is for slow sports like baseball or for church. I'm not ready to give up heavy metal and rock and roll (and some would say I am over the hill) so I sure hope there will be some loud new music at the RBC tonight. I will bring mine for the tail gate part of the experience including Lost Prophets and Sugar Cult.
  6. After last night's game I would question DT as well as Babchuk. Both looked lost on the ice and the turn overs by those two cost us a couple of the goals. As for GW, he still can block some shots and he is better than the two mentioned above. Heres to getting our D healthy and our O going again.
  7. Just saw that this is up again. Now I will be in trouble for being "in the room" all the time.
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